Break The Silence
Near Life Experience



by Fabz USER (13 Reviews)
August 3rd, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

About the album
The first time I heard about Break The Silence, it was a week before a local show near my hometown. I saw that Break The Silence were the headliner of that show. They were coming straight from Chicago to perform in front of a few people. I start to search about this band and the first thing I notice, Dan Precision, an ex-Rise Against and 88 Fingers Louie member was part of this band. So, I downloaded a few songs and really like it. They were also really good live and it was enough to convince me to buy the album. The band was formed back in 2002 and have immediatly join Hopeless Record.

Break The Silence are:
Dan Wintercorn - vocal
Brian Phee - guitar
Mike Ford - drum
Josh - bass
Dan Precision - guitar

Break The Silence are an hardcore melodic band with some screaming vocal. It make the band kind of different of other melodic hardcore band. The album, Near Life Experience is compose of fourtheen angry tracks.This album is Break The Silence first and only one album so far. The lyrics usually talk about politic, emotion, society and the world. The sound is quite hard and fast, you will surely like it if you like band such as Wilhelm Scream, Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. You will also notice that it is the same singer that goes from normal vocal to screaming. Now let's take a look at this album.

Positive aspect
You will first notice the amazing guitar work that Dan Precision have do for this album. I find him even better in this band than what he did for the first Rise Against album, The Unraveling. I think both guitarist simply give melody to the whole album. Also the drum is simply amazing, it's fast, furious and it give a lot of power to the album. You will get an idea by listening to the first song of the album, At War With Instinct, it is simply amazing to listen. The bass also do a great job on this album, I don't think I have much to say about the sound. The music itself is really good to listen.So the album is far from the problem that all the song sound the same. Also Dan the lead singer, have an awesome voice that can go from normal singing to screaming and easily. It also work perfectly and add a lot of power to songs. The lyrics are also really well writen, sometime metaphorical and abstract with a great variety of words. They are also really meaningful. The album is also quite long.

Negative aspect
The first negative aspect is about the vocal, if you don't like to hear some screaming you will not like this album for sure. All the tracks have screaming in it. Maybe I would say it's a bit a lack of diversity, I mean their are two kind of song on this album. Fast and hard song with screaming or slower song, calm but still with screaming in it.It can become a bit repetitve sometime. I would't say that all the songs sound the same, it is definatly not the case, all the song have their own melody and sound.

My favorite track
[At War With Instinct] This song is simply amazing, it is the first of the album and really get you into it. It start slowly with a nice guitar riff and melody. Then Dan start to sing slowly, after he start to scream and a really fast drum beat burst into the song. The riff are sing normally and the chorus are scream, but it is really well done. Dan really give you energy with is amazing and powerful voice. The song is really fast, strong and reflect a lot of anger. The melody in this song is simply great, you will want to listen to the song over again. I think the lyrics talk about doing nothing with your life, to never question yourself and to just close your eyes about all the misery in the world. Here is a part of the lyrics, ''Did you ever see it through" Did you take some ***ing action, or did you just give up and lose"'' In overall this song is simply my favorite of the album and it was the first song I heard from this band.

This album was a total surprise for me, I really encounter the band randomly and I was also amaze by the quality. The band is still really young and I think they will get some reputation in year to come. I think they can do even better than this, their are a lot of potential in that band. I can't wait for another album, it is simply great. Maybe more diversity would really give force to this band. The sound is excellent, the lyrics are great and the album have a lot of great songs. This is not the kind of album you will take and put aside after one listen. If you like melodic hardcore, just get this album, it's for you. I don't see myself saying to someone not to get this album, just try it maybe you will discover a new band you really like. I give it 4/5

Recommended tracks
At War With Instinct
Six Foot Revolver
Moving Day
Break The Silence

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August 3rd 2005


Nice review I might just check these guys out.

Could you send me a song or two by IM?

August 3rd 2005


I don't have IM but I could upload you a few songs by YSIThis Message Edited On 08.03.05

August 3rd 2005


Please ;)

August 3rd 2005


Here is the link you have three song in it:
-At War With Instinct

Hope you will like it

August 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

this cd is amazing. you will love it. been listening to it for a year

August 4th 2005


No doubt about it, it's simply excellent...

October 12th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

This is such a solid disc. Although, from the way people talked it up elsewhere...I expected a little more shredding. Regardless, the muscianship is tight and I love the vox. Good stuff.

Very nice review as well.

October 14th 2005


This is a good album, and your right, Dans guitar work is a very large step up from anything he did with Louie. The vocals are also very good.

Evening Syndrome
March 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

great reveiw and fantastic album. the combination of punk and hardcore elements along with great vocals and unheard of screaming make this album a real winner.

August 9th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Great band.

August 3rd 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a solid album nice review! Seen these guys twice on Warped tour then broke up soon after the second time I seen them. They released one other song I know of as it sounded like they were headed into the new age metalcore direction.

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