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January 14th, 2005 | 92 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Slipknot- Slipknot (Self-Titled)

Band Members:

Sid Wilson- dj/turntables
Joey Jordison- drums
Paul Gray- bass
Chris Fehn- custom percussion/backup vocals
James Root- rhythm guitar
Craig Jones- samples/media
Shawn Crahan- custom percussion/backup vocals
Mick Thompson- lead guitar
Corey Taylor- vocals

Producer: Ross Robinson

(Before anything I must state that yes, I know, I’m going to have many people hate me for this. Yes, I know, but that isn’t going to stop me from reviewing this CD which I consider a CD that people should at least listen to first before judging it. Plus some of the stuff in this review was borrowed from [url][/url] and I give them credit for helping me explain some of the meanings of the songs.)

(This post is pretty big, just so you know.)

Here’s an explanation of the band.

Rarely since the fiery crash of Buddy Holly's plane in 1959 have the words "Iowa" and "rock and roll" been used in the same sentence. As we've come to know it, Iowa means corn, livestock, conservatism, and precious little else. And like a thousand other landlocked heartland nowhere, it brims with kids dying from boredom, and with small-minded politicians trying to keep their little slice of Americana quaint, quiet, and soul-crushingly sterile. But the kids aren't all right - they're getting pissed.
And in Des Moines, their rage has a name: Slipknot. Draped in Ed Gein-style coveralls and nightmarishly surreal masks, touting a sound patched from the best parts of metal, hip hop, violent L.A.-style "new metal," and armed with a multidimensional percussive onslaught the weight of a hundred Neubautens, you could call Slipknot equal parts style and substance. You could also call it payback time for Middle America.
In a recent Alternative Press cover story, drummer Joey explained the band's vitriolic attack this way: "All of us were so used to having the middle finger thrown at us, that when we finally threw it back, we did so with ten times the venom."

Now, on to the songs.

1. 742617000027- This song is just samples and noises. It’s just repeating “The whole thing I think is sick" over and over as it starts to go back and forth from speeding up to slowing down. The name of this track is the barcode number from their boiler suits off their first CD (Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat) and it leads up to the first actual track.

2. (sic) – (sic) is a literary term that a author includes after a line of text that indicates that s/he knows it’s wrong, but s/he’s including it. It means “said in content" and (sic) has been used by the fans to describe the band Slipknot. This is a very angry track and it is a very good track to get some aggression out. The band made this track first for a reason and that reason is to introduce people to what Slipknot is all about: Anger and Hate.

Favorite lyric: “You can’t kill me cuz I’m already inside you."

3. Eyeless- This song is heavy. That pretty much sums up the feeling of this song. It’s basically about how Corey doesn’t know his father, hence the lyrics.

Favorite lyric: “I am my father’s son. He’s a phantom, a mystery, and that leaves me NOTHING!"

4. Wait & Bleed- This song is a change from the rest. It’s a little less metal and more rock. That’s not to say it isn’t heavy. Hell, every Slipknot song is heavy, but this ones a little more rock. More safe, you could say. That is, until you know what the lyrics are about. “It’s about this guy that keeps having repetitive black and white dreams of himself laying in a bath of blood with his wrists slit… and one day he wakes up and he finds this dream a reality but he doesn’t want to believe this so he basically waits and bleeds." Quote from Corey Taylor. This song is defiantly the most known Slipknot song and the most played, though not ruined by mainstream success.

Favorite lyric: “I felt the rise up in me, kneel down and clear the stone of leaves, I wonder out where you can’t see, inside my shell I wait and bleed."

5. Surfacing- This could be the new national anthem to all the angry people out there (Check out my favorite lyric and you’ll see why.) This song is telling us that we don’t have to answer to anything or anyone. Don’t worry about anybody else. Just worry about yourself.

Favorite lyric: “F*** it all, F*** this world, F*** everything that you stand for, don’t belong, don’t exist, don’t give a sh*t, don’t ever judge me."

6. Spit it Out- This song was written in response to some people worked at a local radio station in Des Moines, Iowa. They were people who worked hard trying to keep Slipknot off the air.

Favorite lyric: All you wanna to do is drag me down. All I wanna do is stamp you out.

7. Tattered & Torn- This song has been know to creep out a few people. The beginning starts out with some wind noises then comes in the weird noises followed by Corey singing. This song is all about suicide and basically about killing oneself by slitting wrists.

Favorite lyric: “Tearing myself apart, from the things that make me hurt!"

