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June 21st, 2009 | 263 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Yes, there's still breakdowns.

Suicide Silence, a relatively underground band that essentially "broke out" after their major debut, The Cleansing. Almost over night this band became very popular (within the genre, that is). Ultimately becoming the "new" Job For a Cowboy. Soon every Hot Topic loving teenager was sporting some form of Suicide Silence apparel. Be it t-shirts, wrist bands, belt buckles, you name it. However, the actual album, really wasn't that good, and not deserving of the mass amount of attention it received. So what if anything has changed?

The first major difference you will notice right off the bat, is the clean production. For No Time to Bleed Suicide Silence has thrown out the live quality that was The Cleansing. Instead, the album is now tracked. Overall, I think this worked out for the best, and I personally prefer a clean production versus a raw sounding album (though granted, The Cleansing wasn't even that "raw").

What's also very noticeable early on, is the bands seemingly unwillingness to change anything. It's very clear they want to sound like The Cleansing, while still one upping it.

"Wake Up"
The album starts off with Wake Up. One of the tracks that had been played already during their live shows, and had been circulating. This song can easily be summed up as "Breakdowns, and lots of them". This entire song consists of (you guess it) breakdowns, decent drumming, and "Wake up" being yelled several (and I do mean "several") times. Essentially every time the chorus comes up (Which is "Wake up!, Wake up!"), there's a breakdown. The guitar work is as mediocre as ever, though listenable. The solo at the end, does at the very least sound nifty, but far from mind blowing.
Overall 2.5/5 - One of the reasons this album is rated low.

Yet another song that had been previously circulating prior to the album being released. This song unlike Wake Up had been released on the bands Myspace, or in another words the "finished" product, rather than some person recording one of their live shows. This is the first song where the new clean production really becomes noticeable. As well as having a clean production, there's random bits of ambient effects. At the very beginning of the song, and several occurrences where the guitars have a "distorted" feel to them. This song really grew on me. At first, I had the same feeling towards it, as I did with Wake Up. A very generic, and mediocre sounding song. However, after repeated listens, a lot more becomes apparent. This song reminds me a lot of No Pity For a Coward (off of The Cleansing). The riffs are somewhat unique (unique to deathcore, that is), and the solo at the end is much in the same vein as that of the one from No Pity For a Coward. Overall this is one of those songs where you will naturally want to bang your head to. As usual the drumming, and vocals remain the stand outs. Though Mitch sounds almost exactly the same as he does in every other song, he at least showcases his ranges, and various screams/growls, etc.
Overall 3.5/5 - "3.5" may feel a little high at first, but as I said, it grew on me.

Smoke picks up where Lifted left off, in the sense that the various ambient effects become noticeable. At the beginning there's a very annoying screeching (like a high pitch train) after every rift. Smoke is a good example of Suicide Silence following the tried and true recipe for deathcore. You have your abundance of non technical breakdowns, and excessive one liners (for this song, it's "Burn it down!"). Aside from this song sounding like everything else, there are a few seconds here and there of actually decent guitar work. If you can pick up on it (it's very subtle, and scattered throughout the song), you will be somewhat surprised.
Overall 2.5/5 - Generic and mediocre. Not much to say other than those two words.

"Something Invisible"
This is hands down the best track on this album. At it's core it's like any other deathcore song. However, everything is done right. The entire song just sounds very heavy, and the guitar work is superb (compared to the other songs). There's hints of melodeath in some of rifts. The chugging sounds almost machine like in a way (think Pestilence's Resurrection Macabre). It may not appeal to some, but I enjoyed it. There's still breakdowns (surprise surprise), but they are placed a lot better in this song. They don't have that "hit a brick wall" feeling.
Overall 4/5 - One of the few songs I wouldn't be ashamed by if someone walked in on me listening to it.

"No Time to Bleed"
Before I listened to this song, I had high hopes. I assumed Suicide Silence chose this song as the album title for a good reason. Sadly, this is yet another example of "generic", and "mediocre" (I apologize if I'm over using those words). If anything this is below average, it's such a disappointment after listening to Something Invisible, I found myself skipping this song all together. Though it does have a comedic flare going for it, Mitch screams "Ello, Ello" at the beginning, and sounds like a British nanny.
Overall 2/5 - Easily one of the worst on this album.

Suicide Silence followed the forumla for this song, and at the very least did it right. Though they didn't make any attempt to astray from it. There isn't a lot to talk about this song, virtually nothing is a standout. It's merely everything you've already heard before done right.
Overall 3/5 - Generic, but a tad above mediocre.

"...and Then She Bled"
Suicides Silence first instrumental track. I seriously hope they never do it again. This piece of trash is disgustingly bad. It's laughable bad, but not the good kind (where you can, you know, actually laugh at it). It's one of those songs where you just stop, and cover your face with your palm. It's a huge attempt at trying to be scary, yet fails so hard. The entire song is played over what appears to be a 911 recording of someone claiming her family is dead. Or something to that extent, it's somewhat distorted, and played under the instruments, so you can't always make out what the person is saying. And what about the instrumentals you ask? Utter trash, usually the drumming is half way decent (the guitars are really hit or miss throughout the whole album, so when you hear a "miss", it's not that shocking), but it's not even listenable here.
Overall 1/5 - Avoid this at all costs.

