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August 22nd, 2005 | 25 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

When I first went to a 311 show, I had only heard one album (Evolver) which I liked but wasn’t convinced if I really liked 311. That all change in the matter of one day. After seeing 311 live on 311-day 2004 I was a diehard, owns every CD, knows every song, fan. Once I heard they were going to release a DVD of the concert I didn’t think it could capture the energy of the fans and the concert but ooo was I wrong. Everything that happened at the concert was present on the DVD, even some bud smoking.

Since there’s something like 64 songs on the DVD I’m only gana hit the highlights. And I’m gana focus more on the feel during the show, rather than the songs if you want the songs check out the CD reviews.

SET 1- DVD 1

1. Freak Out- The perfect opener and the WHOLE crowd is jumping up and down to the beat. Not the greatest 311 song by far but amazing live and pulls you right into what’s in store for the next 4+ hours. Song-4.5/5….. On DVD-5/5

2. Taiyed- Slow star because SA sounds out of breathe""" It’s only the 3rd song""" But nevertheless after the first verse is over the instrumental rocks the *** outta the audience with the laid back feel giving the crowd a time to catch their breathe after jumping up and down for 2 songs straight. Song-5/5….. On DVD-4/5

3. Offbeat Bareass- A fan threw a joint on stage at the point when Nick sings “Throw me a joint on stage/ what up,” and P-Nut puts the join in his mouth- crazy mofo. The song gets the crowd back into the mood after some mellow songs. Played good live. Song-4/5 On DVD-4.5/5

4. Use of Time- If it wasn’t that this song was sooo great I would be mad. The guitar intro doesn’t sound like the intro on the album but it sounds pretty good. Nick sings the lyrics well but still not as good as on the album but P-Nut rocks the *** outta his funky bassline during the chorus and miT nails the last solo, ***ing great song- Song 5/5 On DVD- 5/5(intro not good)

5. White Man in Hammersmith Palais- One of the covers on the DVD already passed up Love Song but here’s the Clash cover. God they did I good job on the Clash Tribute album but the song does not sound as good. They miss their reggae sounds, quite strange for 311. OOOO but do they save the song with Nick playing the harmonica and they pick it up on the end, ending the song nicely. Song- 4/5 On DVD 5/5 (only cause the ending)

6. Applied Science- God this song takes on a new life live. Starting with the mosh driving intro then sliding into the rap line and into the DRUM SOLO!!!!!!!!! So bad ass Chad is ***ing amazing and he pulls of a nice solo, yet even better the whole band comes out and plays on other drums while Chad solos. It works perfectly and they mix soo well. SA does a robot impersonation and pulls it off nicely. The camera angles are awesome too. As the solo begins to finish you can feel the energy building and while Tim drags his pick up the fret board, climaxing with SA throwing his sticks in the air and Nick grabbing the mic and launching into the hard pounding verse. Just when that happens the beat comes back down just as the intro and ends smoothly. What a ***ing roller coaster. BEST SONG ON DVD- Song on CD- 4/5 Song on DVD- 10/5 AMAZING

7. Freeze Time- Played well live and with the addition of 10,000 fans yelling “HEY” during the chorus when “Nick’s man P-Nut puts his fist in the air” adds to the energy of the already upbeat amazing show going on before you. The cuts by SA just add to the song along with the fire dancers at the end. Song on CD- 4.5/5……. On DVD- 5/5

8. Summer of Love- Extremely rare song, not usually played before this, but awesome. 311 NAILED it. It’s amazing to see how many people have heard the song when Nick gets them to sing out the verse and another part of the song…… rock on 311 fans! On CD- 5/5 On DVD still 5/5 and rocks it

9. Unity- More than 40 songs into the show fans are still jumping up and down to the beat. Awesome camera angles and lighting affects just adds to the power of the song. With everyone moshing people start to think the show is almost over but noooo it’s just begun. Song on CD-4.5 On DVD- 5/5

10. Hydroponic- Love the green lights saturating 311, and at the end the Mary Jane leaf made by the lights is dope.

11. Feels So Good- OOOOO the power of P-Nut. “P-Nut beat that thing” and boy does he from the opening bass solo through the verses and into the awesome bass solo during the song. The cameras show the crazy moshing going on during the song. Damn the usual ending for 311 songs but were only half way through….. yes more 311 on the way. On CD- 4/5 On DVD-5/5


