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Milk and Honey



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August 15th, 2005 | 3 replies

Release Date: 1984 | Tracklist

Im Stepping Out - 5/5

Best song on this album! It has a great/catchy melody threw the whole song. The chorus has got a nice bluesy guitar behind which adds to the catchyness. "I'm stepping out." "After all is said and done you cant go pleasin everyone so screewww it" This definetley stands up there with the best of Lennon's solo work.

Sleepless Night - 3/5

A yoko ono song...the music is pretty good. The words are mostly spoken word, but considering I can make it threw the whole thing and it's Yoko Ono. It get's a three! (I like Yoko...but Im not a huge fan of her music).

I don't wanna face it - 4.5/5

Starts out with John fooling around going one two...eintstein hickle fickle. It reminds me of Im Stepping Out, it's got a pretty good melody for the verse. But the chorus is so catchy you can't help but love the song. It's a pretty hard rocking tune, with some definite pop music mixed in to. Also one of John's best solo songs.

Don't Be Scared - 3.5/5

This is an improvment from the last Yoko Song. It's actually decently catchy. The music is a little crazy this time around though.

Nobody Told Me - 5/5

A song John was writing for one of Ringo's solo albums. But before he could record it with Ringo. He was assinated, so Yoko put this on here using one of the demo recordings John had made. This is no doubt one of the top John songs...it's even on the very best of John Lennon. You will be singing this one for a while!

O' Sanity - 3.5/5

A very short...mostly spoken word song by Yoko...it's decently catchy..

Borrowed Time - 5/5

Another great catchy Lennon song. This song is very pop orientated. And has a strong melody throughout...the strongest being in the chorus. "Living on borrowed time"

Your Hands - 3.9/5

Another yoko song...this one has better music than the last ones. And it would be a decent melody if her accent wasn't so strong.

(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess - 4/5

This sounds more like the yoko songs than the John songs. But it is written and sung by John. And because John's voice is much better the song is much better although the background music sounds like some of the previous Ono songs.

Let Me Count The Ways - 4/5

A yoko song! Yes I gave it 4/5! It's actually good...it's piano driven, and her singing and the melody is actually pretty good. She has a very sort of theatrical voice in it. But the melody is strong, and the singing is good. Caught me by suprise.

Grow Old With Me - 5/5

This song is meant to be happy, but when you realize the irony in this being released after he was dead. It is one of the saddest songs ever written. It's got a beautiful melody and great music. John said he wanted it to be a classic wedding song. It's very sweet, but I can't help but feel sad listening to his voice so full of love singing about the future and how "the best is yet to be" ...almost brings me to tears listening to it. :(

You're The One 3.5/5

This Yoko tune has got some funky bass, and a decently strong melody...not much else to say.

Everyman Has A Woman Who Loves Him - 4/5

This song was written by Yoko...but John sings it. And im sure he was the one who came up with the great melody. The lyrics are actually pretty good. "Why do I roam when I know you're the one, why do I laugh when I feel like crying"

Stepping Out (Home Version) - 5/5

This is an acoustic version of Stepping Out. It's really beautiful cause it's raw and emotional. It's just as good if not better than the electric version.

Moving On - 4/5

This song is like let me count the ways. When it is piano driven, and has a suprisinly good melody and singing from Yoko...it's not necesarily the best closing song..but it's a good Yoko song.

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August 15th 2005


It would be nice if you put in some details of the tracks. What you have is good but some more detail would be slendid.

May 25th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

Correction for i dont want to face it: he's not saying einstien, he's saying eins zwei. Which is german for one two. So he's saying 1, 2...1, 2 hicklle pickle.

small thing though, other than that nice review

September 24th 2017


not my proudest fap

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