8. Me Inside- This song is about someone who’s fed up with another person and their actions. The story progresses and tells how s/he finally snaps. It’s all about the rage and anger of failing and being mocked.

Favorite lyric: “Giving into what has got me, bleeding, claustrophobic, scarred. Severed me from all emotion, life is just too f***ing hard."

9. Liberate- Heavy song all the way. If you’re mad this song will be your best friend. This song is about a high school kid who’s scared to death by everyone and everything. It’s about someone who gets bullied and picked on everyday and must go to great lengths to prevent it from happening every day.

Favorite lyric: “Liberate - My madness (One of me, all of you) Liberate - My madness. I just want to..."

10. Prosthetics- Starts out with drums and then follows with some guitar work and enters more drums until it gets really going in song. The song’s about a guy who kidnaps this girl and basically adds her to his collection and keeps her there. At the end of the song he ends up killing her then having sex with her. Really f***ed up song, but awesome at the same time, but that’s how most of Slipknot’s songs are.

Favorite lyric: “Keep in mind, I am with you. Never left out fate, can't concentrate. You will be mine!"

11. No Life- Starts out with guitar and then Corey basically rapping. I feel as this is a prelude to “People=Sh*t" on Slipknot’s latest CD, Iowa. This song is all about how everyone is sh*t. All you have is yourself and so called “freedom". Everyone’s going to turn around and stab you in the back. It’s like whenever you need them the most they won’t help because they’re to busy worrying about themselves to carry about you.

Favorite lyric: My freedom is best, whole country's on house arrest and everyone's a suspect. You can't feel the flow because you died; face down on a suicide. The muthaf***er's on self-destruct. Nobody guardin' your back, it's all a front. Save this! My rage is bliss! I'm takin' names and gettin' pissed!

12. Diluted- Fast start for this song starting with drums and the guitars going. This song’s about people who are incapable of living. They’re haunted by others, themselves, and emotional problems.

Favorite lyric: “What the hell did I do to deserve all of this""

13. Only One- Corey is f***ing pissed in this song. He’s pissed at some asshole who’s been talking some serious **** about him. Not only is he pissed, but he’s going to break that f***er’s face! Great song if you’re in a sh*tty mood about someone putting you down.

Favorite lyric: “All I hear is human noise. You made your own f***in' choice. I belong to only me. Silence for my revelry"

14. Scissors- Once again, Slipknot makes a weird sounding song work out. There are no vocals until about 1:43 then it becomes creepy until it becomes heavy as hell. There is no real meaning to this song except nothing matters.

Favorite lyric: “Biding my time until the time is right."

15. Eeyore- This song is what Slipknot really is. They’re based on the theory that they would never give up any style of music that they loved to play, for anyone.

16. Get This- Starts with a monstrous scream from Corey then goes really fast from there. It’s about how Corey hates all the bands who think they’re so big and stuff. This song is full of anger and is heavy as f***.

Favorite lyric: “Get this or DIE!"

I give Slipknot a 4/5.

Thanks for your time. Please go ahead and praise me or, if you rather, hate me. Hell, at least download a f***ing song before telling me off.

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January 29th 2004


i really like this album. :cool:

surfacing, wait and bleed, spit it out and (sic) are my favourite tracks. :thumb:

well done.

*met joey last time slipknow played in glasgow*

January 29th 2004


Sic definitely has a lot of energy, and I like that a lot. I also like the phrase "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes!" from the next track.

I think I've grown out of Slipknot once I started playing bass and couldn't hear theirs (except for that tiny solo in Surfacing), but they're all right.

The JoZ
January 29th 2004


I like a few songs of theirs...Spit it Out is awesome as far as they go...but alot of their songs sound like noise...and they have about 3-4 members too many...

January 30th 2004


I'm going to suprise everyone I know on this board and say:

Yep, I like this album.

It's one of the more innovative nu-metal albums out there. I'd rate it 1.5/5 just because it's extremely inaccessable to anyone but angry teenagers, and the music kinda blows.

Anger is a nice emotion, but there are other things in life.

But I still like it.

January 30th 2004


cool album, i love it, im just never in the moodfor it these days.

January 30th 2004


I like the tracks Wait and Bleed, and Liberate, and Spit it out a bit. But IMO this is not the best example for metal/metalcore/whatever out there, and would not say that this album is a record you can convience people of this genre (what your rating of 4 out of 5 implies). For me, the record was not worth the money. Anyway, that are just my two cents.

