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August 9th, 2005 | 42 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

"The human spirit is indestructible. Music has been our savior since day one. If shaken or rattled, the only solution is the musicians and the grooves on the record that provide the message. Because through music, you can live forever." - Tim Armstrong

Tim speaks the truth. Although some people speculated that this statement meant the retirement of Rancid, the band explained that what the album speaks for is music and how the souls of great musicans will always lie in the heart of their work. Indestructible tells many stories of experiences, characters the band has met on the road, and some brutally honest opinions and feelings. But possibly the greatest thing about the record is that it brings Rancid back in touch with their roots. The heavy, fast-paced material that brought thousands of fans flocking to the band's stage in the first place . Call it a longer version of Lets Go and a slightly lighter version of 2000 put together. When released in 2003, MTV flocked the scene and for a few grueling weeks, all you could see when you flipped to the channel was the "Fall Back Down" video. Most people are aware of Rancid's fear and negativity to the 'mainstream' convertion. And they somehow nailed making an outstanding record and ovoiding their worst enemies at the same time...

Rancid- Indestructible

Tim Armstrong- Guitar, Vocals
Lars Frederiksen- Guitar, Vocals
Matt Freeman- Bass, Vocals
Brett Reed- Drums

This review will include the album getting divided into three portions. The beginning, middle and end of the record (theoretical order). Since there are 19 tracks, this format will suit an easier view for the reviewer and hopefully, the rest of the Sputnik users.

Portion 1
The album (and first portion) starts off with all of the albums singles in a row. While the title track, Indestructible is the shortest song on the album, it makes earlier fans immeadetly go, "Wow, this is the Rancid I truly fell in love with." Lyrics are pretty interesting if you can manage to listen in. And the sudden explosion grabs your attention right away. "Fall Back Down" happen to be the three words that usually come out of a person's mouth when they see the name Rancid places. This mainstream "gem" caught Rancid in a very awkward position when the album released. But the song is packed with great guitar work. Three solos and one great bridge make Fall Back Down worthwhile until you get to sick of it. Im sad to say that Red Hot Moon happens to be the only ska track on the album. And the song got them so far that Conan O' Brien himself called em up to play the song on the show. The song tells about a girl Tim met that was unuzsually smart , but never fit in anywhere. Featuring Rob Aston from Transplants, the song suddenly turns into a sublime kind of song. From ska, to one of the heaviest songs on the album, it takes you straight to David Courtney, a fast-paced stroy about an english cop that has one mean-ass reputatiuon and you DO NOT want to *** with. Highlight is the bridge. I wont give it away, but it makes the song worth listening to. Start Now's got Tim singing on a high understandable level for his vocals. The songs is about working *** out and moving on with your losses. The chorus may get repetetive after a while, but the song stands solid for some time. Out Of Control later became the albums anthem, and includes Lars yelling about the world's corporations.The intro consists of an infectious bass line that im sure everyone loves. Rancid does an outstanding job with vocals, and the chorus will never get tiresome. Out of Control makes the best ending to any portion on the album.

Portion 1 score- 4.5/5

Portion 2
This is sadly the weakest portion of the album, but contains some great tracks. Django starts it off with a western-like riff that clicks perfectly and Tim starts ranting and leads the song into it's choruses. This is one of the best off the album. And then, with possibly the biggest change of pace on the album, Arrested In Shanghai starts off with a very unique intro and then into the song. This slower song is the slowest on the album and every time I hear the melody, I remember Life Wont Wait's Hoover Street right away. It holds this portion back a little, but it grows on you in big amounts. Another character takes center-stage as Travis Bickle starts off. Not as heavy as David Courtney but not as light as Red Hot Moon, this song stands as another one of the records best.It's bridge is at the top of my list. Great Listen. Memhpis was written on the road when Rancid was on tour. highlight here is Bretts beat, because its different to anything else hes ever played before. Tim's vocals get a little annoying in the verses, but the chorus makes up for it big-time. Spirit of 87's chorus gets painfully annoying once you hear the track a few times through, youll think its one of the best at first glance, but I cant help but skip it every time now. Ghost Band delivers everything at least I'd want from the album. The greatest thing about the song is the pre-chorus when the whole band (even Brett), joins in and yells until the chorus explodes right into your ears. Its a perfect example of Indestructible's brilliance. The portion leaves us with a very-sensitive song about Tim's ex-girlfriend. Tropical London's highlight is the vocals, because people bitch about how you cant understand Tim's vocals at all. Well, take a second look. The song is the weakest ending to a portion on the album, but only to introduce us to the best of the best.

Portion 2 score- 3/5

Portion 3
It comes down to the last (and the very best) portion on the album. Kicks off with a great, short rocker that gets your head bobbing every time. Roadblock's verses suck up your attention with quick rolls on the snare, and Tim sounding like hes spazzing out. Gets the portion ready for excellence. A lot of other people might have heard of Born Frustrated, another radio-friendly track that turned some heads. The chorus is infectious, and youll want to listen to it plenty more times after the first. Follows with Back Up Against The Wall, my personal favorite track on the album. Many people love this song because they can relate. Lyrics tell about being completely broke, and Brett's intro to the song and his fill-work make me very very pleased. Just brilliant. Ivory Coast has to be one of the most pointless songs on the record,judging by how the lyrics and lines are built. Worth a few listens, but then you can start calling the skip button back to the party. Stand Your Ground is another of the best on the album. Props once again go to brett for the intro beat on the toms. Lyrics tell about the homeless and features Rob Aston again with a short rap near the end of the bridge. The album leaves off with the song with the most heart. Otherside is dedicated to Lar's big brother, Robert shortly after his death.. When it grows on you and if it DOES grow on you, youll want to hear it again and again, Lars and Tim trade shifts with vocals and make the song highly reccomended.

