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July 16th, 2009 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Det Finns Bara Krig is a very catchy, pounding and loud metal album with harmless lyrics that most people will find easy to enjoy.

When people discuss or read about industrial metal, they usually think of bands like Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails or Pain. Industrial metal is probably one of the most overlooked metal genres. Rammstein entered the scene with their heavy, techno-beats and controversial music during the 90's that very few bands dared to follow…..until now and in Sweden!" This is true; the Germans are now accompanied by a Swedish Industrial metal band called Raubtier (and funny enough, the German word for ''Predator''). Raubtier carries strong influences from the German veterans and still have a unique sound that is based on the standard foundations of industrial metal. Their music is very heavy and down-tuned with programmed electronics and melodies that create a great background soundscape while the vocals are quite angry also kind of masculine. Another thing that makes Raubtier so unique is that they sing in Swedish with a particular accent that is used by people who live in the northern parts of Sweden. While not as controversial as Rammstein, Raubtier might be a possible successor in the industrial metal scene.

Det Finns Bara Krig (There is Only War) is their debut album and is surprisingly good. There is lots of good stuff here and most of the flaws are hardly noticeable. What people should be aware of is that the entire album is sung in Swedish. Det Finns Bara Krig is straight-up industrial metal with little to no influences from any outside genres. The music is very straightforward, heavy and simplistic with little surprise that should charm most fans of this particular genre. The title track, Legoknekt and Terror are prime examples of how to do really good industrial metal. Crushing heaviness, powerful vocals and tinkering electronics make these songs very enjoyable and easy to digest. Even the variety of tracks is impressive while one would almost expect some really repetitive music given the sub-genre (like Pain), but this album is packed with a great variation in tunes. A few examples of this variation in songs include melodic and mid-tempo numbers such as Hjärteblod and Inget Hopp, crushingly heavy like Det Finns Bara Krig and Legoknekt, and more up-beat tracks such as Terror and Kamphund. Since the tracks are barely 4 minutes long, this also adds to the albums enjoyment pleasure, never over doing a single thing.

Raubtier is a band on the rise and if they continue in their current direction, they will hopefully strike it big. People nowadays are more interested in extreme music like death and black metal. Hopefully with time, people will start to divert their attention towards other types of metal that completely fall off the radar despite their quality in output. Det Finns Bara Krig is an album of catchy heaviness and anger. There is a good sense of energy throughout the album with a few tracks that feel uninspired. People who are interested in aggressive metal should give this album a shot. Det Finns Bara Krig is a very catchy, pounding and loud metal album with harmless lyrics that most people will find easy to enjoy.

+ Very good production
+ The vocals deliver lots of aggressive energy to the heavy music
+ Superb track variety
+ The use of melodies and electronic elements makes the music very catchy

- The vocals can sound a bit flawed at times

Track Translation (Swedish - English)
Det Finns Bara Krig - There is Only War
Kamphund - Fightdog
Achtung Panzer - German for ``Warning Panzer´´
Dieseldöden - Dieseldeath
Dobermann - Dobermann
Änglar - Angels
Legoknekt - Mercenary
En Starkare Art - A Stronger Race
Hjärteblod - Heartblood
Terror - Terror
Inget Hopp - No Hope
Götterdämmerung - (have no idea what this means)

Recommended Tracks
-- Legoknekt
-- Det Finns Bara Krig
-- Kamphund
-- Hjärteblod

Final rating will be a: 4/5

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July 16th 2009


How are the lyrics harmless?

July 16th 2009


Cover's pretty cool

July 16th 2009


Cover is awesome. Good review Dolph Lundgren of sputnik.

July 17th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

Fuck, I forgot to remove the harmless lyrics.

February 7th 2010


Urm... having done work as a translator, I would translate "En starkare art" with "A stronger species" rather than "race".

Also "Götterdämmerung" is the title of the last of the four operas i Wagners "Der Ring des Nibelungen" cycle. It is translated into English as "Twilight of the Gods" and is a German translation of "Ragnarök", the ancient nordic idea of the end of the world.

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