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Release Date: 1969 | Tracklist

Released July 1969

If you only have Echoes: Best of, chances are you've never heard of this Floyd album. Why" Because Pink Floyd don't even regard as an actual Pink Floyd album, you'll notice More doesn't really fit in with the musical path Pink Floyd were taking at the time. After Syd Barrett, original guitarist/singer/creative force, left Pink Floyd less than 12 months from the psychedelic classic debut Piper at the Gates of Dawn, the new Pink Floyd (Barrett replaced by Gilmour) were struggling to find a new way to go on. 1968-1970 signaled a Floyd transition, members of Pink Floyd even called it a creative downtime. In that time Pink Floyd released their sophomore release (A Saucerful of Secrets), this soundtrack, the half live half solo project Ummagumma, and the unwanted child of the Floyd albums Atom Heart Mother (though I like it). All four, were experimental, progressive and pretentious to a certain point. Still, many songs off More were miles away from ASOS and Ummagumma.

More wasn't part of Pink Floyd's transition, it was seen more of a side project. The actual movie bombed, just another "we're hippies, let's do drugs" 60/70s type of movie. The director asked Pink Floyd to make a soundtrack that wasn't their style and in a small amount of time. They went for it and came up with this, half of it instrumental. Most of the instrumentals so clearly intended for the movie that they don't stand on their own.

More opens with Cirrus Minor, a spacy ambient song, which begins as a somber acoustic song and uplifts more with an organ outro. This outro is quite similar to the final part of the classic Pink Floyd instrumental A Saucerful of Secrets. Roger Waters (Bassist, Vocalist) sings on this song, losing the quirky, scowling voice he used on earlier Floyd songs and uses a mature, ominous voice.

The mood quickly changes to the most hard rocking song Pink Floyd has ever done, The Nile Song. Complete with power chords and cringe-worthy lyrics. David Gilmour (Guitarist, Vocalist) sings on here, using his signature blue-rock voice. This is also the first time (chronologically) you hear a Gilmour solo! The Nile Song is quite a groover of a song, though heavy and wild as well. Ibiza Bar is based on the same chord progression, but is less heavier, without Nick Mason's manic drumming, and with Richard Wright's (Keyboards, Vocals) mellow organ and backing vocals. Ibiza Bar still manages to be a hard rocker aswell, but more melodic, more Floydish than the Nile Song.

You want to know where emo started" It started with... The Crying Song! Maybe not, it's more of a lullaby than a 'crying song'. It sounds like Cirrus Minor but more cheerful, but the same sort of serious vocals and acoustic guitar, with an innocent sounding xylophone coming in a bit. The Crying Song ends with a sad sounding guitar solo. The whole song reminds me of the pastoral songs that Pink Floyd did in Atom Heart Mother and Meddle.

After the short, fierce drums and organ/piano dominated instrumental Up the Khyber (which sounds like the middle section of the instrumental A Saucerful of Secrets), two hardcore Pink Floyd fan favourites come. Green is the Colour is the closest to the ballad, but it leaves you a bit confused after the line "Green is the colour of her kind". This is also a pastoral, peaceful song with a cheery piano with flute solo. Cymbaline comes after, which definitely highlights Gilmour's great voice. It's piano dominated with some acoustic guitar and bongos. The lyrics seem to be about a movie star named Cymbaline, but, like many early Floyd songs, the lyrics fall apart somewhere around the second verse. If you thought Wish You Were Here was the first time David Gilmour did a vocal solo (da doo doo...) you're wrong, it was in Cymbaline! The song ends with a sort of out of place organ solo, live (both Green is the Colour and Cymbaline were played a lot live in 69-70) this solo was ridiculously extended.

