Funeral for a Friend
Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation



by Damrod EMERITUS
January 14th, 2005 | 69 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Funeral for a Friend
Casually dressed & deep in conversation

Some general impressions
I must confess, the band suprised me a bit. I read here on MX that those guys are emo/emo-core, but when I first listened to the CD I heard not what I expected. A good bunch of the songs sound pretty cheerfull speaking melody wise ('Bend your arms to look like wings', 'Storytelling', 'Moments forever faded'), and get their typical emo-whining twist only through the lyrics. Positive suprise, I might add.

The stuff presented is not very new, or brand spanking new. The recipie is the same as with many other emo-bands. The lyrics are about how relationships fail, friends are lost, girlfriends decieve and stuff like that. Nothing special there. But the vocals are nice, very melodic. And almost every band member is up for backing vocals, which sounds very nice. The shouting is mostly as background, and only present in front in a few songs ('Bullet Theory' for example).

Regarding instruments, the guitar work is very pleasing to me. There are two guitarists at work, and I can hear why there are two. With some other bands, I se there are two guitarists, but it sounds as if they play exactly the same stuff. Here I can tell there are almost always two seperated guitar lines. The bass does some normal rythm and backing work, but now and then there are some nice variations. Drums fit in good. The main focus is placed on melodic work, which does a good job for the record. On some songs there is also worked with some piano elements ('Novella' and 'Moments forever faded' for example), which underline the mood pretty good.

A bit strange is the song 'Your revelution is a joke'. Played only on accoustic guitar, the vocals are accompanied by some string arrangements. The song is done good, but sometimes it just feels a bit out of place compared to the rest of the record. But that's maybe just me... :)

What I really like about the album:
The melody work is pretty good IMO, there are some interesting turns in the song structure ('Rookie for a year', starts pretty straight forward, then blends over into a pretty different verse riff. Not bad). It's not completely typical emo, many of the songs do not sound that "Oh my god, g/f left me, must kill myself", although the lyrics are mostly pretty clichee(sp").

What was not so good:
This regards not to the record and music itself, but what's done really bad is the booklet on some pages. You can not read the lyrics, as the font color is partially black on a dark background or white on a very bright background. Even a hobby printer knows how to do that better... :angry: Regarding the music: I guess you have to like emo, or you gonna throw this record out the window. Musically the stuff is great, but sometimes the lyrics have a too depressive touch and might just drag you down. But for times I'm troubled and have an emo-day, this is surely among "the perfect soundtracks for emo-days" :)

This record has some things I really like: Melodic singing, nice backing vocals, good guitar work, ok basslines and so on. It's a great record to me. But you got to have a good wire to the lyrics, as they are basically around the same topic all the time: Relationship problems, girl troubles and so on. But if you can relat yourself to the lyrics, and/or do not get nerved by them, this is a great and enjoyable record. Thumbs up! :thumb:

My song suggestions:
"Juneau" - nice riffs, nice interlude part. One of my favorites
"Red is the new black" - Emo at it's best. Combination of shouted and melodic vocals. Probably a typical Emo-track I guess
"Bend your arms to look like wings" - gives a good impression of the melodic work
"Your revolution is a joke" - Accoustic song, really worth a listen

Rating: a rock solid 4/5 :)

Note: I reformulated my summary, as it sounded a bit strange to me after reading it today. ;)

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February 13th 2004


Personally I really liked this album, i bought it because i had heard and liked one track, Juneau, and after listening to it completely through i practically loved every single song on the album, bar one track (Storytelling) which has now grown on me. I got this cd on new years eve, and im still listening to it and loving it, and the double guitar work is excellent. Although sometimes the drummers screaming can get a bit ropey i still think this is one of the best albums i have heard so far for a long time, and highlights include Escape artists never die, Bend your rms to look like wings, SDM2D T.V and juneau, and personally Your revolution is a joke is one of the ebst acoustic tracks i have heard in a long time. 4.5 - 5

February 13th 2004


Decent band, I really like "Juneau". I wouldn't call them emo though, more like pop-punk with touches of hardcore and "emo" lyrics

February 13th 2004


heard a few songs from this album, and i liked them. :thumb:

i might buy it.

