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Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

Overhyping stuff is a recipe for disaster. It’ll never work out no matter how good the finished product is. In this case its oasis that were overhyped and after two blockbuster albums it’s obvious why. Songs like wonderwall and live forever remain national anthems that every drunken builder can sing along too. However the next oasis album named “Be here now” ruined their hot streak in the 90’s and kept them from obtaining even more success.

One thing that really annoys me about the criticism of this album is when people say “it’s too long” or “it’s over bloated”. So what! The songs them self are very good and even though sometimes the tracks do drag on (such as magic pie), that doesn’t justify the harsh words this record received. All areas are covered such as pop (magic pie, be here now), rock (dya know what I mean, my big mouth), ballads (girl in the dirty shirt, stand by me) and epics (all around the world). The album is very strong and deserves to be viewed on its own merits rather than just comparing to the last two albums, besides the album was always going to be disappointing in that kinda hype.

Noel Gallagher has obviously worked hard on trying to change the formula, every song is more epic and fleshed out to show its full potential. The songs fit together well but with all songs written by one man, that’s not hard to accomplish. Now there are obviously crowd pleasers like “stand by me” to keep the sales growing but the album never sinks into the realm of cheap pop or sappiness and this keeps your belief in oasis alive.

Noel Gallagher’s lyrics are the typical tough guy arrogant lyrics “I met my maker I made him cry” but that doesn’t mean their bad, plus he manages to summon up more human lyrics in songs like “magic pie” and “girl in the dirty shirt”. “My heart will never be your home” displays the sentiment noel is willing to inject.

Liam is back better than ever. On the harder/faster songs he bites at the words and fills every word with anger while on the softer songs he shows emotion that you wouldn’t expect from such a tough guy, a good example is “don’t go away” where Liam tears his heart out. Noel also adds vocals on magic pie and he sounds great but in my opinion he’s singing a bit too high for his own voice.

Instrumentation is pretty good throughout but it never really leaves the basics sadly and sometimes the drums and bass could have used some juicing up. Noel’s guitars guitar skill is shown in songs like “i hope i think i know” and “dya know what i mean” but he sometimes reserves himself too much to just plain chords.

There are elements of experimentation spread throughout “Be here now” such as the abstract noises in “dya know what I mean” or the ending to “magic pie”. It was a good idea of Noels to change things around a bit but a lot of oasis’s fans will not be able to appreciate these subtle touches

I’ve pretty much praised this album so far so I’ll dig into some of the negatives. The loose production in the first two albums gave them an English charm but due to epic sound in “be here now” this charm is taken away and replaced by American muscle, I know this album wasn’t made in America but that’s just what I think. Also there are some mediocre/fair songs in this album such as “its getting better man” that maybe wouldn’t have made the cut in the previous albums. Unlike many people I like the “all around the world (reprise)” but why does it go after “its getting better man” rather than “all around the world”

This album is often unfairly judged but if you actually take time to listen to the album and its songs then you’ll realise that, even if the record is more challenging than its predecessors, it’s still an exhilarating listen and definitely worth picking up.

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August 6th 2009


Funny you should release a review for this album today. I just learned Johnny Depp played on this album like 6 hours before I read this haha. Good review, not a big fan of Oasis, but you're review sounded persuasive.

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