James Gang
Rides Again



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January 14th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1970 | Tracklist

James Gang

Guitar - Joe Walsh
Bass - Dale Peters
Drums - Jim Fox

I am writing this review for the reason that most people either don't know who James Gang is, or they have heard about them, but they haven't heard them.
James Gang was started in Clevland, Ohio during the late 60's by drummer Jim Fox. Jim wanted to start a band that was very similair to The Who, because he was very fond of them, and the playing of Keith Moon. So Fox decided did start a band. He got fellow guitarist Joe Walsh, that would later gain great fame with The Eagles. He also got a friend of his, who was already in a band to fill in untill he found a perminent bassist. Well, Jim finally found Dale Peters, and asked him tp join, and Dale excepted.
So they realesed their first album, entitled "The Yer album", but they didn't get that great of success from it. Then they went into the studio to make "Rides Again", and they came out successful.

1. Funk #49: This opening track is probably the most heard, and the greatest James Gang song. It has some extremely catchy opening guitar playing, and great vocals. The backing vocals also fit in this song well. Jim Fox's playing is definatley under-rated, which you can see in this song. It is very interesting how the bass playing flows with the drumming and the vocals. It is a great song. 5/5

2. Asshton Park: This is a very short, yet great instrumental. I love how all the instruments in this song match and flow with each other. The guitar playing is very appealing, especially the effects used. This song partly shows how Joe Walsh is a very under-rated guitar player. 4/5

3.Woman: Another James Gang classic. It starts with some great bass playing, and some great dumming to match it. I think that the vocals in this song really show talent in this band. This song is a bit heavy compared to most James Gang songs. It is also very catchy, and it gets stuck in my head often. I love the guitar solo in this song. Apparentley, they have got someone to play rythm guitar in this song. I love this song :cool: 4/5

4. The Bomber, Closet Queen, Bolero, Cast your Fate to the Wind: This song opens with a great opening guitar riff. The bass and drums are perfect throughout the song. I find the lyrics to be okay, but not their best. There is a pretty good guitar solo. Good song, but not their best. 4/5

5. Tend my Garden: This song opens with some odd effects and a ringing sound. I really like the vocals and the lyrics in this song. The bass flows very well in this song. This song does have some good piano playing, which adds to the song a lot. 3/5

6. Garden Gate: This song starts before "Tend my Garden" even ends. The opening for it has some great acoustic guitar playing. It really shows how great of a vocalist Joe Walsh is. The lyrics are very interesting in this song, even if you don't understand what they're about. 3/5

7. There I go Again: This would probably my second favorite James Gang song. It's a slower song, and the chorus is very catchy, and I like the acoustic guitar playing. The verses are very interesting how they ryme, and how they are setup, their also very catchy. The bas playing is ok in this song, but it does flow with the drums and guitar great. There is also some back up electric guitar playing that give the song a little extra something. 5/5

8. Thanks: I don't really like this song, but it is still nicely put together and played great. All the instruments play great, but I just don't like the lyrics. 2/5

9. Ashes, the Rain and I: The opening lead and rythm guitar playing on this song is probabaly the best and catchyest on this album. The lyrics seem very deep and meaningful. There are some stringed instruments other than the bass and guitar in the back round. This song sounds like it has some Indian influence in it. Definatley a great song to finish the album with. 5/5

I highly recomend this album. 5/5

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Funk #49

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February 11th 2004


Any Comments?

September 2nd 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

I bought this recordat an antique store.

And it was great. Joe was a very under rated guitar player, that is, before the Eagles.

His solo work is pretty good too.

September 7th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Hey guys, this is pretty awesome. It grooves like a motherfucker.

This is like the album you film a Miracle Whip commercial to.

oh shit it's sputnik though so nobody else will bump this... : (

June 26th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0


October 17th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

fuckin' riffs

November 20th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

gonna keep bumping

November 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

sweet band riffs riffs

November 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

jams tunes vibes avery avery avery avery

November 23rd 2013


fuckin rocks

Digging: This needs a feature, fuck me; this is revolutionary! - This needs a feature, fuck me; this is revolutiona

June 11th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

Asshton Park: This is a very short, yet great instrumental.[2]

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