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March 6th, 2009 | 52 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The Plan 9 From Outer Space of records.

Steven Seagal. You know him: winner of countless Mixed Martial Arts belts for His fighting prowess and winner of countless Raspberry Awards for his acting lack thereof. But what you probably didn’t know is that Steven Seagal had a musical career. That’s right – apart from the “album” being reviewed here, there’s rumour of at least one other collection of musical farts by the King of Mumblers. Which is kind of bizarre, if you think about it – if the guy can’t even talk, how will he sing?

The answer is: atrociously badly. In fact,the whole album is exactly as bad as you imagined it to be. This goês way beyond “deluded celebrity vanity project” status – this is a downright atrocity, and should constitute legal cause for either suicide or a prosecution for torture. In fact, screw Metallica – this is what American soldiers should have fed Iraqian prisoners to get them to talk!

Tasteless puns aside, though, this is pretty bad. It’s not campy, like Ah-nold’s or Hulk Hogan’s albums, nor is it “harmlessly dull” like Lillian Garcia’s debut. This is flat-out bad. Bad beyond salvation. Seagal obviously fancies himself to be some sort of guitar hero, as the cover shows, but anyone expecting a slab of Vai-Satriani instrumental wankery will be sorely disappointed. There is some self-indulgent guitar, sure, but played so laughably badly that you can’t help but cringe. This would never hold up in a fully instrumental, guitar-driven album.

However, I actually wish this album was fully instrumental. That way I wouldn’t have to listen to Seagal try to sing. His tone is flat and expressionless, and while he is obviously going for sentiment in many of these songs, his delivery is about as sincere as his movie dialogue. Here and there, this isn’t such a big problem – well-crafted songs like Don’t You Cry actually manage to overcome these handicaps and be halfway decent. But then there’s the rest of the album.

Hoo boy, the rest of the album. How should I put this… The first few songs are just dull. The first five songs are just dull repetitions of the first one; bad, sure, but not offensive. But then along comes My God, a homophobic, intolerant, downright racist diatribe thinly disguised as “spirituality”. Its centerpiece of “my God is better than your God, my God is bigger than yours” leaves no doubt as to what Seagal is trying to convey, and it is somewhat surprising that no-one made waves about this song. It’s the vilest thing in the album, and the one that really kicks in the atrociousness.

It’s like after My God, the album stops pretending to give a damn. From track #7 onwards, the music suddenly suffers a 180 degree shift, and we go from a country album to a reggae/calypso one. And oh, dear Lord, the reggae/calypso songs! If before we had a white man (who wishes he was native american) trying to be black, now we have a white man (who wishes he was native american) trying to be black trying to be West Indian. Did your minds just implode, too?

The result of this cultural-identity crisis is a laughably awful, so-bad-it’s-good track called Lollipop. This track seriously has to be heard to be believed. Seagal thankfully steps down and leaves the protagonism to some Shaggy wannabe, who is such a breath of fresh air that he actually lets us imagine that this album could be good in the hands of any other artist but Seagal. In latter tracks, he is also joined by his female counterpart, whose voice is pretty good, too.

However, as good as the guests are, the songs suck. You listen to them in slack-jawed disbelief, and the only thought you can muster is “well, at least Seagal isn’t trying to sing reggae”. And then, on Strut, Seagal tries to sing reggae. And your heart caves in.

Seriously, apart from the camp factor, there isn’t a single redeeming factor in the latter half of this album. Ridiculous song follows ridiculous song, including a few brief (and rather dull) returns to country. And as dull as they may be, they’re welcome, because at least when he was doing country, Seagal sounded semi-comfortable. With reggae, he just comes across as awkward.

And did I mention the lyrics. Holy sh*t, the lyrics. Apart from the aforementioned My God brilliancy, Jealousy includes the following piece of high poetry: “you’re like a ghost/the more you eat, the more you’re hungry/ a hungrier ghost”. Sheer genius.

Besides, Seagal doesn’t even make sense in his messages. Jealousy is the clichéd “oh, I’m a huge star, woe is me” rant, while My God is…well, see above. Other songs come across as mysoginistic, while yet others try to show Seagal as a sensitive guy. Coherent much? Wikipedia states that “many of the songs reflect Seagal's esoteric Buddhist and spiritualist stance”. What!? The on ly “spiritual stance” I can find here is the one related to ogling and otherwise appreciating nubile females.