1. Creatures- Before the song starts Nick announces it’s been 3 hours and 11 minutes since the show started. Kick ass intro getting the crowd back into the feel of it. At the end tons of balloons are dropped on the crowd and chaos follows with balloons going everywhere and even Tim pops one at the end of the song. Song- 5/5 On DVD- 5/5 (cause the feel and the freakin balloons)

2. Random- With a court jester and Dracula on the stage (isn’t that random"), this song kicks off and they nail it with the badass ending. The jester and Dracula are hilarious parading around with joints and beer in their hand. The song is awesome and continues the upbeat feel that dominates the beginning and end of the second set.

3. D’yer Mak’er- Set List Debut- And onto the Zeppelin cover. Damn do they nail this even the kings wouldn’t be mad at this. They even manage to pull in their own sound making it more reggae. Damn good song another great from the DVD. The guitar at the end is awesome and definitely pulls the vibe off. 311 end it with some Amber lyrics ending with a long note by Nick this song rocks it 311 stylee

4. Running- The very next song and 311 pulls out another great one nailing it yet again. They played the verse different form the album instead of a wha’d guitar they got a rock guitar which adds perfectly. Damn the second DVD is off to a freakin amazing start with 4 great tracks already. On CD- 5/5 On DVD STILL 5/5

5. Juan Bond- Set List Debut- I don’t really like this song but they played it because a lot people have requested it. The verse is cool but I’m not a huge fan of it and the only song I don’t really like on the second DVD- 4/5

6. Outside- Set List Debut-Some variety by 311 hmmmm how that’s possible….. by adding Nick’s brother Zack on the saxophone and giving Zack a 2 minute solo, I like it, not huge fan of the song but love the sax – DVD- 4.5/5

7. Nix Hex- “Smooth but psychedelic it’s called the Nix Hex dig it….” With the crowd and Nick repeating those words as the song starts the crazy guitar kicks. Damn definitely a fan favorite and damn do we love it. The guitar solo at the end takes awhile to start up but Tim ends it nicely. Damnnnnn!!! On CD- 4.5/5 DVD-5/5!!

8. Let the Cards Fall- A B-side, I love the intro and gives the crowd time to relax before the next 10 songs er so kick their ass! DVD- 4.5/5

9. Right Now- Another old rare song damn they pull it off again continuing the godliness of the second DVD. Only one bad song and about 10 awesome ones! The chorus gets the crowd jumping after more than 4 hours!! Damn

10. Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm- Set List Debut- For the 1st time playing this song boy they freakin nailed it. One of my favorite songs on the album. Everything is perfect. Even the part where Nick says “and it fades/ only to return” the music actually does die down only to come back at louder volume than before. The guitar solo is also awesome and Nick just nails the lyrics. Nice camera sweep of the crowd as well. Amazing song definitely one out check out on the DVD. At the end Nick say there at the 4 ½ hour mark also saying “We’ll keep going if you will. People still standing up and ***, this is way better than last time (talking bout the last 311-Day)” CD-5/5 DVD- 9/5!!!!!!!!!!!

11. All Mixed Up- Really All Re-Mixed Up because they add another verse but yea.

12. Omaha Stylee- “This next song is about the town we come from it’s called Omaha Stylee” Nailed it awesome song and a fan favorite. Picking up the crowd into their usual moshing attitude, this song also brings the music back into the hard music.

13. Down- dedicated to all the old school 311 fans. Nailed once again

14. Who’s Got the Herb- With the green saturating lights yet again and tons of smoke poured onto the crowd. The crowd sings along with the chorus of “Who’s got the herb"” Nailed once again. P-Nut lights up a joint in the middle of the song along with probably half the crowd. Nick also picks up a joint thrown on stage and holds up and the crowd goes crazy. Ending with the original hard pounding outro, bring us right into the last song of the night and what a night. CD-4.5/5 DVD-5/5!!

