Stars Of CCTV



by Senor_Whippy USER (22 Reviews)
August 1st, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

If you don't know who Hard Fi are,Here's a little introduction.They are four chavy lads from the London suburb of Staines.They say they write songs to soundtrack peoples life and this their debut was recorded in a smelly lock-up.It sounds like a recipe for world domination but listening to this you soon find out it's not.

If you live outside England the word 'Chav' may be new to you.But it is used to describe lower class people who live in rough estates with cheap cars (think 'Pimp my ride' on a 500 budget),a love of cheap alcohol,a bleak outlook towards other cultures and a crap dress sense.

Now i'm not saying Hard Fi are all these but like i said they come from a deadbeat suburb and record album in lock-ups.Plus they wear Burberry and drink Cider.But they are also another band to be hyped up by the media untill their record goes top 3 and they steal every gig they play.

But i'm still gonna have to hand to them for coming up with one hell of an original sound.A mixture of Ska,Indie,Hip Hop and Pop all make 'Stars Of CCTV' sound fresh and new.Album opener 'Cash Machine' is a great Dance/Ska influence racket.Even colder slower tracks like 'Tied Up Too Tight' will win you over.But it's track #5 'Hard To Beat' which really impresses you.Sounding like The Clash jamming in a nightclub it's the surefire hit of the summer and one of the best songs of the year so far.

But under all the big beats and skang heavy guitars they are some horrible tracks like 'Middle Eastern Holiday' which sounds like Blazin Squad (rubbish rap boyband from the UK) and the terrible title track at the end.'Gotta Reason' sounds like Hot Hot Heat on Cider.Not a good thing.Piano-led ballad 'Move On Now' wants to be the big singalong live masterpiece but falls flat on it's arse.

Apart from the first three singles (Cash Machine,Tied Up Too Tight,Hard To Beat) which are all Indie Dance gems.The rest is weak and empty with most songs lacking personality and depth.But at least there still is that original 'Hard Fi' sound weaving though all tracks.Which is freshing after all the Garage and Art rock copy cats over the last two years

The Conclusion.Hard Fi may sell 10 million records,they may sell 27 but i think this is another overated,overhyped album which when you look deeper in to it is empty and mostly terrible.It's a real let down.Well i thought so anyway

Hard To Beat
Cash Machine
Tied Up Too Tight

Stay Away From:
The Rest

Like This,Try This:
The Streets-
A Grand Don't Come For Free (8/10)

The Ordinary Boys-
Over The Counter Culture (6/10)

The Ordinary Boys-
Brassbound (3/10)

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August 2nd 2005


I love this album!! How can you give it a 2?! Try 3 1/2. It's amazing

August 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

How Hard-Fi are even close to being chavs is beyond me.

August 8th 2005


Hard Fi are Chavs.They wear burberry and admit to going out drinking Cider in parks on a Friday night.Plus the fact they like Trance music.

P.S I'm gonna change the album rating to 2 and a half cause i feel bad.This Message Edited On 08.08.05

Adam Jones is GOD
August 8th 2005


2 seems harsh, unless the other tracks are major tangents to the singles. Review sucks too, there's like 2 sentences that actually tell me about the album, the rest is just your biased opinions.

I used to get them mixed up with The Ordinary boys all the time. And im not seeing chav in them at all.

September 7th 2005


Hmm I've never actually seen them wear burberry but there you go. They like trance yeah but they don't go to nightclubs cos there not chavs really from what I've heard it's pretty good and if it wasn't I very much doubt it would have been voted for a mercury music prize. And from what I've heard they were only just beaten my anthony and the joknsons to the actual prize.Although you are right some songs just fall flat and dont fit their specified target. But I think they still have promise
This Message Edited On 09.07.05

September 20th 2005


Worst review ever. You've based your overall score on what you think (I emphasise the word think) the band members dress and conduct themselves. Completely bias opinion.

I bought this album the other day...certainly not a classic, but great none the less.

I would have appriciated your review a bit more if you had based your thoughts on the album on conductive criticism instead of unhelpful comparisons to other bands that clearly yield no similarities whatsoever.

September 20th 2005


It is a good album, look at tracks like 'Living For The Weekend'. How many bands can say they put aspects of dance music into their rock? Especially when the dance part is such a cliche that it sounds excellent!

September 20th 2005


2.5 isn't bad as this is one of those records that can be enjoyable one time and sound painfully the next.

October 8th 2005


good review but i was surprised that u didnt mention living for the weekend- that seems to be the most highly played song. it seems gd at that. chav seems appropriate here too.This Message Edited On 10.08.05

October 8th 2005


gladass I thank you.

October 8th 2005


Badly dressed.Every picture I've seen of them they've been wearing Fred Perry shirts and Tracksuit bottoms.Plus the singer uses a shitload of lotion on his face.

October 8th 2005


Shhhh I wouldn't say that.You never know Mr. Perry himself could be watching you.

October 8th 2005


Ooooo,I can hear the lawyer marching down your street right now.

les paul al
April 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

are you one of the only guys who watched that chav documentary and now you have to slag off hard fi. Its a great album and should be worth a three or four. Crap review as well jack assThis Message Edited On 04.06.06This Message Edited On 04.06.06

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