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April 25th, 2009 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The epitome of dreadful, mechanical fad mooching.

Trends come and trends go... every now and then, the current “hip” way of doing whatever, music included, rotates as the old gets abandoned for something seemingly fresher and cooler. In the case of music, a “trend” is usually the work of a relatively small number of original acts that create the future genre of choice, they are then joined by a crowd of more or less competent followers/clones, the size of the pack proportional to the popularity of the style. Needless to say, a trend lets limelight hungry bands get a bit of fleeting recognition without much work – just tap into the current fad, make an album and split the royalties. You've gotta put a little more gut into it if you want to be any bigger than radio filler, but some acts are more than happy to be merely that. One of those bands was No One, and their only album works as a perfect definition of mechanical fad mooching...

No One's style of choice was nu metal. At the turn of the millennium, everybody and their brother were tuning their guitars low and wearing baggy pants, and it's pretty obvious that these guys were no exception. The foursome scored a deal with Immortal Records (home of Korn) right in the middle of nu metal's heyday, recorded an album, had two singles get a touch of airplay, toured a bit as underdogs for the more acclaimed bands and broke up – that's about as bland a lifespan a band can have. Occasionally, such acts leave behind some decent undiscovered music (Factory 81 anyone"), but in this case the lack of attention is more than deserved.

Why am I so harsh on them" After all, the elements of a nu metal album are there – the processed anger, the chugging, simplistic guitars, even a touch of hip hop influence. Nothing is missing when you try to mark stuff off on a checklist. It's pretty hard to have elements of the genre absent when the man producing previously took care of acts like Disturbed. The thing is that this is the flat out worst nu metal album I ever came across... every single aspect of the style, while present, sounds fake and forced, exactly like a band trying to tap into a fad and mechanically fulfilling all the obligations, but not having any connection with the music they're writing and performing. The longer into the album, the less I wonder why you can get this thing used for less than 50 cents on Amazon. The album starts off downright mediocre, and only gets worse...

The first track on the CD is by far the least dreadful. “Down On Me” is a passable attempt at an energetic opener (a styling that SOiL, another band taken care of by this very producer, managed to epically nail with “Breaking Me Down” later that year), but it lets us know not to expect anything exceptional here. We're introduced to the recycled riffs and unconvincing, faux angry bellow of Murk (stage names don't seem to be these guys' strength either...) right off the bat, but the best stab at songwriting you'll find on here (that's saying something, especially if you consider that this song has three generic riffs in it) and the fabricated energy manage to keep me from hitting stop. Not surprisingly, it was one of the two mentioned singles.

The other single follows close behind on the track list, and it's far from mind blowing as well. The one most effective riff on the album (which has me pondering where I heard it before...) gets pushed out of my head by a dismal chorus, and the song ends up leaving a bitter taste behind. To make matters worse, it's all downhill from now on... I will not go in-depth here, since I don't see a point in smiting each of these duds separately. This is filler at its worst, just aiming to rake up enough play time to issue a full length with the two singles. The riffing makes “Down On Me” sound like the peak of originality as the guitarist retreads the same nu metal clichés, making them sound even worse with each recycling. The occasional clean bit sounds even weaker, embarrassing No One in a whole new way. One can also (obviously) hear bass and drums, but they're both incredibly generic and foreseeable and do not add anything to the experience (pardon me, the bass occasionally plays some intros alone... and it would have been better if it didn't). The vocals round off the fiasco, to say they get old really quickly would be an understatement. The quality of the tracks has me thinking whether the band threw them all together in one afternoon, just to get the problem off their backs... but I can't honestly answer whether confirmation or denial would make me happier – is complete ignorance or complete ineptness closer to being excused"

No One's abysmal album serves as an epitome of what is wrong with blind trend following, mechanically creating empty music designed to sell while the current fad lasts. They stuck to the popular style, endlessly retreading stale riff patterns and supplying angry vocals, doing it all in the most unconvincing manner I've ever encountered. The guys did what the fad wanted them to do, but there was nothing to make them stand out among the masses of other bands that were doing the exact same thing for the exact same reason at the exact same time. Some of the competition turned out to be more original, others simply managed to churn out material that was better quality wise. No One got dragged down to the bottom of the ocean where it rests with fellow dreadful fad moochers, and another piece of evidence, more proof that riding the current trend for a touch of recognition is a bad idea if you don't have any real content to back it up with, is up for pennies on Amazon.

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April 25th 2009


This is a lovely negative review. More fun to read and write, as always -- unless the album is good, which I know this is not.


April 25th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

Pretty long review for such a horrible album.

Staff Reviewer
April 25th 2009


There are a couple good songs here, but nothing to write home about.

April 25th 2009


'Chemical' is such a bad song.

April 26th 2009


Album Rating: 2.0

Factory 81 were horrible rap metal with the occasional 'semi-ok' riff.

even a touch of hip hop influence

I don't hear this at all.

No One's abysmal album serves as an epitome of what is wrong with blind trend following, mechanically creating empty music designed to sell while the current fad lasts.

A majority of these nu-metal bands that fit this description are because of the retarded Jack Osbourne and his supposed 'knack' for discovering these amazing up-and-coming bands that would most certainly blow up at Ozzfest.

Pretty long review for such a horrible album.

And a very well done review at that. This is by no means the worst of the nu-metal genre. I would give that honour to Linking Park. They rode the coat tails of the genre and combined the absolute worst qualities of nu-metal together.

April 30th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

meh, it's not THAT bad. sure, there's a lot of filler, but there are three good to great songs - Down on Me, Chemical, and My Release. a pity that the first two are the openers, leaving us with nothing between tracks 2 and 7, and also between 7 and 13.

by the way, 13 songs are far too many for this kind of album. i don't think i ever listened to it all the way through. but those first two songs kick ass.

good review,

February 4th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

I haven't listed to this in years! I even got a free shirt for these guys in like 1999 when I was on streetwise! I actually saw Chimaira, Ill Nino, Kittie, and No One like 11 years ago at house of blues. I might put this album back on, I think I even got a drum stick from the drummer at that show.

and you mention Factory 81, how fantastic!

I may have even seen them with Fear Factory after Digimortal came out... i mean, i am really taken a back here. Does anyone know if sputnik was around before 2000?

Digging: Comeback Kid - Outsider

February 22nd 2011


Whoever said Chemical is a bad song needs to have their ears cleaned out! That's the best song on the friggin CD! Followed by Down On Me, which isn't as good of a starting point unlike Soil's debut ,which the reviewer stated,but still is far from sucky material.I do agree with the reviewer on the vocals being cheesy but that's what keeps me coming back for an amusing listen.But to totally dismiss this album just because it's textbook Nu Metal isn't totally giving it a chance.At first it seemed monotonous to me,but after more than one spin i started to get into it a little better. It does have great explosive energy and some nice hooks to boot.

February 23rd 2011


Album Rating: 2.0

This is like 3rd wave nu-metal, can't blame people for hating this.

December 26th 2011


Album Rating: 1.0

I remember this band, I wish I didn't.

March 4th 2015


Can you say bandwagon hate...

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