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Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

In the span of 15 minutes, the Apex Theory progresses their musical style and perfects ideas that they had previously unable to achieve. Topsy-Turvy, while intriguing, did not live up to the potential of the band. The Apex Theory are signified by their unique musical style, which mixes Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Near Eastern music with elements of alternative rock, funk rock, jazz and progressive rock. This diverse collection of influences, combined with the fact that the band members are of Armenian descent, earned them comparisons to System of a Down, whom former vocalist Andy Khachaturian was a drummer for at one point, not that one would ever confuse the two bands, as The Apex Theory have never sounded anything like System of a Down. As of yet, the two bands only share the kind of metaphoric lyricism present on SOAD's Mezmerize/Hypnotize albums, but no musical elements, although both bands perform material that is intriguingly complex.

The Apex Theory's debut LP, Topsy-Turvy, is best remembered for its single "Shhh... (Hope Diggy)", in which Khachaturian seems to be mixing singing with a form of fast rapping, a choice that did not fit the material, as none of the other songs contained such aspects. With Khacharturian gone, the membership is limited to Art Karamian singing and performing on guitar, Dave Hakopyan performing bass, and Sammy J. Watson playing drums. Karamian is stronger as a vocalist, showing his ability to handle the range and emotions required for the material, effectively handling vocalization ranging from singing to yodeling.

Lightpost consists of four movements, each more atmospheric than the last, recalling for the most part, no other musical artist. "Awkward Nerve" is the fastest of the movements, with "Nine" the slowest, ending on a subtly effective low note. "Ambient Romance" and "Audition" remain consistent in style, often recalling apparent influences as diverse as Pink Floyd and Radiohead, although one might be hard pressed to make these comparisons as the Apex Theory is a band whose overall sound remains incomparable and truly unique in a musical world lacking originality.

Lightpost mixes the traditional instruments with various orchestral instrumentation. The Apex Theory would soon conclude its metamorphosis a few months later with the release of the band's second LP, Faces, reappearing under the name Mt. Helium. Lightpost is a short, but worthy excursion into a unique alternative/progressive/world fusion. Recommended.

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January 14th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

This needed a lot more information on it even if it is just a one song EP. My main issue is that you mention that the old vocalist is apparently not in the band anymore and that vocals are now handled by their guitar player... well, how does that work out? How does he compare to the other vocalist? what is his style? A little more information on the music contained on this EP would have been nice too.

four movements, each more atmospheric than the last, recalling for the most part, no other musical artist
That gives no information at all, unfortuantely.

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January 14th 2009


dude seriously SLOW DOWN. You are making 1-2 reviews per day and you can see that most of them are made very carelessly. Just take some time with your reviews, better make 1 great review, then 8 hurried reviews. Try to give some more information. And read the suggestions the other users give you!

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