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June 17th, 2009 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A bit more electronic, atmospheric release from VAST that lets Jon Crosby continue to channel his inner acoustic-ness, and wouldn't be half-bad if all the songs hadn't been released before in almost identical fashion on Crosby's solo CDs.

Recently, I’ve felt like all Jon Crosby needs to cheer him up is a big, gigantic hug. The music under the VAST moniker has always been a self-loathing, depressed style of music, but recent years have obviously taken a toll on the man’s psyche. There was the two major-label albums which were typical alternative/electro-rock gore, then there was the exotically depressing double album Turquoise and Crimson, and then there was the bare, acoustic, melodramatic April. Obviously, a variety of factors affected his mind, between his weight, issues with his early album’s rights (which he holds no rights to this day), loss of relevance, etc, and his music has rightfully shown that. VAST’s recent affection for this sappiness and acoustic grandeur is once again delegated on the band’s latest album, Me and You.

Yet the album isn’t as bare and eclectic as expected. There’s a bit more throwback on here, for example, many of the songs are a bit more like the half-acoustic half-electronic songs on Music for People, and some sound a bit like R.E.M. The songs carry that sappy tone of recent VAST albums, but it has a little more of the lush, atmospheric production of past releases mixed with electric guitars again. Crosby’s vocals are beautiful, the most refined that I’ve heard from him in a very long time, and the riffs are all precise even if they sound a bit familiar (which is just most likely due to the guitar tone).

There’s one gaping hole in this release. All the already been released under Crosby’s solo project “Generica”. And despite what Crosby says, VAST is an electronic venture, and I was disappointed to find the album wandered more towards the pseudo-folk rock stuff that is so popular today than what made VAST so huge-electronic and orchestral sounds. Acoustic guitars just don’t have much effect on my emotions as the disturbing cello in Flames or the delicate piano and guitar in I Don’t Have Anything. That’s possibly what’s missing, the wide range of emotions. It’s all sad and depressed, there’s no emotions other than that, which all the other albums had-even April.

Essentially, my biggest bone to pick with the album is that it’s unnecessary. I love the lush production, and if April had never existed, I’d have no problem with the album, it is lush, acoustic, fairly exotic like older albums, and deep. But it’s kind of a “double whammy” to throw two acoustic ventures back-to-back, and all the songs being remixed solo songs. Not to mention, really the only difference on Me and You's songs is vocal effects and an orchestra in the back. There’s a few solid mentions like “You Should Have Known I’d Leave” and “Hotel Song” for a VAST fan’s library, but at the end of the day, Me and You looks like an unnecessary album released because his solo project didn’t sell well.

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June 17th 2009


that's too bad... i've enjoyed most of their releases.

June 17th 2009


go back to ign

June 18th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

how about not

June 18th 2009


we needed our tribes back to cover the new visual auditory sensory theater release

January 28th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Can he get any lower then this? It sounds like hes trying hard not to become passive within the music on here and it hurts the entire atmosphere of the album. The acoustics are entirely uninteresting. "I'm Afraid of You" makes me want to run away from this album. =(

June 7th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

oh man, this guy is done. so sad, too..

February 24th 2013


I'm a bit late to this, never heard of this release, a lazy one considering its his solo 'generica' work re-labelled as vast to spark more interest. Quite disappointing, as taken on its own there are some great tracks here (hotel song arguably the best), but as this is still largely acoustic, it's an unnecessary and odd move. He wanted to remain more underground after disappearing from the elektra label, but why bother with this release if most fans that follow will have likely heard this solo material already? Crosby always seemed to try and distinguish the difference between vast and his solo work. Under the vast moniker I expected them to have truly reworked these tracks (ie as the industrial/electro rock band they once were) but it didnt happen. I would give this 3 out of 5, its good if you like ambient acoustic and havent heard his solo material, but I'll consider the Bang Band Sixxx: Relay EP from 2009 as the last true vast output.

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