15. *** the Bull***- “There’s only one thing left to say, *** THE BULL*** IT’S TIME TO THROW DOWN!” What a way to end it with the fan favorite ending. Even after 5 hours of concert the crowd is up moshing like the first song. The energy is crazy and going through anyone at the show and through Nick and everyone on stage, you can tell they know there nailing it. The bass solo half way through is the pick up and Nick takes off his shirt and DIVES into the crowd at the climatic point of the entire set and does it again as everyone just bangs there instruments.


If you want 311, if you want good live music, if you want an amazing show, it's all here! An amazing combination of live music and fantastic effects, 311-Day 2004 DVD brings us into what all 311 fans hope for, a 5 hour set with rare songs and strange covers. From first song to last, 311 keeps everyone amazed and dumbfounded by their crazy songs and energetic performance. NO album compares to this DVD, it includes all 311 is from their crazy ass fans to their crazy ass stage talk to their badass sound. Anyone looking to get into 311 or spend 20 bucks wisely should purchase this extraordinary DVD

Best song- Applied Science or Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm

Songs to look at- Freak Out, Do You Right, Offbeat Bareass, Use of Time, White Man, Amber, APPLIED SCIENCE, FREEZE TIME, Summer of Love, Unity, Feel So Good, Creatures, D’yer Mak’er, Running, Nix Hex, Right Now, Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm, All Mixed Up, Who’s Got the Herb. *** THE BULL***

OVERALL - 5/5 and well deserving!!!!!!!!!

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August 22nd 2005


Nice review, I dont consider myself a 311 fan, but dont we have enough reviews by 311 already?This Message Edited On 08.22.05

August 22nd 2005


Oooh, Feels So Good is a great song. Your review was a tad biased, but 311 aint bad at all.

August 22nd 2005


I like 311's slower prog songs. I think the rest are balls.

311's best two songs:

August 22nd 2005


Amber is good. So is Cali Soca. But Feels So Good just rocks.

August 22nd 2005


yes i agree but i like most of their songs and for the biased part yes it is kinda biased but i love this dvd so much and i couldnt find a bad track on it. There are like 4 songs they cut out and tehy cut out tim botchin a songs intro but as far as the dvd goes everything is right on. So many amazingly played songs, so many great parts. Just a great dvd, that might have been biased too damnit cnat help it peace

August 22nd 2005


Is it just me, or is like...every 4th review submitted in the last few days a 311 review? I swear there's a new one every time I log on. :/ Good review anyway, although I've never been able to get into them.

August 22nd 2005


This dvd is amazing they actually played 68 that night and who else could do it but the best band in the land.

Zesty Mordant
August 22nd 2005


I was gonna say the same thing: the sudden influx of 311 albums have been a tad overwhelming and annoying lately.

Sure, I enjoy the band, but the release of the new album has caused all of their fanboys to crawl out from under their rocks and rave the hell out of everything 311- including the new album.

August 23rd 2005


b-rad? You sure about that? Or was this sarcasm? Either way it doesn't make 311 any better of a band. They will still go down in history as the bad Incubus.

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This Message Edited On 08.23.05

August 23rd 2005


b-rad is a silly hypocrite.

August 23rd 2005


/looks in the 311 section

Goodness me

August 23rd 2005


Yeah, I know. It's amazing how many times a band can get stoned and write music.

August 24th 2005


you guys ar biased people yall havnt given 311 enough chance maybe you should listen to more of their earlier work.then you can talk

August 24th 2005


So are you saying knowing about them and disliking them since 3rd game as not giving them a chance? (I'm a soph in college now).

September 21st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

great DVD

September 28th 2005


Saw the DVD at a friends house, went to a concert, crapped my pants. Awesome.

April 26th 2006


Same here man

i went to their concert in LA

i almost pissed my fricken pants


June 1st 2006


b-rad? You sure about that? Or was this sarcasm? Either way it doesn't make 311 any better of a band. They will still go down in history as the bad Incubus.

Since when did 311 sound anything like Incubus?

June 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I guess 311 sounds a little bit like Incubus, but Incubus is my favorite band and 311 is...well...not.

I suppose the bass playing is similar, I guess I can't really think of anything else.

November 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

yeah, the vocals in 311 sound nothing like incubus, the guitar in 311 sounds nothing like incubus, the bass may sound a little like incubus, the drums sound nothing like incubus, and...maybe the fact that they have turntables could make them sound a bit like incubus, but 311 really doesn't sound like anybody.

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