Perfect Self



by SkinneeJay USER (9 Reviews)
June 6th, 2009 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: No more than rocking hard, but good rocking hard.

Truth is, I didn't have high expectations regarding Stereomud. I actually thought they would be some muscular and clumsy Nu-Metal/Hard Rock band. I was definitely wrong. I guess it's because all members of Stereomud are not new to the music business. They come from bands such as Switched, Stuck Mojo and Pro-Pain. However, bands that to collect members from other bands also tend to fall, no? Well, that's just not the case with Stereomud. The band sounds great together, and pump out good song after another.

After an intro, "Leave (Back Up)" blast off with the pounding riff and the simple, but catchy chorus. That song is pure delight for anyone who likes this kind of hard rock. However, the album constantly bounces between average and great. "Don't Be Afraid" and "Pain" have decent hooks and energy, but don't rise up much while "Old Man" and the oddly-title "What" demand pressing the "back" button after they're over.

As the album goes on, Stereomud ends up sounding between Stuck Mojo and Sevendust. Especially Sevendust, since they borrow their mascular-yet-mature style of Hard Rock with some pretty good lyrics. This is not really a bad thing, since Sevendust are a great band. It does have its downside though, especially when the songs lack identity. They all sound the same formula, only some execute it better, some don't. Even the acoustic title-track sounds a little like the rest of the albums.

Despite the similarity between the tracks, it doesn't mean they're not worth listening to. Aside from packing riffs and hooks, Stereomud can write some good lyrics which make some songs remain in the ear. "Don't Be Afraid" is a little clumsy, but it's a good "stand up for yourself" song. The positivity of "Sunlight" is an obvious highpoint of the song. It may the song's strgenth. Sure, the topics tackled in Perfect Self are pretty typical, but the lyrics are written well and it's all tha t matters.

Among the sea of cliche and boring Nu-Metal who can't produce a good song to save their lives, Perfect Self is an album I needed to remember why I listen to the genre. Sure, the songs are samey, but they're well-crafted and well-played. Plus, the album is consistent and can be listened from beginning to end. There's no real reason not to try this if you're a Nu-Metal/Hard Rock junkie.

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Some great, strong but yet melodic hard rock that is done very professionally....

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June 7th 2009


dude you have just posted 3 sub par reviews at once. Next time, post one and pay attention to feedback/criticism and improve. You can do better than this

June 7th 2009


Hey, SkinneeJay, welcome to Sputnik. I'd suggest you spend maybe a little more time to hone your reviews, as well as what Mordecai21 said: usually posting more than one review a day - unless they're mindblowingly fantastic - is a bad idea, because the feedback you get for your first review is feedback you can then apply for your future reviews. I did the same thing when I joined.

As far as this particular review is concerned, I think it wouldn't hurt you to delve into a little more detail.

June 7th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

review is average, but not too bad. It reads more like a 3 or 3.5 review to be honest. I do agree with the points you raise, but like Waior and Mordecai21 already said, take more time with your review, listen to constructive criticism and add a little more detail next time.

June 7th 2009


*old-timer fogey mode ON*

hey kiddo, quit hogging the mike!! :D

*old-timer fogey mode OFF*

seriously, read what everyone else said. i'm not saying it again. you write well, but need longer reviews, EXPLAINING why you like/dislike the songs rather than just describing them. always justify your rating VERY well, otherwise you're getting flooded with criticism and negs.

keep it up!

June 7th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

Don't worry. I'll try to listen to the constructive criticism. That's why I didn't get all defensive. Thanks for the feedback. I need that, in the end.

June 8th 2009


Good attitude my friend, i look forward to your next review. Try to get involved with the whole site, start posting more comments in reviews and maybe even in the forums to expand your taste in music

June 8th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

Thanks for the welcome. I like this site and I'm gonna stay even for the sake of reading the reviews. I'm pretty sure reading reviews can also help a bit in writing.

June 8th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

yes it most certainly can dude, reading other people's reviews, especially staff reviews gives you a good general idea how a review should be done. Reading reviews and writing new reviews, you will get better in time. This review ain't that bad, just needs some editing.

November 16th 2009


Album rating 3.5
Incredible debut album incorporates players from Sevendust to spin their own take on that band's genre bending sound.I'll admit when I first listened to this everything seemed stumbled together and not consistent in the least as it veered from techno soundbites to soft singing hard singing crunchy guitair parts oments of silence and back and forth.But as i've spun the albums more I took a better appreciation of the band's intent and depth they were trying to communicate along with a solid frontman and crunchy guitairs that don't overwhelm you with their punishment .Although I do take points away for the too polished sound which took away from the sonic ram battering feel .But the tracks are emoted very dilligently with occasional unexpected surprises thrown the listeners way to get a different sense of groove on each track.A very memorable effort for the nu metal/post grunge books although he sounded a liitle to similair to his other band but still great branching out with his own ideas.

January 19th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

albums not to bad, just really didnt have anything that jumped out at me just kind of rolled through from start to finish, not a bad listen though

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