February 13th 2004


I like the Four Ways To Scream Your Name EP better, but it's a solid album.

February 16th 2004


Great album! I've had it since like October. I have to disagree about the lyric critism, though. They're not cliche, they're quite good really. I agree that they're not all emo. Only 1/4 of the album is emo (Rookie of the year, Juneau and red is the new black).
I love FFAF though.
Album rating: 5/5.

February 18th 2004


hey where can you download 'you want romance'?? ive searched a bit n i cant seem to find it anywhere

February 24th 2004


Buy it!

Anyway, good review, great album

It's really pleasing to hear a band that are that melodic, good at their instruments and can produce different types of songs.

I'd give it a 4/5, maybe even 5/5. One of my favourite albums from one of my favourite bands.


May 10th 2004


Love this album, love this band, theyre great, saw them last week actually and ****, blew me away, i saw them few months ago but this time, it was the best ive ever seen them, played the whole album all the way through with a few Ep tracks
If you like this album you have to hear their older stuff, Art Of American Football and This Years Most Open Heartbreak definetly

July 23rd 2004


**** when did this come out? i only have "seven ways to scream your name" or somthin like that, and yes, art of american football and this years most open heartbreak kick ***! live was nuts, the screaming was intense, hairs rose on bak of neck, **** good opening band for coheed, i need 2 pick this up

July 23rd 2004


Yeah, I've heard a lot about faff, and I really want to pick this up. I'd still say emocore/emo as the genre. A lot of people throw them in with the harcore/metalcore genre, but I wouldn't go that far. Great Review :thumb:.

July 23rd 2004


/me is wearing my FFAF shirt right now. i love this album

The JoZ
August 12th 2004


Is this their newest album? Or do they have newer?

I heard them as part of Projekt Revolution, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised...I don't remember any of the track names, but the songs were hard-hitting and full of energy/emotion...good stuff

August 12th 2004


This is their latest.

August 12th 2004


They were one of the opening acts when I saw Coheed. Definitely not my thing, though the drummer's scream was alright. The lyrics and instrumentation were nothing out of the ordinary.

August 13th 2004


Synyster Gates > Derek Miller/Ryan Primack > Kris

August 13th 2004


[QUOTE=Iai]....weren't you listening properly? Kris is one of the best guitarists, easily, to appear so far this decade. (2001-onwards) And the lyrics, while sometimes lapsing, are ofetn amazing. Proof = Escape Artists Never Die.

I'd give this album a strong 4/5. They're the only band with an emo sound that I can listen to for more than one song. (Coheed aside, if you count them as emo, which I don't.)[/QUOTE]

My ears are just fine, buddy.

August 13th 2004


am i the only one that found this CD a little boring?

i got it at christmas, and only listen to a few tracks from it.

the EP was much better IMHO.

anyways, nice review.

August 14th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

[QUOTE=tsl_ste]am i the only one that found this CD a little boring?

i got it at christmas, and only listen to a few tracks from it.

the EP was much better IMHO.

anyways, nice review.[/QUOTE]

The EPs are great, except one track, I like the style of the EPs better than the one on the album. Nevertheless, still like it.

August 14th 2004


First song i heard by FFAF was This years most open heartbreak and ever since i'm hooked. The musicians are amazing and the vocals are melodic. I agree with what you said about being able to hear two different guitar lines in there music and thats one of the things i enjoy about their music. This album is in constant play on my stereo It's one of those albums that i could listen to in whole and not skip a song. I give this album 5/5.

August 16th 2004


these guys are my favorite band right now and probably will be for a long time. it's a great album. o, and somebody tell me if the seven ways to scream your name ep is good, i might go out and buy it

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