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Dead Alive



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September 18th, 2009 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: melodic death metal for the masses (and Living Sacrifice fanboys)

I first heard of Soul Embraced from a friend of mine who is a total Living Sacrifice fanboy. He said that a couple members of LS were also in a side project called Soul Embraced and that I should check out the newest album entitled Dead Alive. Not being a real fan of Living Sacrifice, this worried me as I figured it would be another all out thrash (") fest. Within the first 30 seconds I realized the truth: This is not like Living Sacrifice; not even in the same ballpark.

So what exactly makes Soul Embraced different from Living Sacrifice" Well for one this is a full on death metal record. Vocalist Chad Moore brings a unique harsh vocal style, which is closest in similarity to vocals off of Zao or early Haste the Day. These vocals set the stage for LS members Rocky Gray and Lance Garvin who lay down a backbone of speed riffs, intense drumming and melodic leads to create a atmosphere of intensity that whirls around the listener. Recently departed guitarist Devin Castle adds to the guitar assault and bassist Jeff Bowie provides the non-existent low tones on Dead Alive.

The listener is introduced to Dead Alive with an acoustic introducing, which lasts all of 45 seconds before all hell (or heaven) breaks loose. To End It All sees a combination of intense riffs that pummel the listener until the occasional melodic passage comes in to calm things down just a tad. This seems to be the formula that most of the songs follow, with the occasional solo or breakdown thrown in for kicks. Although Dead Alive sticks to a similar formula throughout, there is enough variety to make this a engaging listen. Songs like To End It All and Kill This feature catchy melodic leads that drive the songs along, while others such as Devil's Reflection and Bloodstained Nevada just pound the listener in the head like a giant with a hammer. The drumming on this album is exceptional, with Lance Garvin making a case for himself as one of the better drummers in metal today. Although most of it is standard rapid double bass, Garvin provides enough interesting fills and variety to make the drumming one of the focal points on Dead Alive.

Although there is a lot to like about Dead Alive, there is a few things that may drive away the casual listener, and that keeps this album from soaring above a 4. The vocals, while unique and quality throughout the album, may irk some listeners as they tend to get irritating after a while if you are not a fan of the style. The album also suffers from a very slight bit of repetitiveness. Although the acoustic intro in To End It All and the instrumental In Memory provide a nice change of pace, the overall relentlessness of this album may be too much for some listeners.

Overall Dead Alive is a good pick up if you are a fan of melodic death metal, a Living Sacrifice fanboy, or just looking for something new to add to your arsenal of Converge, Death, and other metal bands.

(On a personal note, this band frustrates me because I've went to two shows expecting to see them, and they backed out of both!)

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September 18th 2009


Is it bad if I dislike my own reviews, or am i being to critical of my own writing?

September 18th 2009


This is a good review. It's to the point and you accurately describe what's going on here. I dislike a lot of what I write, and usually I'm too critical and unsure about it. It's most likely just a confidence issue, just keep writing shit and try to be a little less critcal of yourself and you'll probably start to feel better about your writing.

For the album, I've only listened to To End it All and Breaking Point, which was an awesome song that I've listened to a bunch of times. Love the solo at the end. Isn't there also an Evanescence guitarist in this band or something?

September 18th 2009


Well Rocky Gray played drums in Evanescence

September 18th 2009


I love Evanescence, not to sure about this though.

September 18th 2009


Nice review... might wanna stay away from the excessive name - dropping though, I've been chided for that. Doesn't seem like something I would enjoy but good review nonetheless.

September 18th 2009


Nothing like Evanescence at all. So if that is what you're basing check this out on, I wouldn't bother.

September 18th 2009


SeaAnemone: thanks for the advice...

Lisbon: yeah its nothing like Evanescance, the only connection is that the guitarist in this band played drums for Evanescence

November 14th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

So, this is good.

February 15th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

I love the guitars from about 3:08 to 3:45 in To End It All

June 20th 2010


Heard one of their songs on AOL radio. I love how they incorporate breakdowns into their songs without destroying the natural flow. Instead of yelling along with the chug chug guitars, the vocalist kept his same pitch and tone. Now that's how you fucking do it.

April 17th 2012


pos'd. described the sound well, and said what listeners may not like about it. good review. to end it all is a great song

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