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The Warrior's Code



by Fabz USER (13 Reviews)
July 17th, 2005 | 51 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Dropkick Murphys - Warriors Code


Dropkick Murphys are a punk band from Boston. They are well known for their mix of punk/rock, oi and celtic in their song. The band was create in 1995. Since that time, many members have come and gone. The band first start with the vocalist Mike McColgan (Now Street Dogs lead singer), guitarist Rick Barton, bassist Ken Casey and a couple of different drummer. After, year passes with a couple of EP recording. Then the drummer Matt Kelly join the band. Dropkick Murphys is signed to Hellcat Record and start with their first LP Do Or Die . This album was produced by Lars Frederiksen from Rancid. After this incredible album, Mike McColgan left the band. Al Barr join the band to replaced him as lead vocalist. Then they record their second album consider by many Dropkick Murphy's best, Gang's All Here . Then, the band that was composed of five members extended to a 7 members band. First, Mark Orrell join the band to replace Rick Barton that was leaving the band to getting married. James Lynch (guitar), Spicy McHaggis (bagpipes), and Ryan Foltz (mandolin) also join the band. The the band record their third album in 2001 which is Sing Loud Sing Proud . Then, their fourth album Blackout was realeased in 2003. This album is more known by being the weakest by them. In 2004 they record a EP called Tessie. And finally we come to Warriors Code in 2005.

The album is compose of 13 new songs with the addition of a bonus song, Tessie, from the EP of the same name. The album also have a Pogues cover, The Auld Triangle. The Warriors Code, is to me more celtic influanced than other album. It sound more like Blackout than any other album but it's more work. My expectation were high for this album, I was a bit let down by Blackout (that is still good) and wanted more by them. I think and in some way they have put together a succesful and excellent album and I'll show you my point of view.

Band members

Al Barr (vocals)
Ken Casey (bass guitar, vocals)
James Lynch (Guitar)
Marc Orrell (Guitar, Accordian)
Scruffy Wallace (bagpipes)
Tim Brennan (Accordian, tin whistle, guitar, mandolin,bass)
Matt Kelly (Drums)



First you will notice that the sound is quite different from the old Dropkick Murphys we were use to. I mean, Dropkick Murphys was more sounding OI and streetpunk on their first album Do Or Die. This one is more turn into celtic, with some irish instrumental mix with a fast punk rock beat. Some will prefer this new sound but it's clear some will find they have let down their roots, the sound that have create Dropkick Murphys. If you can go over this little difference, you will surely like this album. On the lyrical side, the album is excellent. You will find song that are talking about the death of friends, about heroes, also historical song and even story. I think it is a powerful side of this album. The lyrics are really meaningful and well writen. To talk about the album more deeply, it open with a kind of fast song [Your Spirits Alive] in memory of Greg "Chickenman" Riley a friend of the band who died recently. The song is an amazing opening to this album, the sound and lyrics are really strong. The second song [The Warriors Code] is another great song. Not as good as the opening one but still really interesting because it is also the name of the album. So it explain you the decision of the album name. It talk about a legend in boxing, Micky Ward. The band are in admiration for this man who have give is pride, soul, passion and heart to his sport.

Mickey, It's a warrior's code
Mickey He's got the warrior's soul

This show us the reason of the name of the album. Mickey Ward is also the one on the cover of this album. For the one that prefer more instrumental and happy song, you will surely prefer this song [Captain Kelly's Kitchen] .This song is quite original and sound really different from usual Dropkick Murphys song. First, the sound is really different, you will also hear Al Barr and Ken Casey exchanging vocals in an amazing way. Their is also voice acting in the song, because of the different characters. It add ever more life into the song and finally the lyrics are build like a story. So a really interesting song and I would say, one of the best on this album. The next song [The Walking Dead] is more similar to the opening song. It's a fast song with great instrument work and amazing chorus. Then come [Sunshine Highway] and [Wicked Sensitive Crew] are two nice songs more celtic influance in the use of instrument. But it ain't as good as the four first songs. But you will still enjoy it. Then [The Burden] is more slow than the other song. Like the two others before, it isn't as powerful as the first one. It as nice vocal, great drum, but you will need to wait to the next song to get another good one. [Ctitzen CIA] is a really fast song and the lyrics are about politic. The use of politic in Dropkick Murphys song are quite
rare. I really like this part of the song

You'll assemble puppet governments and play the hand of god,
We're an equal-opportunity crime-fighting squad.

In overall this song is different from the other song because it is more fast than other but also the lyrics. Not the a great song, but a good one. Then, we come to the masterpiece of this album.The incredible [The Green Fields Of France],ithis song is a ballad, it is really slow, you will hear piano and mandolin during the song.The strongest aspect of the song is Al Barr vocal.The way he sing and is voice are simply amazing.The sound and vocals fit perfectly together and even with what the lyrics are talking about. The lyrics talk about a soldier who died during the First Wolrd War. I've read that the lyrics were written by a Scottish-born Australian poet call Eric Bogle. I think it was a brillant idea to put it in a song for this album. The song is really emotional and is to me one of the best Dropkick Murphys song ever. Here is a part of the lyrics that I have really like.