Nice review.

My personal rating: 2.5 - 3/5, if I'm good mooded. (2/5 if bad mooded... ;))

January 30th 2004


I used to really like Slipknot but now i don't; but this is still a really good Cd, the riffs are excellent, its pure rage and the samples are really well done. I still think theres FAR too many members though.

3/5 methinks.

we all gonna die!
January 30th 2004


I'd give it 4/5 but I used to like them more than I do now.
Where have all the people gone who always complain about how s*** they are?

January 30th 2004


^^^ do you want me to? they play 'angry' music so little 14 year old posers can think they are ****ing hardcore or something. why do they wear masks? they look ****ing retarded, are they meant to scare us or something?

threadstarted: i dont hate you or want to tell you off for reviewing this album. hell i couldnt give a **** what people listen to. i just really dont like this band.

January 30th 2004


You really can't judge a band just by the way they look. But the music seems to reflect that, so what the hey?

January 31st 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Personally, I like it, and since I've been having a fairly hard year, I've been listening to it more and more. Yeah, it's immature as hell, musically shallow, and lyrically one sided, but if you're angry, it's a good way to release that without hitting something.

I disagreed with a few of your favorite lyrics, i.e. Only One: "Only one of us walks away." the perfect "I hate your guts" lyric.

I'll second your 4/5 rating, but only if you're so inclined (see also pissed.)

January 31st 2004


Stone Sour > Slipknot

The JoZ
January 31st 2004


[QUOTE=br3ad_man]Stone Sour > Slipknot[/QUOTE]

Meh...I like Stone Sour, but, Slipknot is better at being insanely angry and overly pissed off...and I've heard SS's s/t, so don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about...

lethal dose
February 2nd 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]^^^ do you want me to? they play 'angry' music so little 14 year old posers can think they are ****ing hardcore or something. why do they wear masks? they look ****ing retarded, are they meant to scare us or something?

threadstarted: i dont hate you or want to tell you off for reviewing this album. hell i couldnt give a **** what people listen to. i just really dont like this band.[/QUOTE]
shut the f'uck up

February 3rd 2004


someone with a deftones album as an avatar shouldnt even begin to insult me

February 3rd 2004


IMHO Slipknot were a novelty. They shook things up a bit. They're tired now...

lethal dose
February 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]someone with a deftones album as an avatar shouldnt even begin to insult me[/QUOTE]
oh, well im very sorry about that then.

February 5th 2004


^^^ WHAT??? i hate punk music. ahaha. and what the hell do you know? you obviously watch MTV far too much because all punk bands that you have heard of ARE pop-punk (blink 182, good charlotts etc) when there are plethoras of punk bands around (bad religion, ramones, the clash, new york dolls, the sex pistols etc) that are NOT pop-punk and didnt live the glamourous lifestyle that the bands that you have mentioned do.
i dunno where you got punk from out of me, my at the drive in avatar, my at the drive in username, or my flotsam and jetsam title, but please, in the future, shut up :P

February 6th 2004


^ God you make yourself out to be an idiot.

Anyway I like this album, it's got some good songs and it's better than IOWA IMO.

February 6th 2004


[QUOTE=sicness]wait a second, i don't watch mTV anymore, they subscription fee is way too expensive anyway, i've heard to mxpx but i'm not so clear with the songs. my buddy is anarcho punk head and he keeps calling me poser all the time so i kinda frustrated but i'm not a poser anymore thankgod. Ok i knew a lot of my fav. nu-metal bands on mtv so what? i like nu-metal and i don't care if they're broadcasted in some perverted martian radio station keen on invading humankind or some sci fi bs like that. don't judge me yet i've HEARD to some death/thrash/whatever man but i prefer NU-metal as no. 1 music of my heart so if you wanna diss nu-metal, go ahead dog i'll still love nu-metal anyway but what makes me sick is that you judged me. DON'T EVER JUDGE ME!!! (boy that slipknot song is really getting into me) all hail KoRn the god of NU-metal!!![/QUOTE]

did i ever say i didnt like nu-metal? i dont like slipknot so i MUST not like nu-metal - that makes sense. i like some nu-metal bands (deftones mainly) so i wont insult it. did i say anything about thrash metal either??? i have an at the drive in (who are far from punk) avatar - so you jump to the conclusion that i like good charlotte??? stop raving you idiot.
im not going to reply any more, i hate arguing, even moreso with brainless people who dont know what they're talking about, like yourself.

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