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August 15th, 2005 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Not only one of the best punk bands out there, but a personal favorite of mine, Pennywise has released their latest album 'The Fuse' on Epitaph Records. I saw an add in a magazine for 'The Fuse' about 2 months before it came out and since then, I have been literally counting down the days until its release. The day it was released (August 9th, 2005) I went on my lunch break and picked up a copy. I had heard a teaser track on the Epitaph Records website ("Knocked Down") and thought it lacked in some aspects, but still was a pretty good tune and figured maybe it would fit in well with the rest of the album. I wasn't really sure what to expectů

Stylistically 'The Fuse' sounds like a combination of 'About Time' and 'From the Ashes'. It has a lot of the aggression from 'About Time' and some of the watered down political lyrics of 'From the Ashes' (I say watered down because compared to 'Land of the Free"', 'From the Ashes' lyrical demeanor is weaker.) I believe there is quite a lot of politics on this album too, but not as much as 'Land of the Free"'.

The album is kicked off by "Knocked Down" which has the general molding of what a typical Pennywise song is. Driven by outspoken vocals and nice rhythm sections, "Knocked Down" is one of the better songs on the album. "Yell Out" is a song much like the song prior, but contains better drumming from one of my favorite drummers-Byron McMackin. Reminding me of one of my favorite Pennywise songs "My Own Country" is "Competition Song". The beginning reminds me a lot of it, and is a fairly decent track. There's not too much here that makes it stand out, but unfortunately, that's pretty much my feeling towards the majority of the songs on this album.

Now we're getting into the heart and soul of 'The Fuse". "Closer", "6th Avenue Nightmare", and "The Kids" makes this album successful. These three songs are the back bone of the album and prevent it from being a generic punk rock album. "Closer" is probably my favorite track on the album. It's an extraordinarily strong tune that makes you hold your head high and say "I love these mother ***ers!" What's great about "The Kids" is that it sounds a little more like a rock song than a punk song. It has the warm and familiar Pennywise choruses that all long time fans have grown accustomed to and love. "Stand Up" has me envisioning Trent Reznor taking over the vocal duties from Jim Lindberg in the verse sections of the song.

Another great song is "Premeditated Murder". Lyrically and musically this is the band at their best. This is one of the songs that the lyrics have been bathed in politics. Simply entitled "Lies", the album's final offering is another fantastic and soon to be classic Pennywise tune. It's between this and "Closer" for my favorite songs on the album.

While 'The Fuse' has a handful of fantastic songs, I have to say that overall, the album doesn't really move me. I almost find some of these songs boring. It pains me to say this because I do love their music so much, but I'm being honest. This cd will be in the hands of the long time fans, but probably not in the hands of those somewhat new to the band. If you're looking for a Pennywise album that blows your mind, try "Full Circle" or "About Time".

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Cross Out The Eyes
August 15th 2005


i really like this album
thank for the review
it was good

August 15th 2005


I was a big fan of Pennywise a couple of years ago...good review, but older album are way better...

August 15th 2005


I think the first song on the album stays the same to much but the second song yell out is pretty damn good

August 15th 2005


Thanks for the kind words. I'm a huge fan of theirs, but this album was somewhat of a letdown. Oh well.

Cross Out The Eyes
August 31st 2005


I think it is agood albumThis Message Edited On 08.31.05

September 3rd 2005


good album average review. it was weird the first 2 songs r very unpennywise sounding

September 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Awesome album.

All songs are great.

I'm addicted to it.

September 10th 2005


All ther songs sound alike

January 15th 2006


dude pennywise is the shit and there representing cali fuckin rock on

June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

This is a good album, but it gets too repetitive near the end

May 6th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

Last Pennywise album worth listening to in its entirety, well even Straight Ahead and From The Ashes didn't accomplish that.

Take A Look Around, Knocked Down, Dying and Lies are the song I can recall in my head straight from that album, that's about it. Lies is especially strong, could have been a single like Alien but since the lyrics are 100x times better of course it wasn't. Not that I want singles from a melodic hardcore punk band. Venerea never did in 30 years and still kill most american bands in that genre.

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