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Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Youthanasia was released in 1994 with the following lineup:
Dave Mustaine: vocals, guitar
Marty Friedman: guitar
Nick Menza: drums
David Ellefson: bass

With Countdown to extinction coming out 2 years prior, and being one of the best selling albums of their time, It may have been a little stressful trying to top it. When I first put the CD in, I figured "Ehh, it's the old 'Deth but it still lacks the 'zing' CTE had." Nope, I was wrong. As with most Megadeth albums, the second time through is always best. The following are individual song reviews:

1. Reckoning Day - Starts off with a pretty cool/heavy riff. Mustaine starts it off talking, while fades into his signature tone. Mini solo's here and there really add to the song. - 4/5

2. Train of Consequences - Pretty cool rythm guitar, and lyrics to go along with it. The Chorus picks it up from being a low-toned song. The solo is really fitting, and sounds great. One of my favorites on the album because of its 'easy-to-listen-to' feel. (The video is pretty cool too, if you get a chance to see it). - 5/5

3. Addicted to Chaos - Nick Menza's drumming starts this song out to be a great one. The main riff of it is also an instant classic. The main solo is awesome, and makes for a great, calm tone. Awesome lyrics along with stunning vocals - 4/5

4. A Tout Le Monde - The albums signature song, basically. Awesome lyrics and vocals (Even in French!). A semi acoustic sounding intro fades into a semi-heavy mid-chorus makes for a perfect transition. The solos fit perfectly, but it's the lyrics and vocals that make it excellent. Probably the best song of the album, I love it! - 5/5

5. Elysian Fields - A great distorted Megadeth tone to this one. Vocals and rythm guitars go hand in hand to make for a really cool song. No guitar solos in this one, but a harmonica solo makes up for it pretty well. - 3.5/5

6. The Killing Road - Again, the main riff is an instant classic that you'll probably want to learn. The lyrics are really cool, and would only work with Mustaine's voice. The solo in this song is pretty amazing. Great song. - 4/5

7. The Blood of Heroes - I'm not too into this one, but you have to appreciate the instrumental value of it. Starts off with some gong-drum things, and the guitar is pretty cool. A semi-dark tone to it, and even the solo is pretty low pitched at the start, but it picks itself up into a screaming recovery for the song. - 3/5

8. Family Tree - Good guitaring, even though it takes a bit to pick up. Another lyric based song, even though Marty's soloing easily over-powers it. Kind of bland, but it's cool to listen too. - 3.5/5

9. Youthanasia - A Very, very cool opening/rythm riff from the guitar. I loves Mustaine's vocals, but these are just kinda odd. It picks up around the mid/end song with a cutting solo from Marty, and a cool backing to it by Mustaine. Not a bad song, just kind of wierd. - 3/5

10. I thought I knew it all - Pretty cool, with more mini-soloing everywhere. The lyrics are cool, and the solo is even better. The vocals are much better than in Youthanasia. - 4/5

11. Black Curtains - The rythm guitar gives the song a kind of speedy and distorted sound. Lower in tone, and a little faster in tempo the some of the others, but the solo picks it up from being a low toned grungy song. Rythm guitar riff is pretty cool, vocals are good. - 3.5/5

12. Victory - Starts off with fast vocals, and Megadeth puns everywhere like '...Because killing is my business', 'By the Skin of my Teeth', 'May the Past Rust in peace in Hangar 18' etc... Really cool when you hear all of the Song titles being used as puns for the songs. The solo in this one is brilliant, and gives the song a true Megadeth signature feel. - 4.5/5

-There you have it. The album is heavier than things like 'Risk' but, a little calmer than the speed metal of 'Countdown to Extinction'. Deffinetley a perfect album to pop in and hear the old Megadeth again. If you're into lyrical values, this one is also perfect for you. It's pretty hard to review this one without wanting to use reference to the Making of.. Video, Revolver. If you get a chance to check that out, then do so. It really adds to the album, and a great addition to your collection. Overall, the album will recieve a 4/5 from me.

-Pros - Heavier Megadeth than some later albums
- Good lyrics
- The solos of every song are pretty amazing
- A really f*ckin' cool album cover!

-Cons - Just doesn't have possess the true cutting guitar work they're capable of.

Thanks for reading, and feedback is definitely welcomed!

