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Make A Sound



by Rudd13 USER (61 Reviews)
August 20th, 2005 | 79 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Emo, or not emo. This has become a huge ordeal with a big portion of today's alternative bands. While many people say bands like Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio or Hawthorne Heights are 'emo', I would still classify all of them as pop punk, or maybe even hardcore, at the most. The big fight over the so called 'genre' makes the scene very barbaric. Fanboys vs. Music Enthusiasts. I personally, dont care for the conflict, and move right along with the music I enjoy.

Autopilot Off is a little band formed in New York. Their music has been awfully overlooked. They recorded their first album, titled 'Looking Up' , in 1991 and signed with Island Records shortly afterwards, releasing the self titled debut EP in the spring of 2002. Now, in 2004, they come right back with Make A Sound. This album deals with new approaches to their sound overall, and you could say, the genre. As a random, cliche band out of New York, this *** isnt half-bad.

Autopilot Off- Make A Sound

Autopilot Off-
Chris Johnson- Vocals, Guitar
Chris Hughes- Guitar
Rob Kucharek - Bass
Phil Robinson - Drums

Make A Sound
First off the bat, theres Chris J, making an immediate appearance with vocals, with light distortion on the back. A short fill by Phil, and the song is on it's way. I like it. It has a very raw-sounding riff that powers the song farther and farther. The vocals fit in with this song and the album overall like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Right in place. The lyrics are also a big part of the album, as it focuses on problems, experiences, and real events. The song as the song progresses, the chorus will tend to stick with you for a little while. As the track that unfolds the album, and the title track, it has the perfect amount of potential. One of the stand-outs.4.5/5

One of the favorites off the album. This track is completely handed over to drummer Phil Robinson, who delivers slick shuffles on the hats and steady rolls that sound fresh and right on cue. This was the second single off the album, and for people that actually recognize the band, one of the best-known tracks. It includes one of the most infectious choruses on the album, and the flow of elements like accents on the set and backround ambience fits in ever so perfectly. The bridge hands you a change of tempo, followed by the same roll as the beginning, and in with the last, lighting-fast chorus. 5/5

Blind Truth
Starting off with the weird effect from the end of Clockwork, Blind Truth kicks off with great, faded vocals, and the guitar-work and bass kick in, to deliver a decent verse, that will lead the way to a more of a generic-like chorus. The bridge is the real highlight here, though. The silence is great in fast-paced songs, moslty. As the vocals start up all over again, the last chorus delivers the last blow and wraps up the song. The guitar mantains a steady pace in this song, and makes it memoreble in some ways. Not the best way to follow up Clockwork though. 3/5

I Know Youre Waiting
Starts off slow, almost acoustic it may seem, with great vocals talking about a broken relationship. It seems like a boring song until half-way through, when it completely flips tempos and turns into a faster, heavier rocker that you could say, makes you come to your senses. Although with an added guitar, and stronger elements on the set and bass, it still sticks with the material from the beginning. Doesnt lose it's groove. Otherwise, it would be a big mess. Good for the first slower attmept. 3.5/5

The 12th Day
Also, one of the better tracks on here. Starts out with one of the best guitar-lines this side of the album, and distressful vocals fill in the blanks. It, being a song about the dreadful day of September 11th, the song progresses with a certain charm, or on-going flow, that couldnt have been better. The bridge slows things down and actually changes the vocals for the chorus and gives the song a new face. I love this track especially because the band lets you in their inner-most thoughts. Deep stuff. When you think its over, a slow accent-line of strokes on the snare come your way and blast the chorus in your ear one last time. Great stuff."We remember, we recover." 4.5/5

Voice In The Dark
A piano is featured on this one. And adds great material to the feel. The riffs and lyrics are more menacing, as it approaches the listener in a different, newer way. The interlude with the whispered roll, and the heart-pounding bass make the bridge the highlight, as the rest doesnt have much to stand for. Great drums as usual, and the bass-line flowing throughout the rest of the piano-led verses make this song especially memoreable. The outro is a screeching halt with heavy feedback. Sort of a kick in the face, but im still awake."If theres a light, leave it on." 3.5/5

What I Want
First off, great lyrics. But what would you expect from a song that was co-written by a great lyric-master, Tim Armstrong. Starts off with a catchy-ass beat with great double-bass material, joined with guitars, and the great vocals take off. The pre-chorus gives you a taste of the whole band, then leading to a stroke of the band's best. This chorus is also highly infectious. You WILL be singing this in the shower the next godamn day, godamn it. Theres no escaping it. The guitar solo fills in some blank lines on the bridge, and comes back with another great chorus to finish it off. 4/5

Blessed By A Nightmare
The title itself is just so ***ing menacing, isnt it. This is my personal favorite off the album. Whats not to say about this track. It starts off with another steady roll with snare power. It seems smooth. The sudden accent on the last, note and it gives cue an explosive intro, including a great damn guitar riff and vocals. Phil is truly amazing on this track, traveling around with 3 toms on verses and setting off infectious choruses with a sudden loud flam. The bass solo smack-dab in the middle of the bridge takes center-stage and continues with another memorable chorus, to finish up the song. Best work on here, and everyone is intheir best shape. 5/5

