Bury Your Dead
It's Nothing Personal



by Blindsided USER (64 Reviews)
June 12th, 2009 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Bury Your Dead produce another metalcore record but this time they traded some brutal zing for melodic elements.

Some people believe when a band loses it vocalist it usually leads to the downfall or demise of the band. When AC/DC lost Bon Scott they didn’t call it quits did they" When Black Sabbath fired Ozzy in 1979, they later hired Ronnie James Dio of Rainbow to help on vocals, which I think works out better. Sometimes a band decides to take a chance in replacing the lead singer that doesn’t work out so well. Journey has replaced its’ lead singer multiple times before finally choosing Arnel Pineda of the Philippines as their permanent singer. Now ask yourself, would Journey still be Journey without Steve Perry" Would Judas Priest be Judas Priest without Rob Halford" I am by no means comparing any of these bands with the likes of Bury Your Dead. I am just simply illustrating that certain band members make the band. In the case of Bury Your Dead, quite a few fans think they are dead without Mat Bruso. I disagree. I think Mat was wonderful on the microphone but I honestly just prefer Myke Terry to his vocals.

It’s Nothing Personal is the 5th studio album from Bury Your Dead. Over the past 8 years, Bury Your Dead has gone through a tremendous amount of lineup changes. Starting out with the original five, Bury Your Dead now has had 18 current and former members, only two of which are original members. Releasing this album a mere year and two months after they released their self-titled album made me have some early doubts. Their previous effort had some pretty crushing hits but failed to deliver on the entire album. It’s Nothing Personal starts out with a pretty neat riff that makes a transition into your typical Bury Your Dead song. It has all the chugging guitars and double bass beats you’d expect. Myke’s vocals on this record sound just as good as they did on the previous record. I read somewhere that Bury Your Dead was trying to go more melodic on this record and I have to say they have succeeded but it doesn’t seem right.

“Hurting Not Helping” is the album opener and it is one of the best off the record. It showcases the bands melodic attempt by throwing in some clean vocals by Myke and just bland but still catchy guitar playing. “Without You” almost goes half the song without any screaming or growling. After a quick stint in the screaming section they go right back to the clean vocals and make the song sound more like a ballad but then quickly go back to screaming. “Without You” is a perfect balance of screaming and clean vocals but Bury Your Dead fails to space them out properly. Going from clean to scream to clean to scream is too predictable and gets boring really quickly.

“Broken Body” is my favorite track off the album because it brings everything to the table that should be brought. “This is real pain, these are real tears, this is the world falling on me” is the line that will make you remember this song and probably the album as a whole. The next couple songs are pretty bland as well. “The Great Demonizer” is a melodic song at best. They did use high pitched vocals that without a doubt stretched Myke’s range, helping make the song fairly interesting. Around the sixth track they bring a song called “Lakota” that brings some interest to the album again. The lyrics and composition of the song are most interesting to me. The song is different from other Bury Your Dead songs in that it seems to have a more laid back feel to it. It’s still metalcore but it is just downed from its normal energy level. “Lion’s Den” has some pretty good vocals again but it also has a couple catchy guitar hooks along with a pretty good chorus. My favorite part of the song is the short high pitched solo at the end purely because it is new for Bury Your Dead. “Legacy Of Ashes” goes to high pitched screams from Myke and his crew. The album dies off after that leaving the listener with only 5 decent songs.

It’s Nothing Personal is another Bury Your Dead album. It isn’t as brutal as its predecessor but it still brings something to be listened to. It’s melodic, crushing and sort of brutal all at the same time. If you weren’t a fan of Myke Terry on the first album then don’t waste your time listening to this one either. I am a fan of Myke because of his vocals but they come up just a bit short on this album. In a nutshell it’s a juggernaut metalcore album but it’s wearing a dress that it just can’t shake off. Listen to “Hurting Not Helping”, “Without You”, “Broken Body”, “Lakota” and “Lion’s Den” then forget the rest.

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June 12th 2009


Not really needed but still great review.

June 12th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks, I know it wasn't needed I just wanted the feedback from it.

June 12th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

Band should have broken up after Beauty And The Breakdown. Without Bruso, sigh, it's just not the same. And now with melody and clean choruses, yeah, this shit isnt Bury Your Dead. Talk about selling out. Good review though.

Digging: Twin Temple - Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound....

June 12th 2009


Pretty much went the route of every other generic metalcore band.....originality went out the window in order to sell records

June 12th 2009


I wouldn't compare bury your dead to ac/dc or journey... jus IMO. Good review though

June 13th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Which is why I said I wasn't comparing them to the likes of those bands..did you read the review?

June 22nd 2009


I actually think the dude's screaming/yelling voice is fine, its the new direction that has killed this band. They actually came to Maine recently and played a Hardcore venue, and i talked to the owner to ask her how it went (most of the kids that go there are madball, blood for blood, Terror, style fans) and she said they only played one song off the last album and everything else was off YHMAH, CYT, and BATB, so they definately know that their alienating fans big time.

November 16th 2009


Rating 4.0
I think it's great they're trying to add different elements to their metalcore past and I think the risks they're taking are paying off well at least for my ears.I absolutely never get tired of Dead Dream Love Song and the furious shifts in tone in Broken Body are quite effective.I think it's nice a band as famous for it's metalcore style tries to branch out and do unusual things for them instead of just rehashing the same metalcore riffs and breakdowns for every album which I think the band got flac from for the last album which I found to be quite soild myself.They'll never top Beauty and the Breakdown that's they're ultimate statement but it's refreshing to me when they try and branch out with the different elements while still retaining their signature core sound.

November 16th 2009


Dude put that in a sound off, thats what that is for.

February 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

It's superhard, and sometimes it's kinda soft. Like my dick. I can't hate on my dick, so why would I hate on BYD? It still retains the same level of intensity as previous albums, IMO. The added melody is likely due to the warm reception to them using it in the song "Magnolia" (Still one of my fav BYD songs).

June 7th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

why must they have melody now?! x(

haha, weird thing to say...

September 15th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

I really don't see what the issue is with this, it seems pretty normal to me

November 8th 2010


new vocalist is terrible, he tries to bring the "cover your tracks" back, but it just doesnt work, good review just a terrible album,

March 5th 2011


I would tell you which song was my favorite but I can't differentiate any of them from each other.

June 2nd 2011


These guys aren't that bad. Don't know why so many people love to hate on them so much.

Get Low
March 15th 2018


Album Rating: 1.5

I wonder how many bands Myke Terry is going to ruin before the end of his career.

March 22nd 2018


This is pretty good. Why does everyone hate it?

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