Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season

very poor


by Zipzop5565 USER (21 Reviews)
October 2nd, 2009 | 102 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Suicide Season is a definite improvement over BMTH’s last attempt at making music, though calling this “better” would be akin to calling a diarrhea milkshake breakfast: you just shouldn’t do it.

I am no fan of Bring Me The Horizon. I would listen to a Toby Keith album five thousand times back to back before I would ever go to a Bring Me The Horizon concert, unless it was to pull a Nathan Gale and kill as many of the band members as I could as a couple of security guards barged towards my murderous psychopathic self. Be that as it may, when I discovered that other people braver than myself had listened to “Suicide Season” and thought it was an improvement, I instantly thought they were sniffing super glue and had no intention of believing them.

Later, however, I would sit and force myself to listen to Suicide Season, if only to see (or hear) for myself how god ***ing awful this piece of ***ing diarrhea vomit could be.

To start off, the band decided to name their album “Suicide Season”, just in case you weren’t sure they were an emo band and needed clarification. I know this album is considered metalcore instead of emo, but as I said in my Count Your Blessings review, the band most likely was an emo band before deciding to join the ____core bandwagon. “Suicide Season”" Seriously, guys" Could they actually try and make a less bland, thoughtless album title" We’re talking about Bring me the Horizon, here, so, no.

The five scene kids from the UK utilized Fredrik Nordström’s studio in making this album, and I instantly wondered what the hell Fredrik Nordström was thinking letting these kids inside his studio. He had to have seen the Devil Wears Prada and Norma Jean t-shirts, the emo fringe haircuts, the tight black pants, and the stupid snake bites on their lips and figured something was amiss. Maybe ol’ Fredrik had done LSD that day, or maybe he charged them triple what he charged In Flames. I don’t know, but what I do know is that Nordström was too embarrassed to acknowledge Bring Me the Horizon as one of his clients on his website. If I were him, I’d be embarrassed, too.

Because of Studio Fredman, the production is vastly improved, I’ll give it that much. The guitars don’t sound like they poured battery acid into their amps, and all the instruments are clear and precise (except for bass, but I’ll go into that later). However, polished *** is still ***, and the guitar tracks are the same bland bull*** garbage diarrhea mess from CYB, except slowed down. The drum parts are played competently, but aren’t in time with the other instruments, giving the whole album a disorganized, chaotic sound. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but it doesn’t help the album. The bass is non-existent, once again. Even in the intro to “It was Written in Blood”, which is just drum and bass with a soft keyboard melody, you can barely hear the bass.

Finally, we have the vocals, and once again, they are the worst part of this album. Oliver Sykes still does his stupid trademark Angela Gossow screech, but instead of dominating the album, this screech shares album time with his hardcore yell. People praise this yell as if it is so meaningful and ripe with emotion, but I don’t see it (or hear it, whatever). Instead, it sounds like someone else wrote the lyrics, handed them to Sykes, and told him to shout them as loud and annoyingly as possible to make them seem “hardcore”. This would almost be plausible until you read the lyrics. I seriously doubt anyone with greater than an eighth grade education wrote this garbage. Nothing is improved from Count Your Blessings. It’s the same blatant emo bull*** misogyny prevalent in the last album. All the songs fit into 3 categories:

1) Hatred toward a female
2) Suicide
3) Getting Drunk and doing Stupid ***

Whether this change in stylistic vocals is an improvement or a detriment is up to you. On one hand, there are fewer screeches on this album that make you want to pry your teeth out while shoving a plunger up your ass, but on the other hand Sykes’ hardcore yell makes you want to set your hair on fire and has the added bonus of allowing you to understand the bull*** emo lyrics he pulled out of his sister’s Seventeen magazine. Comparing the two is like deciding whether you’d want AIDS or Pancreatic Cancer: you don’t want either, really, and if you had to take one, you’d probably rather be dead.