Portion 3 score- 5/5


The subtlety of a frail organ, or a ska-influenced groove tells a story. It gives you a picture; and while in this case, it's not particularly worth a thousand bucks, it makes it through the music and ends up affecting something so much larger. Indestructible includes some of the band's more straightforward lyrics, while still shooting out some brave metaphors. By now, you can see and hear the craft that Rancid has worked on for so long. You can see the mischevious David Courtney, London's ripper of the law, you can hear the cries of K.C, the little girl that gave it all to make her life worthwhile, and inspire Red Hot Moon. You can reflect on so much that the band talks about here, and it always comes back to you later, in the form of a lyric, an emotion-ridden lick, or the idea that Indestrcutible is the band's heartiest album, and sums up some of the member's past experiences.

Out Of Control is a return to the mecca Matt Freeman most likely rooted out of. We call that [l]Let's Go[/i], but no matter. This album's musicianship is a big set of ups and downs for the band. Matt throws out the Out Of Control bassline; something very treasured on the album, but as the album picks up traces of poppier outlets, the lines turn into less complex techniques, and sometimes nothing special at all. Brett Reed comes firing on all cylinders with variations never seen before. Memphis tells the story of life on the road, and Brett hands one over for a beat that keeps the ryhthm a lot more entertaining than times before. Lars and Tim's riffs hook in as always, and crack out solos on the more agressive pieces. The piecing of the musicians on this is very nice, and has nothing that can hold the album back by a big extent, but it's been a lot more, progressing at a pace that has no flaw.

Rancid did not fail to impress this time around. The songs are as great and as addictive as ever, and barely lack material. This album is trongly reccomended if you are a hands-to-the-table hardcore fan of Rancid, or if their 93' album caught your eye. Rumors have been flying about the new Rancid record sarting to be put together. If either its true or not, by now, Rancid has proved many people who stood in their way wrong, have overcame the tallest of obstacles, and have come out alive and well to tell their story.

Through music, you can last forever.

Stand Out Tracks:
Red Hot Moon
David Courtney
Out Of Control
Back Up Against The Wall


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August 9th 2005


Great review, I still prefer Let's Go, And Out Come The Wolves and 1993. But it is fat better than 2000 and Life Won't Wait. This album is really good in my opinion, and also I think it is underated, I don't see how this album is as bad as majority of people say. Anyway, a couplle of great songs like Indestructible, Start Now, Back Up Against The Wall, Fall Back Down, etc...

August 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

You love to show off your HTML skills, dont ya? Nice review. Too bad the format is mine!!!!!! :thumb:

(Note the sarcasm.)

Great review, but like vague said, the bold is a little disorienting. Seems my Hendrix review sparked a new format for all you young padawans.

This Message Edited On 08.09.05

August 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Great album. I agree, "Back Up Against The Wall" is the best song on the album.

This one along with 'Wolves' and 'Life Won't Wait' are my favorite Rancid albums.

August 11th 2005


A great album one of Rancid's best but it just couldn't knock Wolves off the top, for me at least.

I love your review but I really can't stand the portion format. I guess it does make it a little easier on the eyes without going the lame route of a track-by-track (which I will continue to use since I'm not a good writer) but it just seems so random to me that it gets on my nerves.

September 13th 2005


I totally agree with Fabz with everything he said, my EXACT THOUGHTS!

Atticus 69320
October 4th 2005


What the heck? This is an incredible review. Great use of bold, color, etc.

October 4th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review for an average album. This is my least favorite Rancid album.

October 4th 2005


I don't care much for Rancid, but your review was very persuasive. I liked how you added the quote and your introduction is good, too.

November 13th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

2 years on from when i got it, david courtney is the only song on here i can stand to listen to. the album is poooop

November 13th 2005


I seemed to have missed this review. It's quite good. The review, not the album.

December 1st 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

one of the only Rancid albums where almsot every song you can listen to and like

December 24th 2005


u were spot on about fall back down!

this albums not as good as ..and out come the wolves but still rancid rock m/

January 21st 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Great album, not the best by rancid though. THey did better on life wont wait warsaw kicks along with bloodclot. Nice review...

March 16th 2006


Very dissapointed in this album deffenitly not rancid at there best much more emo I recommend life wont wait of and out come the wolves
But overall an alright album wouldent go out of my war to buy

Pint of stella
March 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I don't know why people give it so much crap? I thought it was a great album. (Not brilliant). It still has some of their best songs on it.

E.g. Red Hot Moon

Start now,

Out of control

Back up against the wall

Travis bickle

April 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Brilliant album in my opinion, one of their best.

June 2nd 2006


this is a fuckin joke...this album is one the best albums ever and its ranked 59 with my chemical romance above them...rancid...amazing band

June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

A solid album, and often under rated. Nice review man.

Digging: PUP - Morbid Stuff

June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I still prefer AOCTW to this and Lets Go but it has its pluses

June 19th 2006


Spirit of '87 rocks.

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