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July 18th, 2005 | 81 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

This my first review I've written so sorry if its a bit s**te. This album is considered by many to Ministry's masterpiece (personally I think that "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste" is better.), but even if you don't agree it is a beast of an album. The perfect blend of thrash metal and industrial grind, it manages to be heavy as f**k and still be catchy as an STD. It boast a mean production job by Hypo Luxa/Hermes Pan (Band members Al and Paul.) everything on this album sounds dirty, grime encrusted and harsh. Just buy it and you see what I mean.

Track 1 - N.W.O

What a way to kick off an album. It start of with a bass drum roll and guitars crashing in. The builds to a two chord riff. The cyclical riffing and drumming giving this relentless feel to the song. This is a response to America's involvement in the Gulf War with lines like "All the locals hide their tears of regret." and samples of George Bush Snr. saying "This is about good and evil right and wrong. A new world order." Pure rock fury. 4/5

Track 2 - Just One Fix

My favorite track on this album. It feature my favorite Ministry riff of all time. Starting of with samples of people screaming in agony and the a demented voice saying "Never trust a junkie." (I think this is Gary Oldman in "Sid & Nancy".) It really does give the idea of the hellish experience of a heroin addict desperate for another hit, the frenzied delivery of the vocals as Al screams the heavily distorted lyrics. One to mosh to. 5/5

Track 3 - TV II

A response to the amount of bulls**t that is fed to us through the idiot box. The music is like hard drum and bass for metalhead with some insanely fast Thrash metal riff over the top. The vocals are delivered with venomous fury. This track is one of the least catchy of the lot but is personally one of my favorites. 5/5

Track 4 - Hero

Another song refering to the Gulf war, with lyrics like "We'll take the gas that we need, and pump the blood on the ground." It talks of how the polititians who send the soldiers to war talk about how just they are in doing so, but their is always another agenda and how it is the people who fight in the war are the ones that bear the cost. A catchy as hell riff that wouldn't sound out of place on an Anthrax album. 5/5

Track 5 - Jesus Built My Hotrod

Words can't describe, gibberish lyrics, awesome riff in a weird time signature, really fast Gibby Haines of the Butthole Surfers on vocals. A beautiful mess, but not for everyone. 4/5

Track 6 - Scarecrow

Not really sure what to say about this one, a slow doomy number, like an indusrtial equivalent to "Black Sabbath". A long slow burning number about a person who has no hope with Al snarling lyrics like "Eyeless stares invite this whole damnation, laughter fills the sky instead of rain." Really cool song and cool imagery in the lyrics, probably what the end of the world souns like. I like it.

Track 7 - Psalm 69

The title track is probably the weakest song on here, its just a little cheesy, with the choir of voices over a march like beat. Its still cool though especially when the main riff comes in during the verses with a 6/8 rhythym like some sort of demented ho-down and breaks down at the end. The lyrics are a blatant inditement of how religion tries to dominate peoples lives eg. "The body of Christ omes on to me, a preacher with God in his hands. He wants you to suck on the holy ghost, and swallow the sins of man. 4/5

Track 8 - Corrosion

The first of two instrumentals,starting of with a slowed down voice repeated over and over again this has sirens, punishing programmed beats
and lots of weird samples, noises etc. Really cool but not for everyone, more for fans of Aphex Twin than Slayer. 4/5

Track 9 - Grace

A noise collage really no real structure to it, very Godflesh. Has a repetive voice saying "Doomsday the final battle. Doomsday apocalypse." Its intersting but doesn't make for easy listening, masochist music. 3/5

Well I hop you like the review and I hope it makes you go out and buy the album because it rules. Thanks for reading.

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July 18th 2005


Never really got into Ministry, the only song I ever heard was 'No W'. Plus, this is a good review for a first. Maybe a little more info on each song, other than that, it's great. :thumb:

Adam Jones is GOD
July 18th 2005


These guys put on a mean performance, almost scary in its atmosphere.

However, i've never see a reason to get an album. This sounds interesting though

July 18th 2005


This album is really nice.....I remember I was listening to it a a couple of years ago. Ministry have always been an awesome band to me. TV II is the best song on this album.

July 18th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

I remember hearing this a while back, and I remember it not being anything special. Since you gave it a five, you need much, much more detail than what you've got.

Oh, and fix that release date, buddy.This Message Edited On 07.19.05

July 19th 2005


N.W.O. is my all-time favorite video. Great review, man :thumb:

July 20th 2005


Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to take your comments on board. I bashed this one out in about 15 minutes during my lunch break at work so I'll try to spend a little more time on the next one. Maybe I'll do The Mind Is A Terrible thing to taste, or a Revolting Cocks album.

October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This is an album that clearly deserves a 5 rating indeed. Even my ex liked this one :P

December 14th 2005


This has such a unique sound to it, like all of their releases, very dirty and heavy. I love Corrosion, Hero, N.W.O and Scarecrow the best.

And how is Corrosion for fans of Aphex Twin? I don't hear any insane, in-your-face industrial heaviness in Aphex Twin. I think Corrosion is the heaviest song on here.

N.W.O could use touching, you can barely hear the guitar, but it's great when you have decent speakers flowing on.


February 28th 2006


I heard "Jesus Built my Hotrod" today on the radio. I thought it was terrible. Yet this album's rating is a 5/5 and I've heard other people praise Ministry as well. Maybe I should check out more stuff from them...

May 22nd 2006


Jesus Built My Hotrod is a very silly (in a good way) punk song. Don't judge the album on that song, because it has a guest singer and the other tracks are much more metal.

Scarecrow is classic.

June 29th 2006


Corrosion... pure awesomeness

October 12th 2006


I believe the song Scarecrow is about Jesus.

(Crusified so he looks like a scarecrow)

June 14th 2010


These guys sound really interesting

August 15th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

killer album

September 16th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0

I love ministry

September 16th 2010


Me too.

October 5th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

1st band I ever got into, about 17 years ago..

"The body of Christ comes on to me, a preacher with God in his hands. He wants you to suck on the holy ghost, and swallow the sins of man."

I always thought it was ""The body of Christ comes on to me, a preacher with cock in his hands. He wants you to suck off the holy ghost, and swallow the sins of man.

Anyways, Corrosion is definately the best track

October 5th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

oh, and 'Land of Rape and Honey' was their masterpiece

October 13th 2010


why is TV II so fucking good

whole first half of the album rapes and is a hard act to follow

October 13th 2010


yeah, first half is blistering stuff

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