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Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Title: Pennybridge Pioneers
Artist: Millencolin
Released: 21/02/2000

Millencolin are, to me, a very underated band. Hardly any exposure, no TV or radio time here in the UK and a very rarely heard. But it was the song No Cigar on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 that sparked my love for them. This band can pull out the most addicting songs, with catchy riffs and sing-a-long lyrics, but at the same time make them mean something. This was a rarity, and I had to know more.

No Cigar - 8/10
The major song on this album, and introduces you to the band. First impressions count a lot for me albumwise, and Millencolin don't disappoint. This song is somewhat an anthem for kids everywhere, which shouts down at the popular ones. The high guitar riffs and fast drumming only make this song more addictive, and make the album get off to a good start.

Fox - 7/10
The roll at the start leads you into another typical pop punk song. A fast intro, leads into a very fast verse. The song itself is very quick, but is quality. Another catchy riff to get stuck in your head. The solo isn't bad either, nothing special though.

Material Boy - 6/10
I don't see anything really special in this song. Again, it talks about the trends and popularity, but the song has something missing. It still has the high riffs and fast drums, but the verses are quiet and lacking. The solo makes a bit of ground up, but this song could be a lot better.

Duckpond - 7/10
Starting to slow down, this song has a softer intro. The verses are again quiet and muted, but the slow song matches it and it works better than Material Boy. This isn't a bad song, but again I think it could be better. Just a little something to make it great, not good.

Right About Now - 8/10
Speeding up, this song is another No Cigar. Quick drums, high and fast guitar and catchy lyrics, this song has everything a pop punk song should have. The solo just adds to the would-be-short song, and makes it complete. Another pop punk tune.

Penguins And Polarbears - 9/10
In my opinion one of the best songs on the album. The intro is so well done, sounding somewhat angry but high. The chorus is catchy as well, with the "we're lacking energy, yeah we're lacking energy". A great song combining a kind of mad energy with Millencolin's loud and fun guitar riffs.

Hellman - 8/10
Starting to slow down again, Hellman delivers another taster of pop punk sound. Muted verses work well for this song again, and makes it another great song. I can't really say much about it, but it's a great song.

Devil Me - 8/10
Again getting faster, this song is again about trends. But the slower style of song makes the message get through better, and the song has its addictive "I want it all..." phrase in the chorus'.

Stop To Think - 9/10
A darker intro for these pop punk boys works well I think. It doesn't last long though, and jumps straight into a much more energetic and fun chorus. It retains it's darkish sound during the bridge, and proves that they can play more than all out pop punk fun. One of my favourites on the album.

The Mayfly - 8/10
This is slower, but loud. The verses are slower, and the chorus has the catchy line at the end ("Love is mutual, love is dead"). This could've been a perfect song, but it is too slow. Still an amazing song to listen to, but they could've made it slightly better.

Highway Donkey - 8/10
Again with the superfast and high pitched intro, this is bound to be another fast and quick song. But it makes up for it in the chorus, slowing down slightly. Still retains the loud raw sound Millencolin hold, and is again catchy and one of the only songs to use real backing vocals.

A-Ten - 7/10
This song doesn't stand out to me, it doesn't have a quality the others have. It just sounds like another repetitve song. Nevertheless, it is a good song. Your basic pop punk guitar riffs and lyrics, but a skippable song at that.

Pepper - 8/10
Again repeats the same process that has now got Millencolin sounding like a one-style band. Better than A-Ten, but still lacks the energy the earlier songs had. Again, skippable and short.

The Ballad - 10/10
And just when we thought they had blown it, they pull out this! In my opinion the best song on the album, and one of the best ballads around. An acoustic look on an outcast's life, which bursts into full guitar, bass and drums during the bridge makes this an outstanding song. Well done Millencolin!

So, with its fantastic tunes such as No Cigar and Fox, slightly slower tunes like Duckpond and Penguins And Polarbears and the amazing one-of-a-kind The Ballad, you cant get bored. Wicked melodic pop punk at it's best, which will seriously win you over. If you have been taken under by the lack of good music on the scene now, pick this up. It will change your outlook.

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  • Green Day - Dookie
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February 13th 2004


great review. :thumb:

i've heard great things about millencolin, and it was gav who got me into them, with the song "penguins and polar bears".

February 13th 2004


This is an awesome album by one of the best pop-punk bands out there.

Sweet review cky.

February 14th 2004


Nice review, excellent record. My favorites are "Penguins & Polarbears", "No Cigar" and "Fox". And "The Ballad" is something very unknown by Millencolin. Good stuff! :thumb:

My rating: 3 - 3.5/5 :thumb:

February 17th 2004


Great album... produced by Brett Gurewitz, he plays the solo on Highway Donkey, and the piano part in the ballad... my favorites are Highway Donkey, No Cigar, Duckpond and Devil Me...

October 25th 2004


This album is really something special. absolutely amazing.

listerine ice cream
October 26th 2004


This is pretty good. But the older stuff is MUCH better. This album is what got me into punk.

October 28th 2004


i think this is the best pop punk album ive heard. its just unpretentious, rocking fun.

November 8th 2004


I hate a lot of pop punk, but someone said I should get this, so I bought it on a whim. It's awesome! Lots of really good songs. Problem is my copy got scratched The songs sound very similar, but otherwise, this album rocks. 4/5.

November 9th 2004


No Cigars a big song

November 9th 2004


Is No Cigar the best song on the album, or should I check the rest of it out?

Keeping in mind I dislike pop punk a lot

November 9th 2004


I like every song on the album. If you're able to, I suggest you just download the whole thing. If you don't like it, you can always delete it.

November 9th 2004


I like Penguins and Polarbears

****, brings back the memories of THPS2

November 10th 2004


i dislike pop punk too, but you should get this album. No cigar is excellent but there are a lot of othe great songs on the album.

November 10th 2004


yeah, this is a great album from one of Swedens best bands!

and that's a good review.

November 10th 2004


A very good album review. In my opinon this album is Millencolin's best by far. A very good album.

As far as those recommended albums, That is my favourite bad religion album, favourite nofx album and favourite greenday album. Nice Taste!! :thumb:

December 24th 2004


The only Millencolin album that could rival this one is Life on a Plate, for me, it's a toss up between which one is better. My favourite songs on this album are No Cigar, Hellman, and the song that got me into Millencolin because it was on the THPS3 soundtrack, Pepper.

March 27th 2005


This CD got me into Millencolin in a big way.

The best songs in the album are No Cigar and The Ballad - best slow song i have ever heard!

Kingwood is coming out April - YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

September 13th 2005


nice review

great recommended albums list

December 13th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Nice album, your review made me purchase this Cd so thanks. No Cigar ive heard heaps, great song. Penguins And Polarbears and also Stop To Think are great tracks. And yes Millencolin are extremely under-rated, and its sad. These guys could really inspire alot of people.

December 13th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

This is Millencolins best. The debut is also a a decent album.

Penguins & Polarbears > No Cigar > Pepper

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