This song, similar Something Invisible has random melodeath influence in the various rifts. Though in this song, they're more hidden, and overall just not many of them. There's a short rift near the end of the song, which is actually half way decent. Though I haven't touched much on this, I would like to now. I feel this album is over edited. Having clean production is one thing, but the ambient effects are overkill for the most part, and Wasted is a perfect example. Near the middle of the song, there's a factory like sound (at least that's what I think of when I hear it). There's no point to it, and upon listening I'm sure you will agree. It sounds very misplaced.
Overall 3/5 - Despite the oddly placed ambient effect it's still a decent song. Yet again, it's still generic, but not entirely mediocre.

"Your Creations"
This is one of (the few) stand out songs in this album. Though not mind blowing, it escapes the "generic" tag, because they actually did something other than following the same 3-step formula. (1. Breakdowns 2. One line chanting 3. Solo at the end). The guitars have an almost doom metal feel to them, laced with groove. Also, believe it or not, there's actually a small bass solo.
Overall 3.5/5 - This is a good example of Suicide Silence showcasing that they're not necessarily a one trick pony. While not being extremely amazing.

This another song that has a No Pity For a Coward feel to it. Especially the solo near the end, which is decent. Though I hate to repeat myself so much, this is another prime example of both Suicide Silence being both generic and mediocre (maybe you're starting to get a feel for the album now).
Overall 2.5/5 - I'm not going to type those two words again, I'm not doing it.

The final song on the album. I'm happy to say, the album leaves on a good note. One of the stand out tracks, this song is overall slower paced (it kind of has that sluggish, but in a good way feel to it). The song slows down (almost to a stop) periodically, and has a somewhat high pitch (high pitch for death metal) rift, while the drums tap away (yes, tap) on the ol' cymbals. After the song picks back up, the slow chugging onslaught begins. Surprisingly enough, it's actually good. Like Something Invisible the guitars have a mechanical feel to them. The chugging usually ends in a high whale. The last minute of the song it starts to change. For roughly 15 seconds the song feels more traditional death metal than anything, and fades into that "sluggish" feel again, while the guitars take on the "groove" aspect, similar to Your Creations. The last 30 seconds is merely the song coming to a slow end.
Overall 3.5/5 - Good song, and a great way to end an album.

Suicide Silence is notorious for having a very good live show. It's often the case where a fan absolutely hates their albums, but loves to hear those songs live. It's not surprising Suicide Silence took the route that they did. Their entire point of this album was to add more songs to their live show. It explains the excessive breakdowns, and chanting. However it's sad that the band chooses to limit itself, and I do honestly feel that they could do better (some may disagree).

As far as the album goes, you may enjoy it, you may not. It's really hit or miss. If you enjoyed The Cleansing to any extent, you will find some enjoyment in No Time to Bleed as well.

On a final note, I would like to add that I rated this album within the genre (deathcore). I often see people who obviously hate deathcore rate deathcore albums, and rate down based off of characteristics of the actual genre itself (breakdowns are the usual target). Which seems absurd to me. This goes without saying if you don't like deathcore, you will not like this album.

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June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 1.5

Link to official stream?

If not, make a copy of this review because it will be deleted.

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

@PhantomLimb. I'm not sure what you're referring to. I'm relatively new to the site, so if you could inform me, it would be appreciated.

June 21st 2009


I dont think you can review albums that hav'nt been officially been released or are officialy streaming on the internet somwhere

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 1.5

Well the album's release date is June 30 so I'm assuming you got this from a torrent as I can't find a legal stream of it.

Sputnik doesn't allow reviews of albums that have not been officially released and are not legally streaming somewhere (the band's website, myspace etc.)

So save a copy of this review.

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

I see. They have apparently released "Lifted" as well as "Wake Up" on their myspace. Unsure if that quality's or not (What band releases an entire album on their myspace anyway?).

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 1.5

It has to be the whole album. Quite a few bands do these days actually, usually about a week before release.

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Fair enough. I'll back up a copy just in case.

June 21st 2009


Watch out for the sputnik police. They'll get you. Good tbt bro.

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

I liked it a lot more then the last one. At least you might be able to tell the difference between songs now.

June 21st 2009


I may check these guys out, but probably not this album yet. And it would seem that you're one of the few people (alongside Mikesn, who is the Number 1 reviewer on this site) who can do a decent Track-By-Track review. I'll pos, though this may be deleted.

June 22nd 2009


this band is terrible

June 22nd 2009


Meh album. lifted, something invisible, your creations, are the only songs I found to be memorable.

June 22nd 2009



June 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

._. tsk. I thought this was a band that was in the music biz because of the music. Not the moolah or the wimmens. I still think it's decent though. Nothing really has improved since The Cleansing. The ending solo of Lifted bugs the hell out of me as well. No Pity For A Coward anyone?

June 22nd 2009


There is ALWAYS time to bleed.

June 22nd 2009


i somewhat enjoyed The Cleansing, i think i might check this out, this guys are massive live

Digging: IDLES - Crawler

Iamthe Nightstars
June 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.0

They aren't really anything special, but they are amazing live. I saw them twice and they're one of the best live bands I've seen.

June 22nd 2009


However, the actual album, really wasn't that good, and not deserving of the mass amount of attention it received.

Who do you think you are to say they haven't deserved the attention? They have worked their damn asses off to get where they are now.

As far as the album goes, you may enjoy it, you may not.

Please tell me you didn't actually mean that, seriously.

June 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

At least there are still breakdowns. JK, I'll still probably check this out though.

June 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.0

I might listen to this but I hope its a damnsite better than "The Cleansing".

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