After Cymbaline the album does downhill, with Ibiza Bar the only song with vocals left. The instrumentals aren't very interesting and are the main reason More has been cast aside. The notably bad ones would be Party Sequence, Quicksilver and A Spanish Piece. Party sequence is what you would expect at some 70s drug fantasy party- a bunch of bongos and flutes that lasts for a minute. Quicksilver is the most boring Floyd song EVER, it's prog rock without the actual progression; basically Richard's organ humming the same couple of notes for 7 minutes. A Spanish Piece is a novelty song basically, something you'd find off the White Album or something. It's a recycled typical 'Spanish' riff with some guy saying "pass the tequilaaaa Mannnnnuel" and some lip smacking. The Main Theme is a mystical sounding, organ driven instrumental, if you've heard the live disc of Ummagumma or have seen Live at Pompeii you'd know this song would fit in perfectly with them. More Blues is a short Jazz/Blues instrumental, pretty much a Gilmour Blues solo (improvisations of this song were played live a lot, too). The closing track Dramatic Theme is based on a bassline similar to the opener of Let There be More Light (ASOS), and is lead by David Gilmour's reverb laden slide guitar.

Overall More doesn't really flow or sound like a Floyd album, the instrumentals are rather simple, and most of the vocal songs aren't what a WYWH or PATGOD fan would expect. But most of the songs are good or great nonetheless. I don't recommend this album to someone who just wants to hear the 'classic' Floyd. It's better suited for people who like albums such Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, maybe even Meddle. I recommend getting the second soundtrack Pink Floyd did (still the same director) Obscured by Clouds first, if you're curious as to what these projects sound like.
Tracks worth listening to: Cirrus Minor, Ibiza Bar, Cymbaline, A Spanish Piece (really, you'll like this one :))

Soundtrack to the Film More-----> 3 stars

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Arguably the lowest point in Floyd's discography....

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August 4th 2005



August 4th 2005


I just read about this album yesterday, heh.

Nice review.

August 4th 2005


I have never heard of this one before.

Good review.

August 4th 2005


Great review. I've only heard the Nile Song from this. Completely different for Floyd. I'll buy this eventually.

November 13th 2005


good review.

everyone should check out the nile song, its rockin!

and it is a shame that half the songs are poo i tend to turn it off by the end of ibiza barThis Message Edited On 11.13.05

December 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

this is a good album not the most popular one on my list but it still is good, i agree that obscured by clouds is allot better especially self titled track

May 31st 2006


ive never herd of the CD but i love pink floyed and the movie was F**ked up but i still enjoy watching it

november, octember
October 10th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

great review

i've never seen the movie. maybe i will. I still have to watch the wall.

i didn't think it was bad. Actually, i liked Cirrus Minor.

And ATOM HEART MOTHER KICKS ASS! i don't care what neone says.

November 21st 2006


^ Atom heart mother rocks out good!
I've only heard the first two tracks from this album but I want to check out the rest sometime.

September 17th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Thats a good review my friend. And yes your right, Floyd dont consider this an official album, merely just a soundtrack.

April 4th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0 | Sound Off

Good review, I just think you don't give enough Floyd fans the credit for actually having heard this record. Then again, a lot of the posts here never seem to have heard of it, so go figure. I would say from my experiences, however, that Atom Heart Mother is far from the unwanted child of those mentioned releases.

Well, it IS a soundtrack, so there would be no reason for them to consider this an "actual" album.This Message Edited On 04.04.09

October 8th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Really tremendous review! I'm a bit speechless.

The Main Theme is one of the better trippy songs in early Floyd that is still accessible.

And I like this album substantially more than OBC, though that was not my first impression.

January 22nd 2011


Album Rating: 2.5

Some good songs on this album but most of it was forgetful. I still feel it's underrated, though. Just because a minority of songs were trash, doesn't mean the album sucks. At least half the songs were decent, and even good albums usually have at least one or two weaker tracks.

November 17th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

this is an underrated piece of their discog

November 17th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

havtn heard omg

November 17th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

it's trippy

November 17th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Acid ride

Digging: Deathspell Omega - The Furnaces of Palingenesia

November 17th 2011


A Syd ride?

November 17th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Post Syd but still acid enough

February 25th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

The Nile Song is an underrated Floyd gem.

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