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July 28th, 2005 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

This is the second album from UK alternative heavyweights, Hundred Reasons. Upon a glance, this is a "emotional" post-hardcore offering, which can get very poppy at times.

Following on from their successful debut album "Ideas Above Our Station" which gained alot of respect on the UK alternative scene, and after proving themselves to be a reputable band with their seemingly constant touring, they signed to major label Columbia Records.

Hundred Reasons' sound on this album can be described as well produced, and often heavy, though very melodic at times, with singing that can be very delicate, and also very raucous.

"Shatterproof is not a Challenge" is a very consistant album, consisting most of heavy rock songs, riff heavy, and with melodies flowing in different parts. It seems that one of Hundred Reasons's traits is to be quite loud for most of the song, then go very soft, and melodic. This works very well for them, and in songs such as "The Great Test" where it is generally energetic, and then in the bridge everything goes soft in comparison. The guitars harmonise, and the drums build up, until it explodes back with vigour.

Lyrically, Hundred Reasons are quite tight and that applies for this album, with simple but interesting lyrics, and usually describing a situation, perhaps with a girl, and most of the songs seem very personal, with exceptions to a song such as "Harmony" in which it seems very meaningless. "Harmony" is however, one of the strongest songs on the album, possibily due to its poppy sound, and aside from the letdown of the meaningless lyrics it has a nice resonance and it is one of the tracks that makes this album a high achiever.

In "Stories with Unhappy Endings" which is notably one of the best tracks on the album, singer Colin Doran sings with might, and finds himself screaming at some points in the verse. The guitars are scratching and essentially making noise while Colin screams, and then when the song leaps into the chorus, the raucus scratching of guitars and screaming are replaced by harmonious chords and a very catchy, well sung set of lyrics; "These are my words to you, so listen carefully.."

Brilliant riffs are also heard in this album, notably in the opening riff to "Lullaby" and in "Pop". "What You Get" is also subject to a basic riff that works very well with the song, and with Colin's knack for producing brilliant choruses it earns it's right to be one of the leadoff singles for the album.

"Pop" is really worth a mention because, it is the only song on the album in which guitarist Paul Townshend sings all the way through, and i assume it is written by him. Not only is his voice excellent, the lyrics are very tight, and it exceeds alot of expectations, maybe he should contribute his singing more frequentely.

Asides from the tracks i haven't mentioned, there are so many good songs littered in this album, and the ones that are unique and stronger are listed above. With the exception of the closer to the album, "Makeshift" which is a very chilled out, emotional acoustic song which fits in so well at the end of the album. Through it's great patterns of the vocals following the guitar arpeggios, and the guitar arpeggios being very good in itself, and the resonance in the background, this is truly a beautiful song.

Although some people seem to disregard this album as a slightly mediocore follow up, possibly due to lackluster promotion, which the debut album recieved in huge quantities, i consider this to be a purely amazing and much better album. Hundred Reasons have come a long way, and i hope the next album will be as good, or better. 4.5/5

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July 29th 2005


I wanted to do a review on them, but did not find the time. Good work :thumb:

February 10th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I love HR. I can't wait to see them later this month.

February 11th 2006


Stories with Unhappy Endings is ACE. decent review. i really need to get this album.

March 16th 2006


let me state this.. I LOVE HR! lol.. a m8 in my boarding house intro'd me to em. i really like this album and i'd say its definitely one of my fav albums ever. 'Lullaby', 'still be here', 'pop' and 'makeshift' r tres orgasmic if u get mah drift. lol.. cant wait for their new album to come out (in like a month!! :D:D)

March 16th 2006


These guys did a Smiths cover for some compilation I have, I wasn't impressed.

April 17th 2006


HR is an awesome band. people dont credit them enough. I love both of their albums v consistent sound but unique. LOVE THEM!!!

December 1st 2023


Album Rating: 3.5

POP is such a sweet tune

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