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February 2nd 2004


4. A Tout Le Monde - The albums signature song, basically. Awesome lyrics and vocals (Even in French!). A semi acoustic sounding intro fades into a semi-heavy mid-chorus makes for a perfect transition. The solos fit perfectly, but it's the lyrics and vocals that make it excellent. Probably the best song of the album, I love it! - 5/5

He sings it in french? Is Dave Mustaine French or something? When I downloaded Hangar 18, about a year ago, for a sample of what Megadeth sounded like and I heard this french sounding accent used by Mustaine while singing I thought this was some French cover band's version of it but after seeing the video for the song I was able to conclude that this was Megadeth themselves.

Anyway, is Mustaine french or something?

February 2nd 2004


I dont think he's french, as he had to hire a french speaking coach in order to sing the chorus of this song. Not all of it is in french, just the chorus.

February 6th 2004


dave mustaine is of french origin, but in no way a frenchie. A truly great album, my favorite song would have to be victory, family tree and the killing road. Great review :thumb:

August 7th 2004


Good review. I like this album but I prefer their older stuff.

February 21st 2005


The blood of heros is one of my favorites, same with victory and black curtains. I say they should be 5's but nice review.

February 26th 2005


I like this album, allthough it gets a lot of bad press.
Very underated.

April 7th 2005


This is a good album, I like it. It was my first Megadeth cd

April 21st 2005


this album got me into megadeth

August 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This is my absolute favorite megadeth-album!! I have to thank a friend of mine because he got me in to megadeth. I borrowed this album from him and I was hooked and this becomed my first megadeth CD. The number 1 track is A Tout Le Monde, this ballad is greater than any other ballad in the world of metal!

August 20th 2005


I love Megadeth but what ive heard from this album is far too popy for my taste.

October 5th 2005


yeah i kinda agree wit deththrasher, the one song dat got me in2 megadeth wuz 'Au Tout Le Monde',

listenin 2 the mellow semi-acoustic intro while i wuz comin back frm practice frm skool at 7 in the evenin, and den boom comes the chorus whihc rocked....i shared the song wit a couple of my team-mates and then the magic happend the next week dey bought this album along wit the greatest hits album of deres...

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Finally someone that agrees with me! All my friends that have heard this ballad liked it somehow. I have started to practice the song on guitar but I prefer bass. This is a good song to learn on bass.

October 28th 2005


A tout le monde is a good song but generaly this album is considerably weaker than their earlier material and was the start of their decline; they started to abandon their thrash roots, which is absolutely rediculous because Megadeth is known for being a great THRASH band.

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Yes I know but so did metallica and other bands, they were considered as real thrash-metal musicians at the start but with time they became more mainstream and was called a ¨arena-rock band¨. That is what I've heard.

Plus, Metallica's later material is boring to listen to, Megadeth's style of music always changed on their albums which make them more interesting for listeners. But that is my own opinion.

October 28th 2005


Yes metallica abandoned their thrash roots as well and yes their later material is not up to their potential. But not all thrash bands did. Look at Slayer. Their later material might be quite as good as their 1980s stuff but at least they stuck to who they were.

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I'm with you but Slayer and those type of bands plays a more extreme style and if they totaly changed their style people maybe would stop listen to their stuff. I don't like extreme music but there are a few songs here and there that I like.

Maybe you can recommend me a few songs from Slayer that you like.

Bands that becamed more mainstream maybe thought that they would get a larger fan-base (or something), someones faild and some bands succeded.

October 28th 2005


I can't really think of any bands that succeeded in making better music by sounding more mainstream except Soundgarden.

Slayer is not that much more extream than Megadeth. Just look at some Slayer reviews if you wanna know the good songs but most of their pre 1990s stuff is great.

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This album's definitely a must have if you're into Metal, along with Countdown To Extinction. My favourite songs on here are "Train of Consequences", "A Tout Le Monde", "The Killing Road", and "Blood of Heroes".This Message Edited On 10.28.05

heavy metal kid
October 29th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

i think it's an average album, great review.

Just wondering, why beeing heavier than later albums is a pro, it should be a con not to be as heavier as the past albums.( but heaviness doesn't make an album good or bad)

In Youthanasia Daves voice sounds really bad.

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I think Dave's voice is great, that makes Megadeth so special.

Listen to Nuclear Assault's vocalist on their first albums, they are alot worse than Dave's.

You either love or hate Dave's voice.

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