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Best Of, Vol. 1: Early Days



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July 17th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

If you havn't heard much of any of Led Zeppelin's albums and you want to hear some really good songs you should get the ablbum Early Days. It has some of their most memorable songs from Black Dog to Rock and Roll and proabably the most popular song Stairway To Heaven. Their is also an album called Latter Days with their greatest hits that came later on in their career. Led Zeppelin is probably one of the most famous and greatest bands of all time. They are my favorite rock and roll band. Now lets get on with the review.

Led Zeppelin is:
Robert Plant: Vocals
Jimmy Page: Guitar
John Paul Jones: Bass, Keyboards
John Bonham: Drums, other Percussion


1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave
3. Dazed And Confused
4. Communication Breakdown
5. Whole Lotta Love
6. What is and What Should Never Be
7. Immigrant Song
8. Since I've Been
9. Black Dog
10. Rock N Roll
11.Battle Of Evermore
12.When The Levee Breaks
13.Stairway To Heaven

Track One: Good Times Bad Times
This song was on the first Led Zeppelin ablum. This is the third shortest songs on the record but one of the best. The guitar stands out the most on this song. Using pull-offs on the second verse and also playing this awsome solo. That goes to show how good of a guitarist Jimmy Page is. Great song. 5/5

Track Two: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
This is the first acoustic song on this record. This also was on the first Led Zeppelin record. There are three main riffs he plays. The first one he finger plucks and the other two are chords. Excellent vocal work by Robert Plant on this song. This is just one of the many great acoustic songs by Led Zeppelin. 4.5/5

Track Three: Dazed and Confused
Another song that came out on the first record. This just goes to show how good this band is. The first 2:00 the vocals are what stands out the most and then it starts to pick up and leads into the crazy guitar solo.

Track Four: Communication Breakdown
This song was also on the first cd. The guitar isn't as crazy and doesn't stand out much until the solo comes in. This is just a quick, short, great song to listen to. 4/5

Track Five: Whole Lotta Love
This is probably one of Zeppelin's most famous songs. It starts off with that well known guitar riff and leads into the chorus and back. Now for the minute in a half after that it is just the drums with this weird sound coming from the background. I saw how Jimmy Page did it on one of their dvds but can't really describe it. But after all that comes in this great solo. It might not be his fastest or craziest solo but its one of my favorites and fits in perfect with the song. The rest of the song is almost just the same as the beginning. 5/5

Track Six: What Is and What Should Never Be
Coming off of Led Zeppelin II this is a terrific song. The first half the verses are soft and quiet and it picks up at the chorus. The solo is all sliding but after the solo comes my favorite part were he plays the chords along with the scratching while Robert Plant rambles on. 4.5/5

Track Seven: Immigrant Song
The song starts off with that very catchy riff with the yelling in the background. This is another short song but a very catchy one with that riff played over and over again along with the lyrics. 4/5

Track Eight: Since I've Been Loving You
This is like a blues song with the guitar playing he does. This has excellent guitar work starting off with this little soloish piece. Robert Plant's vocals are great on this song. He gives it that blues kind of feeling. You can also find another great solo on this one. 5/5

Track Nine: Black Dog
This has got to be my favorite Zeppelin song coming off the popular album Led Zeppeling IV. Jimmy Page plays these awsome riffs throughout the whole song. Again Plant's vocals stand out. The best part of this song has got to be the solo coming at the very end. This has got to be one of the greatest solos on this album. 5/5

Track Ten: Rock and Roll
Most likely everyone has heard this song. This also came off Led Zeppelin IV. The drums start off this song which is followed by this blues riff by Page. Another great song. 4/5

Track Eleven: The Battle of Evermore
This song sounds like a folk song. Nothing really intrests me on this song. This is probably my least favorite on the whole album. 3/5

Track Twelve: When the Levee Breaks
This is not a bad song but not the best. Their is good guitar work, vocals, and everything else but nothing really stands out. 3/5

Track Thirteen: Stairway to Heaven
This is probably the most famous song by Led Zeppelin. This was first heard on their album Led Zeppelin IV. The song starts off with an acoustic playing along with John Paul Jones on the keyboard which brings the song together. After one time through the vocals come in. After a little while he starts to play chords along with it. At about after five minutes the most popular solo of all the others starts. In an issue of Guitar World along time ago Jimmy Page tells about how he made three different solos for the song and chose the best one. That goes to show how good of a musician he is. After the solo the song picks up alot. It ends with bending by the guitar and Robert Plant singing the lyrics "And she's buying the stairway to heaven." This is just a classic song even though alot of people think it's overatted. 5/5

This is a good album to get to remember all the classic Zeppelin songs on just one cd. I give this album 4.5/5. Please rate this review. Also for recommended albums I didn't mean to put Beyond the Apocalypse that just happened for some reason.

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July 18th 2005


Yeah, a bit more detail would be nice. Apart from that, good work

July 26th 2005


what when the levee breaks only 3 stars???? absurdity

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I agree with cheeto-t, When the Levee Breaks is a classic.

August 31st 2005


Great album, not-so-great review

August 31st 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

When the Levee Breaks and Battle of Evermore shouldn't have been on there. Two songs I could've done without. I didn't like your review. It lacked the detail and grammar. I can't believe you didn't mention the astounding bass work on some of the songs either. JPJ > Page. :upset:

December 28th 2005


great CD,i have this and latter days aswell

December 29th 2005


Omg only one of the greatest CD's ever made...almost every single one is a classic...a bad review..especially for Since I've Been Loving You....that has to be one of the greatest and hardest solos (which i can play) ever...its a little more than blues, "When the Levee Breaks" is a classic....only ones that i think didn't fit up to the rest of the album were Communication Breakdown and the Immigrant Song...the Immigrant song is pretty good but, communication breakdown isn't the greatest

December 29th 2005


Ent, I agree with you part way about jpj. Although, I think that a lot of people enjoy When the Levee Breaks, and it was a nice choice here. Overall, LZ has too many good Early Songs to put on one disc, but they esentially fit hte best ones on here.

March 19th 2006


I love people who think Zeppelin are the greatest band ever in the history of time.
It's cute.

Anyway, not a terrible review, but too minimal. We need more details than simply "a short song with an awesome solo" etc. Then again, I've written two reviews and they're both total bollocks, so I probably shouldn't point any fingers.

May 14th 2006


I'm not going to bother sugar-coating it. This was a poor review.And I think Led Zeppelin was one of the greatest. Hence the name. This Message Edited On 05.16.06

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