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Stanley Road



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July 30th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Paul Weller Ė Stanley Road

First of all, I do not know much about this artist except
that he was in The Jam or something if Iím not mistaken.
Fed up of my own albums, I went downstairs and searched through my Dadísold CDís.

After I picked out a few random ones, this was the one that kept me interested. Usually Iíd stay away from Classic Rock as much as possible but Paul Wellerís album really gripped me. As soon as I put the CD in the computer drive, I got a nice surprise, melodic, soulful tunes with a little bit of jazz and funk. It was the perfect combination.

Though Iíve never heard of Paul Wellerís previous bands, they must be brilliant with him in it. Paul Weller sings vocals and plays guitar. He is an awesome guitar player with crazy blues solos all over the place. And his vocals are quite deep with some strength in it.

Currently Iím digging The Changingman, it has brilliant guitar
solos, a nice jazzy beat to it and Paulís strong vocals to back it up. It is a perfect song to listen to lying in your bed. Just a thought, do you know whoís voice he reminds me of" Chris Cornell (Gets bashed by classic rock fanboys)

There is the lovely ballad called You Do Something For Me which is Paul and his accompanying guitar. Okay, this album is something for my dad but if the youth look pass itís boring looks and non-sythn music then you will find an accessible album which has a beat. A swinging piano beat, a bluesy guitar and a jazzy drum-beat. Strange that, it was only released in 1995 but it feels dead older than that. You couldnít imagine the dying grunge scene listening to this.

The most recognisable tune on this LP is probably Winds Of Speed. Itís a kind of song youíd listen to and you donít Remember where itís from. You might think it was in a television commercial. You wouldnít know because the truth is that itís not, itís just an instantly recognisable tune.

I canít express how good this record makes me feel. Itís a
happy record for happy people. Thatís why Iím giving this top score. You may disagree with it but that how I feel about it. You'll love it, it's just so easy to pick up and listen. The mood will sweep you into a different universe and
lay you gently onto a giant cushion.


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July 30th 2005


paul weller is pretty cool, he was in the jam and then was in style council but that kind of sucked, his band stuff sounds waayy diferent to his solo stuff.

I like wild wood, (the album and the song.)

September 22nd 2005


Superb album, nice review too. 'You Do Something to Me' has to be one of my favourite tracks of all time.

January 19th 2006


Paul Weller is a freaking God! I have to say it, and this may well be his best album over a recording career spanning nearly 30 years. His only one to make any impact whatsoever in the states and it even yet was not much. I love Pink On White Walls on here and the lyrics of Broken Stones are just staggering! He's an incredible songwriter and lyricist and surprisingly is the 4th, that's right 4th, most succesful British Songwriter. His number of self-penned hits exceed all others except Macca, Elton John, and David Bowie. Impresive eh? Follow up on this constant, it's great stuff! I got into him when i was about 16 and i've heard it all and it's great with the exception, as said before, of some of the Style Council stuff, too 80s New Romantic for me, oh and Studio 150, don't buy it it's just crap. His new album is great though, back to this stanley road sound!

June 14th 2006


I'm really glad that he covered "I Walk on Gilded Splinters." Its an amazing song, and early Dr. John is really difficult to cover well.

July 9th 2010


you stay away from classic rock, whats wrong with you, you freak

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