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July 26th, 2005 | 41 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

So here we are with the sixth album Conspiracy Of One, following up to the big smash hit, Americana. In this album, the band show a more poppier and more fun side. The album spawned three successful singles, Original Prankster, Want You Bad and the awesome Million Miles Away.

Now on to the review:

Californian pop-punksters The Offspring started life in Orange County. They released their Self-Titled which only published 5000 copies. Then they signed to Epitaph and released Ignition and then they made it big and ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. Ok, on to the album itself. The album starts off with a Beach Boy saying “When we’re ready to sing, we step up to the microphone and it comes out something like this.” Then goes to the up-tempo Come Out Swinging. Starts with an awesome bassline. The song feels like a “Get ready for this!” song. It’s nothing special but it does get you pumped.

Next song is the mainstream pop hit Original Prankster. It is quite catchy and is a fun song you can jump about to. Who cares if it’s a hit" The Offspring are better at fun funny songs. It features a guest appearance from Redman who does two words during the chorus, AMAZING!!! Haha, well, it does add the cheeky effect in the song. Want You Bad was also a commercial song. It is also a fun song but without the cheeky lyrics. The lyrics are a bit kinky though. It’s a good song throughout.

Another radio hit but more on a serious side is the brilliant Million Miles Away. Problem is the “Woahs!” in the chorus get annoying but make great for a nice sing-a-long. Next is the juicy Dammit, I Changed Again which is the usual “Offspring trying to be serious” song. It’s an okay song but the Offspring know they were born for the fun songs. The bass-lines are some that you could actually hear and are quite good.

Living In Chaos is a jump about song. Dexter said they made this song for fans “To jump around to” and a good thing they did too. The song is dead simple and it’s a very jumpy one that’s I’ve described. My favourite part is when Dexter sings “Falling, falling, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Special Delivery is a very weird song and it’s something the Offspring has never did. The verse has some weird Synth and the chorus is something I can not describe. The bass is top-notch on this track aswell. Speaking of fun songs. One Fine Day is about being a normal punk rebel. The chorus is really fast. The whole song is up-tempo but the third verse is a bit slower but keeps the same beat and rhythm and then surprise, surprise, the chorus.

Next song is the short punk song All Along. It’s short and fast, not much else to describe about it. Denial, Revisited is a sort of power ballad. The drums are nice and simple in this song. The lyrics are about having a fight with your girlfriend. The chorus is strong and beautiful. This song is incredibly underrated in my opinion. This is the longest on the album clocking in at 4:32. Incredibly long for an Offspring song, or a punk song in general.

Vultures takes a riff or two from Dirty Magic I think(sic) In my opinion, the best song on the album. The riff at the start is awesome and easy to play for the enthusiast beginner. The chorus has the traditional “Yeah” here and there. It has a guitar solo! It’s easy but good for a beginner aswell. It’s an awesome song throughout. Now for the proper final song. The fast, smooth title-track Conspiracy Of One. It’s fast, I can say that and it’s short, so it’s the typical punk song then. Next is the suppose bonus-track Huck It, a song they did for the same titled movie. It’s more fast fun but they use it as earlier Offspring albums do it.

Dual-disc Features:

Americana videos:
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
She’s Got Issues
Why Don’t You Get A Job
The Kids Aren’t Alright

Their is also a karaoke feature where you can sing along with One Fine Day and a short promotion of their stunt-video.

What a value for money.

Dexter Holland – Is the singer and rhythm guitarist, he has a high-pitched voice that some people find annoying. He just recently picked up the guitar for this album. Uses too much “whoa!” in my opinion.

Noodles – Ok, not his real name but his nickname amongst the band. Plays guitar, he pretty much does rhythm but does some short solos here and there. I like his playing but I also like his guitar, his signature Ibanez is sweet.

Greg K. – I think this is the strongest part of the band. He has bass you can really hear. There is also bass solos!

Ron Welty (replaced by some dude named Atom in 2003) – Ron is quite fast with his drums but seriously, he uses the same drum-beat in nearly every song which is a bit poor.


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July 26th 2005


lawl, I complimented myself/This Message Edited On 12.28.05

July 26th 2005


great album. love One Fine Day, Living In Chaos, Special Delivery, Come Out Swinging, Million Miles Away, and Original Prankster. hate Want You Bad

Music Nerd
July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Nice review. I always thought Dexter played guitar on their earlier albums too. Thanks for clearing that up. I've been digging this album a lot lately. A bunch of great pop-punk songs.This Message Edited On 01.29.06

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

Great review, and better than the other one.

This is the Offspring album I like the least.

I dont know, I guess it just gets old.

My favorite track is the title track, which everyone thinks is complete sh!t.

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I agree. Solid album. Good review.

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

He Has no fricking idea what he's talking about.

Dexter always played rhythm Guitar, not just recently, and Greg's last name is Kriesel not Kinn. Thirdly, Greg is the weakest part of the band if you talk to any fans. Every bassline played in the album is stunningly simple. Nextly, there shouldn't be a dual disc version, It's just an enhanced cd. Lastly, You shouldn't say The singers voice is high, they'll get the wrong impression and start thinking Tom Delonge and Simple Plan High. It actually isn't high, just is rough and scratchy. Sounds somewhat similar to Millencolin.

Nice review, but you REALLY need to get your facts straight.This Message Edited On 07.26.05

July 26th 2005


[quote=FauxApathy]but you REALLY need to get your facts straight.[/quote]
Most of that was opinion.

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Half of it wasn't. More than half in fact, 3/5. I know I may be new, but I am not stupid.This Message Edited On 07.26.05

July 26th 2005


1/7 of it wasn't.

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

If I word it different it works differently, i'm talking facts, not sentences. I don't see why this matters anyway. I was pointing out that his review had some faults in it. Weather some of the things I said were facts, and some were opinions, I'll distinguish now.

He got the bassists last name wrong, The singer always played Rhythm guitar, and The Cd is not available in Dual Disc Format. Everything else in my previous post was opininated, but please still take it into consideration. Thats better for you I hope.

July 26th 2005


One of the only CDs I ever ever returned. Horrible, bought it based on "Original Prankster" and it was the only good track.

July 27th 2005


Come Out Swinging is easily the best song on that CD. Original Prankster is catchy, but lame. Most of the Offspring's recent stuff just plain gets boring after a while.

July 27th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Don't worry about it. I said you had a nice review didn't I?

August 4th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Are you talking to me? Or did someone else post then deleted it?

edit: well if you are talking to me, I see no reason why I should be banned, and no reason as to why to would jump to such heights as to report me after I tried to make some small corrections to your review. If people were banned for doing that, I could find you twenty more names to report.This Message Edited On 08.04.05

August 4th 2005


[quote=constant]I still can't hear a rhythm guitar.[/quote]
It's either set low in the mix, or it's just doubling what Noodles is playing, I guess.

August 5th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

(If you want to hear two guitars, Come Out and Play clearly has two guitars, Dexter's doing the middle eastern riff, and noodles backing up greg's bassline.)

September 5th 2005


I think this album is good, but Ixnay and Smash and Americana were better. I suppose you have to appeal to everyone if you want to make it big though..

November 16th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i dont think that americana was better then this

Electric City
November 16th 2005


If I was to get an Offspring Album after Greatest Hits, what would it be?

November 16th 2005


I never really liked this album. Didn't like the title track, and all the other songs were just okay.

Maybe I'll give it another chance.

Good review though.

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