The sun shining down on these green fields of France
The warm wind blows gently and the red poppies dance
The trenches have vanished long under the plow
No gas, no barbed wire, no guns firing down

Brillant song, wonderful lyrics, amazing vocal work, near perfection to me. Then we lead to [Take It And Run] which is another fast song. It is not bad, but to me an average song. After,[I'm Shipping To Boston] is another song I really like on this album. I really like the music in this song which is really celtic influance but the vocals at let me down for this song. Then, come a cover of the legendary band The Pogues. It is [The Auld Triangle],this song is simply excellent. It was written by the poet/writer Brendan Behan, and most famously performed by the Dubliners. (credit to Grateful Dead) I start to like this song the first song I've hear it.Once again Dropkick Murphys give all their energy in this amazing song. Great instrumental work and nice vocal that make you want to sing along. [The Last Letter Home] is fast during the riff and slow during the chorus. An other average song to me. Then we come to the last song that is a bonus for this album. It is [Tessie] from the EP of the same name release last year (2004). The song start with a sport announcer saying that Boston Red Sox have win the baseball world championship for the first time in 86 years. I really like this song, piano and bagpipes make it sound wonderful. This show all the support and respect Dropkick Murphys show to the Red Sox. In think it was a great way to end the album. This song is great and it was a good idea to give the chance to the one that didn't get the EP to hear this song.Here is a part of the lyrics

Boston, you are the only, only, only
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Red Sox, you are the only, only, only

In conlusion, I think this album is clearly better than Blackout. Maybe not as good as their older album, but really close to it. It is great in many aspect, in their sound which is really work and polish, in their lyrics that are simply excellent. Also the variety on this album is incredible, you have fast song like [Your Spirits Alive] and [Citizen Cia]. Some other song that are more celtic influance like the amazing [Captain Kelly's Kitchen] and [I'm Shipping To Boston]. Some slower song like [The Green Fields Of France] and [The Burden] . Even a Pogues cover [The Auld Triangle] and an amazing ending song like [Tessie] . If you are a real Dropkick Murphys fans get this album you will surely like it, even for the one that don't really know the band. This album is simply great and one of the best release in punk so far this year. Believe me you will listen to it again and again. It is out of question to put a perfect score to this album since I think it is not as good as their three first album, but I don't see myself giving only a four to an album that is strongly work with plenty of excellent songs. So I give it 4.5 / 5.


The Good

-Amazing sound
-Excellent vocal work by Al Barr and Ken Casey
-Good lyrics
-Strong, powerful and great songs
-Not a bad songs (some are average but their is nothing really bad on this album)

The Bad

-Does not sound like older Dropkick Murphys like on Do Or Die

Track Review

1. Your Spirits Alive 9/10
2. The Warriors Code 8.5/10
3. Captain Kelly's Kitchen 9.5/10
4. The Walking Dead 8.5/10
5. Sunshine Highway 8/10
6. Wicked Sensitive Crew 8/10
7. The Burden 8/10
8. Citizen CIA 8.5/10
9. The Green Fields Of France 10/10
10. Take It And Run 7.5/10
11. I'm Shipping Up To Boston 8/10
12. The Auld Triangle 9/10
13. The Last Letter Home 7.5/10
14. Tessie 9/10

Recommended Tracks

-Your Spirits Alive
-Captain Kelly's Kitchen
-The Green Fields Of France
-The Auld Triangle
-The Warriors Code

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July 17th 2005


Ugh, This is a horrible band.. They cant pull off the Irish Punk on this CD at all in my opinion..

But hey its a good review..

July 17th 2005


I totally respect the fact you don't like the band....I still think it's a great album....

But, thx for the feedback! =)

July 18th 2005


Ok thx I'll do the correction....I'll try to clarify from who the poem was written.

Thx again for your help!

July 18th 2005


Ok but I'll put your correction for the Auld Triangle anyway....

July 18th 2005


I hate the Dropkick Murphys. They do absolutely nothing for me.

The Pogues > everyone else.

July 18th 2005


Hmmm...I guess I'll be one of the few that likes the band. I think they are a pretty cool band.

I should pick this album up, I haven't listened to them in awhile. Good review.

July 18th 2005


Great finally someone who like them!

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Dropkick Murphys are one of my favorite bands and this is my favorite album by them. I recommend the songs Sunshine Highway, Captain Kelly's Kitchen, Citizen CIA, Tessie, The Walking Dead, and Take It and Run.

July 27th 2005


Dropkick Murphys are such a cool band. I love how they incorporated more Irish sounding music into this CD, I like it better then there old stuff, but that's only my opionion.

August 23rd 2005


I love this Cd, but I'm not sure if I agree with your review. My favorite songs are The burden and Citizen C.I.A.

August 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

god i love Dropkick, another solid album by them

September 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

i love dropkick murphy's, going to a concert on oct. 17th @ the roseland theatre. i was at warpped tour also when they performed, then tomarrow i also have the nine inch nails concert in seattle. i love punk, not like, LOVE....love my girlfriend too.

September 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

isorry...that was kinda braggy..gomenesai..^_^

Zesty Mordant
September 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

That was a really good and thorough review. excellent work. I've been meaning to hear this, especially if its anything like Blackout!, which I think is their best album to date.

Skinhead On The MBTA
November 4th 2005


Personally, i just recommend the entire album. You canprobably guess by the screenname whether or not I like DKM. I think Sunshine Highway is an amzing song, probably the best on the album, and I agree that The Green Fields of France show that Al really can sing (some of his stuff on older albums are shouting the words - I like them, but they don;t show his ability as much as TGFOF).

This is probably my favourite DKM album, with Blackout a close second. They are brilliant live as well.

November 4th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This is a very solid album, and the band has always shown a strong punk side while maintaining their foreign roots inside their material. This is one of the few albums I've heard by the band, and it still astonishes me to this day. Also, nicely done, Fabz. I hadnt seen this one before. This Message Edited On 12.09.05

November 4th 2005


great band that sounds original which is a big plus in todays music in the era of generic bands that all sound the same. good review i gotta pick this up soon

May 2nd 2006


i just bought this and was amazed. this is an excellent album each song is different enough not to get boring. green fields of france is a great song lyrically and shows they can actually write unlike the average punk/pop punk band. great great album

June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

WOW...now thats a review

June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

awesum band!!! its so funny tho!!! they hav bag pipes!!!!

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