Divine Intervention
Ballad. Very different. But the simple but catchy guitar-work is the highlight here. The acoustics echo through the verses, which are doused in great, solid lyrics. The chorus is one of the best on the album, and sends us messages. Recieved or not, theyre there, and they stand very strong. Not much else to say about the track, as it is most likely filler, but a filler gone wrong, for that matter. Softies overcome. 3.5/5

Chromatic Fades
Amazing start out. That riff just screams success into your ears. The matching vocals tell a story about a character with a gift. Very impressive track. The chorus is the summary of an equally great verse with pounding bass and wahiling riffs.It gleaves you with the impression of what these boys can really accomplish, as this is one of the songs they put the most work into. It shows. Another great appereance by Phil on the set. Hes the man with the gift in my opinion. At this point, the material cant get any better and feel more complete. Im right. It wont.4/5

Byron Black
True Story. The intro riff and floortoms tell a story themselves, until Chris J comes with the actual tale of a man he met and the advice he shared with him. The chorus is probably the second oir third most infectious on the album, making you feel like youve known Byron Black! haha. mehh. Well, anyways, the bridge sets off the trigger to a more xplosion finish, as they come back from a sofetr note, to a hevier chorus, ending one of the best off the album. 4.5/5

The Cicadas Song
Great bass in this one. Yet another roll comes in at the right spot on that trust-worthy measure, and starts us off with great vocals about running. Running away from your issues. Literally. "I dont know if theres a heaven, but im certain theres a hell." The bridge provides a great bass-line interlude along with some toms and into the very last, faster-paced, and extended chorus on the album. Ends with the silence of the night. Very creepy, and just what the boys were trying to deliver, I'm sure. 4/5


+AMAZING drum-work
+Very well-built songs
+Memorable Guitar-work
+Vocals, along with lyrics shape out the tracks perfectly

-Falls in way too short
-Too much of the material seems built from the same components and ideas


Autopilot Off has done a great job with their E.P, and with this. They had the balls to revisit the scene with darker music, and not get completely owned by the media and certain overlookers of the 'emo' craze. The came, they saw, and they recorded a great album, filled with heart-pounding material that wraps around memorable vocals and creates one hell of a listen. If youre a fan of Letter Kills, or hell, little My Chemical Romance, then check these guys out. Im sure they wont dissapoint. Thanks for reading, and dont let the 'emo' fancraze hit you on your way out.


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August 21st 2005


Holy crapperdeedoos. Effing good review and the HTML makes it look pretty too. One of the best track-by-tracks ever. and you know thats how i like it. :naughty:

August 21st 2005


Hehe, good review.


August 21st 2005


Fantastic review! :thumb:

September 5th 2005


wow man perfect review. i've only heard one AP O song in my life from a warped tour compilation (even tho i dont like punk so much) and i think their song 'nothing frequency' was one of the few i liked. again kikass review!

September 22nd 2005


umm... good review *high 5*
lets see,
i enjoy the song by songs except for the fact that it eliminates any story line that was inteded in the the same time though it worx gr8 to support structural detail which i noticed you include a lot in your reviews. so all n all i thunk your review skills make even the gods envious.

September 22nd 2005


couple o things i 4got 2 mention. i cant really blame you to for not having the story since the band isnt exactly hollywood, well actually i woulnt call any punk/rock bands hollywood. ur also very newb frendly with the (5) star rating at the end of each song. my personal best is Clockwork, all the others seeem so alike in context and layout almost to the point where you sometimes dont know what song it is playing, but they are all mighty decent.yup nice review.This Message Edited On 09.22.05

mixed company
March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

THe overall CD is great. I wasnt really into to them untill i saw them live at warped tour, (pretty sure it was 02). They're really good live.

March 5th 2006


good review, its one of the only t-b-ts that i like, so that is saying something. i havent actually heard the whole album yet, and every time i think about buying it, i see something more appealing, but i think i'll get this. the only song that it sounds like i wont like is the 12th day, just because patriotic songs just kill me, i hate them, i'd rather hear a counter-culture song in it's place.

June 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Exellent, Loved the drumsThis Message Edited On 06.13.07

October 24th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I just listened to this for the first time in years. Forgot how good it is.

May 30th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

good album, Clockwork is great

July 11th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Just listened this again, been a long time. Album is pretty awesome, still like it as much as I did a couple of years back. Alot of great songs on this.

September 5th 2010


fucking get it
so good

September 5th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

it was "clockwork" on nhl 2004, and yes it rules

September 5th 2010


the title track was on burnout 3 MEMORIES

September 8th 2010


This album bored me slowly, over time. I only have a few stand out tracks left in my iTunes library. It's too bad really, cuz they had potential.

September 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

It starts off really good, but the album is definitely front-loaded.

Digging: Leprous - Pitfalls

November 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

still like this

November 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

I haven't listened in a while. It's good for driving and running.

January 7th 2012


I only know of them from "Clockwork" being on SSX 3.

fun song

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