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August 20th, 2005 | 45 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

AC/DC- Live

In my personal opinion, AC/DC has always been more of a live band. The rush they provide to the audience with their hear-ponding material really shows on stage. AC/DC Live, was recorded on 91' Razors Edge tour. On 92', it was released as one disc. But later, in 2003, was released as a two disc, collector's edition pack, giving the listener more options and more of AC/DC's ground-breaking hits on an amazing Live recording. The two discs combined arent exactly one concert. It's more like tracks from 4 or 5 shows on the tour. Mostly Europe. As you can tell from Brian's comments. If youve heard or seen Live At Donington, you may know what were dealing with. But if you havnt ever heard this band live, youre in for a godamn treat.

Angus Young- Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young- Rythm Guitar
Brian Johnson- Vocals
Cliff Williams- Bass
Chris Slade- Drums


The excellence of their stage-work kicks us off with the same opening as Live At Donington. Thunderstruck starts off with about an extra minute of the crowd chanting for Angus, and you can hear police and helicopters over-head. This song in my opinion is the best opening to any show ive ever heard. And yea, I probably said that before. But you would have to listen in to really feel it. The disc continues through with others that were featured on the DVD, but among some that werent, are tracks like Sin City, which also ranks in as an explosive track. Another noticeable track here is The Razors Edge. It astonishes me. Sounding three times as better than the recording, along with the crowd and the expanded guitar and drum-work. Jailbreak is interesting, and if youve read the Donington review, you should know. To some people, random improvised soloing, is annoying. To me, about 11 minutes of Angus losing his mind on stage is one of the real reasons I bought the compilation. He completely shreds up the night with his guitar-work that leads up to the song, and on the bridge. for about another 4 minutes. Its great stuff. As far as the actual musicians at the show go, they do an amazing job. Angus does everything in his power to put on a great show for the audience. Brian 'gets it up' as he would say and gets the crowd more and more into the tracks. Malcolm and Cliff add back-up vocals that make the ambience of the songs sound complete, and Chris makes every measure of every song more enjoyable by adding great material. And I guess you could count this here crowd as part of the show. The crowd makes the tracks seem like the best ever. And the song selecting on each disc was amazingly done, because to this day, I really cant decide which is better. They both have all amazing tracks on it. But what I can say, is that the first gets you ready for the next in a very good way. Dont lose your mind just yet.

Disc Score- 5/5
Reccomended Tracks- Thunderstruck, Sin City, Fire Your Guns, The Razor's Edge, Jailbreak


Like I said, you really cant decide. Its AC/DC pouring all their talent into one great collection. Both cd's are worth a listen for a long time to come. The second one starts off with an amazing setlist. Hells Bells, Are You Ready, and Thats The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll. If I could explain the change in energy in the arena, once the crowd hears that first bell. Hells Bells is probably one of the best tracks on this collection, as it is extended just a bit, and with a faster-tempos. Are You Ready, has some great back-up work by Malcolm, and shows that he's there as much as everybody else. While Thats The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll, has the best drum-work on the whole compilation. A very, very enjoyable to listen. moving along through other favorites, like High Voltage, another crowd favorite, and Whole Lotta Rosie, which features the big dirty balloon, although you cant see. We come along to Let There Be Rock.Its Jailbreak, revisited. Sorry to tell you. Angus does it again. The song's bridge is also a huge highlight here. The crowd helps out a bit, and adds to the lyrics. And then, possibly the three most notorious crowd-favorites ever. Highway To Hell, T.N.T., and For Those About To Rock, create a closing possibly as explosive as the beginning. These three are where the band really belong, and it shows. Angus gives it his all, as you can hear from the solos on each, and Brian donates outstanding vocals to the listener. For Those About Rock's outro ranks in at around 5 or 6 minutes and gives the crowd what it really wants. Great closing, great disc, great ***ing show.

Disc Score- 5/5
Reccomended Tracks- Hells Bells, Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock, Highway To Hell, T.N.T., For Those About To Rock


+Increase of original tempos
+Added Material
+Angus' Solos
+Most Amazing Crowd

-All I can say is, I'd have wanted more. :(


First off here, I'd like to apologize if this review seemed unnecessary, as a lot of the material on here was already on Live At Donington. But since a lot of favorites were left out of the DVD, and the ones that were on both are different shows, I wanted to make it feel more complete. Since Donington got a 4.5, and this ones getting the king's score, it has the reasoning. Fans that are just getting into the band wont be looking for a DVD, they'll be looking for some of their best work that represents the band as a whole. And I'm sure most people go straight for Back In Black, or maybe High Voltage. But this is the one to pick up. Theres no substitute for a place to start other than AC/DC live. And hey, even if youre a big fan, and somehow havent heard this gem yet, I suppose you'll know what to do.

Let There Be Rock


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sonictheplumber (4.5)
Great album. If you want a good live album, listen to this....

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August 20th 2005


How many AC/DC cd's do you have!!!

Great review though.This Message Edited On 08.20.05

August 20th 2005


Great review.

I found this at a videogame store for 7 bucks used. This is a brilliant cd with tons of great material.

August 30th 2005


Agreed it is the best live album but is also tied with maidens live after death reli good review. I like all of your reviews there reli detailed and you don't miss out on anything.

September 17th 2005


Perfection by AC/DC

'nuf said

November 1st 2005


Not the best live album, If You Want Blood (You Got It) owns this one

November 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5


November 1st 2005


Hell yes. Bon singing absolutely destroys Brian singing in the 90s.

November 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Trust me, I could tell you idolize Bon by the name, and hell if youre so convinced its better than this show, then you should review it.

I agree Bon was indeed better than Brian, but everything else that actually goes on in the show combined is really a gargantuous difference to that in If you Want Blood

I will say though that Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be on that record is nothing short of amazing.This Message Edited On 11.01.05

November 1st 2005


NO this album is better. There is a bigger song selection to choose from on this album also it is not just about the singing the instruments on this album are far better than if you want blood.

November 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5


Beat ya. :smoke:

November 1st 2005


Opinions all. Song selection has nothing to do with it, sometimes fewer songs make much better albums. And Rudd, I don't idolize Bon. In fact, in my early AC/DC fan days, I much preferred Brian. I still love Brian, especially the early 80s stuff, and if this same album had been recorded in the early 80s with brians voice at top form, and maybe produced a little rawer (not a big problem), it would be much better.

I just prefer the raw sound of them playing, especially with Bon on stage, their 70s stuff. Have you seen Let There Be Rock?

As for reviewing If You want Blood, eh, i havent reviewed before and don't really want to take time to write a big thing.

November 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Come on now, dont be scared. I'd appreciate reading that review. There was one on here before, but I guess it got deleted.

December 16th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Totally agree man, every track's a classic

December 17th 2005


Every track sucks.

January 25th 2006


My favourite one on the CD is high voltage. good review

n00bing Guitar
March 14th 2006


They know how to rock, you won't fin a band that can rock like them or give that much energy to the people. When I hear their music I just want to rock!

March 23rd 2006


this is the first album i ever got and fuck it's some good inspiration. The energy of ACDC amazing and they kick ultimate ass

March 23rd 2006


this is the first album i ever got and fuck it's some good inspiration. The energy of ACDC amazing and they kick ultimate ass!!

Two-Headed Boy
June 18th 2006


Every track sucks.

True dat.

Why do I even have this?

February 7th 2007


Simplicity is frowned upon these days.

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