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August 19th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Taking Back Sunday has jumped to the Punk/Alternative Scence with there Where You Want To Be album but this was the aggresiveness that made hardcore followers nowadays notice them, TBS second album was a dissapointment to me but the first album is far from a dissapointment, im reviewing the bonus track cd which is very rare so if you can buy this collectable get it.
1. You know how i do
What TBS knows how to do is start a album, with this and where you want to be it is a perfect start, but this in particular has a great start with how we all feel at time to time "So Sick So Sick Of Being Tierd And Oh So Tierd" yeah that describe my life at times and the next line is "Were both such magnificate Liars so crush me baby im all ears" yeah thats a great line for anyone whos been in a long time raltionship, I love how this song changes paces but for me its not a classic but definetly a song worth a listen. 9/10

2. Bike Scence
A Great start to this song with great energy and duel vocials, TBS shows some of there skills which have made them the most sucessful Emo Band To Date, and the woman signing in this song is beautiful, but this song starts to carry on a little to much for me. 8/10

3. Cut From The Team
A Instant Classic. Great Energy plus guitar riffs that are out of this world, a catchy chrous with "Tell All Your Friends", and then it slows down to a balanced catchy lines you expect from TBS, a great song it makes you apperciate Emo. 10/10

4. Theres No "I" in team
Not as good of a follow up as Brand New Seventy Times Seven, But Still A Very Good song, but is kind of reptitive with the I Cant Regret Thing, but a awesome chrous plus energy filled song that is very good, I Love This Song. 10/10

5. Great Romances
It depends on what great romances you listen to the original is has a very boring intro which automatically makes you skip the song so that gets a 5/10, but the album version which is very energetic, the part that caught me was the im not one for complaining, what?!, This just in the first four songs of your album have lots of emotion, thats really the only promblem i have for this song, cause it has great lines and the slowy, quietly, slowy part is very cool. Album Version: 8/10

6. Ghost Man On Third
Until you look up the lyrics to this song, you really have no idea what Adam is signing, but this song starts off slow but by the chrous it picks up lots of energy and turns into one of the great TBS songs about who knows but the lines "Inches From My Waist Its My Face Vs. The Bottle" and John Nolan screaming "thank god", and the screaming at the end is just fabolus. Great Song 10/10

7. Timberwolves Vs New Jersey
This song is filled with great emotion and still could have been better if the begging wasn't such a kind of party song with the "get up, get up"
part I mean we don't need that, I totally agree with the litrate and stylish chrous even though im neither [haha], but this song ends with "Remind me never to act this way again part" I love that thats what makes a great Punk Song. 8.5/10

8. The Blue Channel
If this song wasn't so short I would say it's a great song but it doesn't live up to what it started and it probably was just a song so they could have 10 tracks on the album, but its a good song, 7.5/10

9. You're So Last Summer
Yeah what a great song that is not to hardcore but its still a great song that never gets old, "Boys Like You Are A Dime A Dozen" is one of my favorite lines in this song, but the slit your throat line is one that is pretty hillarious and is very emo, one of my favorite songs on the album 10/10
10. Head Club
Definetly a good closer, it could have been a lot more intense and the line about bow wow? hmm this song brings a great point that im sick of writing every song about you, good closer to a great album. 9/10
Bonus track
11. The Ballad Of Sal Villenula
The Best Unrelased TBS track ever, its needs improvments in the drums and guitar but its typical TBS and definetly could have been placed ont this album, very catchy. 8/10

Overall Album rating 4.5/5

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August 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Any Comments?

August 20th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Good first review. I don't really care for this album though. It's got a few good songs though, but to be honest I prefer Where You Want to Be.

Again, good review. Keep on making them.

August 20th 2005



June 19th 2007


Good review. Best TBS album imo.

December 16th 2007


an ok review. try to focus more on the music rather then the lyrics, and fix your typos and your grammar and you should be alright.

also even though it's your opinion reconsider your rating. although this is arguably their best album it is no where near a 4.5. it's not groundbreaking nor original. catchy, but still generic.

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