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July 24th, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

About Goldfinger: Goldfinger is my favorite band now,I got their cds in backwords order(not exact order but for the most part yeah),the first cd I got was "open your eyes",it was a great album,then I got the 2005 album "disconection notice"and that album was a bad cd comepared to their other one ones,then I got "hang ups" the album im reviewing now and its good maybe not the best album by goldfinger but still good,then I got the self-titled album that was made in 1996 and it was their first album recorded and that was the best goldfinger album ever with fast drums,blasting guitars,and that perfect punk sound.Their is another goldfinger album called "stomping ground" I think.Im gonna get that album as soon as I can.

About this album:This album is a little different then their first,their first album was more fast paced and loud,while this album is moremedium speed and medium paced for the most part.This album is still good but no goldfinger album can beat goldfingers first album.You might have heard the song "superman" on the first tony hawk game for play station.

2.My head
3.If only
4.The lonely place
5.20 cent goodbye
9.Too late
10.I need to know
13.The last time
14.Chris Cayton

fav songs
my head

superman-This song start with like a 1 secound drum intro,then the guitar comes in and a new drum beat comes at same,then a trumpet comes in!!!But it still sounds good with the trumpet.The verses and chorus have about same speed.Well the whole song has the same speed and sound level.This was the song on the tony hawk game for play station.

rating 5/5

my head-This song starts with a quite guitar and it starts with vocals too.Then drums come in,the guitar and bass get louder,and they are the same vocals as the first time.The chorus has cool guitars and the bridge is quite then the chorus blasts with cool guitars.Overall this song was awseame.

rating 5/5

if only-This song is a little let down.It start quite with a simple drum beat but the guitar is catchy.The song gets louder and a little faster around the bridge but this song is not really one of the songs thats good.I just skip this song most of the time.

rating 2/5

this lonely placeThis song starts with a weird sound but then the guitar comes in,then the whole band starts playing,but this song is just like "if only".Its not that catchy,the music itself is even kinda boring.This is another song that I skip.

rating 2.5/5

20 cent goodbye-Once again,another song like the previous 2 songs.Its not that fast,loud,or having blasting guitars.It also sounds musicwise simalar.Its to slow and boring,I just dont find this song very catchy.Its another song I skip.

rating 2/5

question-Awseame!!!Now this song is a kicka** song.It starts with a guitar and vocals(fast).Then the chorus is fast and loud.Then the verse is just like the chorus but the the verse was skiped the first time,instaed of intro,verse,chorus it was intro,chorus,verse.Anyway,its a kicka** song.Just like most of the songs on the first album.

rating 5/5

disorder-This song is another good song.It has a medium verse,the chorus has to halfs,one half is slow and the other is medium.Their is a guitar solo that fits perfect with the song.This song isnt as good as "superman","my head",and "question" but its not as bad "if only","this lonely",and "20 cent goodbye".

rating 4/5

carlita-This song is simalar to the other songs,medium speed,not very loud,but the song does pick later.Also, their is a saxaphone solo!!?Well,im not a big fan of the saxaphone but many other people might like it.This song alright.

rating 3.5/5

too late-Now this a great song.Its got great guitar riffs and the song isnt quite and boring.It start medium-fast,then gets slower for awhile,then medium-fast again.This song is still not as good as "superman","my head",and"question" but still good.

rating 4/5

I need to know-This song isnt bad but isnt good.It starts with a guitar and the drums are normal.The song stays simalar like many of the songs on the album.I will listin to this song but not much.

rating 3/5

authority-This song is great.It starts with a cool guitar intro(fast).The drums come in,then the whole band plays and rock out.Their is no down side to this song.Its just like "superman","my head",and "question".Its a kicka** song.

rating 5/5

S.M.P.-This song has a cool verse,the singers voice sounds so different(i cant explain,you just got to hear it).Also,their isnt a chorus or bridge.Its just a verse thats one minute and one secound.


the last time-This song is good.I like the bass intro thing.This song is simalar to the song "spokesman" on the "open your eyes" album.The verses are normal speed but the music it self is good.I dont know why they put this song so far back in the album tracklist.

rating 4.5/5

Chris Cayton-Another good song.Not the best song ever but still good.The chorus is funny,id tell you but I dont wanna give it away.Just get the album and see for yourself,or hear for yourself,lol.Ahhhh what ever.


Overall,this album was good.Tracks 3-5 were the biggest let down but ive seen worse.Goldfingers first album which was self-titled,was there best album and you should get that one and this one too.The only goldfinger album you should get is disconection notice because its more poppy,unless you like poppy music,but all the other goldfinger albums are good and punk.

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July 25th 2005


yeah, this is better than the first. good job.

July 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Best Goldfinger album. Too bad it's their last real ska-punk album.

The Musician
July 25th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Yeah, it was their last ska-punk CD. I liked their ska stuff, but they've just turned too pop-punk for my liking.

Tenacious Z
September 19th 2005


Tracks 3-5 were some of my favorites. But to each his own, I guess.

July 5th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

damn dude u have no appreciation for ska music whatsoever

October 14th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

im seriously thinking about writing a new review for this.

this is their most ska-influenced album, and its being reviewed by someone who doesnt sound like they even know what ska is.

October 14th 2009


yeah this is a pretty good album

March 11th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Superman rocks. So many awesome nostalgic memories of playing the first Tony Hawk's pro skater game with that on the soundtrack. Good shit.

February 2nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

tony hawks pro skater.


Mister Twister
October 31st 2013


bumping the best review in sputnik history

March 30th 2014


Album Rating: 2.0

its easy to forget but there are a few good tracks on this old record

My Head and Disorder for example.

sadly many tracks are not so good

May 8th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Wow this review is all kinds of aweful. Not even a mention of ska in there. Vocabulary of a 6 years old kid. weird.

September 25th 2020


Album Rating: 3.5

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

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