Also while listening to this album, I noticed a major flaw: repetition. Most of the songs have probably two or three minutes worth of original lyrics; that is, a six minute song is just a two minute one with the chorus, first verse, or bridge repeated ad nauseam. Referring back to “It was Written in Blood”, the lyrics are the suicide note of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, and when the chorus came around, instead of using creativity, Sykes just repeats the song’s title as many times as it takes to make you want to buy a gun and shoot him. All the songs suffer from this, which makes me believe Sykes spent three hours writing the lyrics, spending those three hours drunk or on drugs, or both.

Here’s another example from “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”:

We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak
And we will never rest, 'til we're all ***ing dead
We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak
And we will never rest, 'til we're all ***ing dead

This verse is repeated three goddamn times in the beginning of the song and again towards the end, just in case you forgot it. It’s tedious, and it makes me believe that the band spent as much time crafting the lyrics as a McDonalds employee spends making your double cheeseburger.

Is there anything positive about this album" Well, Suicide Season is probably the best song on this album. It has a soft, quiet, electronic interlude during the middle of the song, which allows you to catch your breath after being sonically assaulted by bull*** guitars and an emo asshole shouting at you, but this quiet interlude is far too short and ruined by power chord riffs and diarrhea vocals. “No Need For Introductions…” on the other hand, is the worst song in the album, even though it is only a minute long. It’s a bland, chaotic mess of bull*** instruments with Sykes’ complaining about the trouble some scene kid caused after her head managed to get in the way of Sykes’ urine and a beer bottle because she wouldn’t have sex with him. Of course, this is all speculation as the courts could not come up with enough evidence supporting this, but I wouldn’t put it past some coked out scene kid with an elevated ego to view some woman as a toilet bowl. Yes, the song is short, but it’s a prime example why you shouldn’t ever listen to this band. At least there’s one stupid scene girl who won’t ever listen to this ***, again.

So, that’s it. The band sucks. Not even Fredrik Nordström could save the band from itself. Despite an exceptional production value, the music still blows because despite all the bells and whistles, this is basically Count Your Blessings only slightly slower, and you’d have to be an idiot to think this band is actually decent. Of course, people who listen to Bring Me the Horizon have a chemical imbalance. It’s bland diarrhea mess and no one should ever listen to it.

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October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

Eww, metalcore

Good review, here's a pos

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

Another Bring Me the Horizon rant...

This isn't too bad of a rant. But just get over it. It wasn't that entertaining, and if you already did this in another reivew, why bother to review this? All you do is talk about some emo bullshit and how much you hate them. You did a somewhat passable job of describing the sound, but it's so biased.

Maybe if you caught me in another mood I would enjoy this, but I don't.

October 2nd 2009


just look at that cover
makes me hungry
i've yet to hear anything by these guys and i really don't want to either

October 2nd 2009


what he said

fuckin neg'd

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

I have a chemical imbalance

October 2nd 2009


review is terrible. this isn't emo. band sucks.

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

If you were reviewing your review as opposed to the album then I'd agree with you 100%.

Why why why WHY do these fools insist on typing out stupid reviews on bands they HATE??????????? I'd never review Jack Johnson because I'd never give him a fair review. Because I hate him. Bad review, sorry

October 2nd 2009


the summary is great, but i don't feel like going on.

October 2nd 2009


Review sucks big donkey dick

October 2nd 2009


i thought the days of people not knowing what emo is on this site were over.....

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

Rating is .5 too high

October 2nd 2009


As Simon Cowell would say, absolutely terrible. Stop reviewing.

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.5


October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 1.5

yeah, this review is terrible.

October 2nd 2009


we get it. it sucks. so does the review.

October 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

I must say, it is rather fun ripping on the kids who like BMTH. Not that I would ever do that.

October 2nd 2009


"To start off, the band decided to name their album “Suicide Season”, just in case you weren’t sure they were an emo band and needed clarification."

Stopped reading right there. Not emo at all.

October 2nd 2009


Too much of a rant

October 2nd 2009


now is this a successful troll or a really dumb user?

October 2nd 2009


not every faggot is a troll. trolling is an art. this is not art.

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