Oh, and did I mention that at one point Seagal states that "my reputation is not for sale"?! Uhhhh...yeah, Steve. Obviously not.

Anyway, enough talking about this piece of crap. I can’t believe little Asian boys were forced to slave away producing thousands of CD’s just so this sh*t could be burned onto them. I can just hear the producers: “hey, Steve, your popularity’s dwindling! You have to put out a CD, it’ll broaden our fanbase, it’ll be great!” Well, guess what – it isn’t. Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s anything but. This, my friends, is the Plan 9 From Outer Space of records. Hey, it’s worse than Sid Sings. And that’s saying a lot.

Remember that famed two-word review for Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich? Well, I could do one like that for this album, too. Those two words would be EPIC FAIL. Very little is commendable on this album, but if you must, Don't You Cry is probably the most bearable song in the album, while Lollipop is the funniest and My God is the most offensive.

But otherwise, keep away. Keep well away. You have been warned.

Recommended Tracks

Don't You Cry

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March 7th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

As soon as I saw this record up for download, I knew this had to be my comeback review. Hope you enjoy it!

March 7th 2009


WHat I find hilarious about Steven Segal was in the beginning of his career, he was a skinny tooth pick kicking untold amounts of ass, then he turned into flubber and started kicking everybodys ass. Should have gone down the Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damn route and used steroids tbh.

Ace review.This Message Edited On 03.06.09

March 7th 2009


I have such mixed thoughts about this review RtR. On one hand, you rubbish Sir Seagal to no end. I mean, do you think you are "Above The Law" or something?

However, 2 wrestling references negate the above fact to draw you back level.

Hmm, there is only one loser out of all of this... & that is the hungry ghost. Steve, feed the f**ken ghost for goodness sake!

March 7th 2009


Always with the puns eh Davey?

March 7th 2009


I like how there's no star graphic for an 0.5

March 7th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

Hey Davey, go listen to the album, dude. Pretty soon you'll be "Out For a Kill". This record, however, is "Hard to Kill".

And if you like wrestling, stay tuned for when I review Lovely Lady Lillian's first full-lenght CD.

March 7th 2009


I'd love to give this a listen. I actually knew it existed because I was trying to think back to one of his movies & went on wikipedia to look for it. When I saw the words "musical career" on the page, I fell off my chair & had a good laugh after looking into it.

And yeah, you could say I know a thing or two about wrestling! Lillian does nothing for me no matter what you are talking about.

March 7th 2009


This has made my day. Just LOOK at the cover. I also like how you can tell his movies are rubbish by looking at the covers. I would love to look up some of these songs. The only 'action star' who can sing would be Bruce Willis, I saw him sing some country hard rock song and it was rather cool.

March 7th 2009


i have to get this :D good review

March 7th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

i found this on a download page, along with Lillian's. i didn't know either existed.

later, talking to a friend, he said he had once heard of a "love song album" by Steven Seagal. i couldn't help but groan. i mean, how does this guy get to record TWO albums?!

then again, how does he get to make a gazillion movies?

oh, and that song Better Man is NOT a Pearl Jam cover. thank god.

March 7th 2009



March 7th 2009


what on earth would make you review such an album!? Good review though

March 7th 2009


Ed Wood references are for the win.

March 7th 2009


Album Rating: 1.0

there was so much left unsaid in this review. like the laughable "dialogue" on Jealousy, between Seagal and a would-be Jamaican "journalist".

or the chorus to Lollipop, which centres around the couplet "My girl Lollipop, you make my heart go 'giddyup'...". unfortunately, i kid you not.

and just how the hell did Stevie Wonder get involved in all this?!

March 24th 2009


Oh this is hilarious. now all we need is a review for the Rick Moranis album "Agorophobic Cowboy".

May 9th 2009


You ought to be parried for such a low rating

May 9th 2009


yeah, this was awful and not in a good way

May 30th 2009


Steven Seagal is the best musician ever.

May 30th 2009


Cover art looks like something from the late 80s/early 90s. But I bet this is the greatest album ever conceived.

May 30th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

This review is all lies.

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