Hidden In Plain View
Life in Dreaming



by guitaristBC7 USER (6 Reviews)
July 16th, 2005 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

The New Jersey band Hidden In Plain View released their self-titled EP in 2003. They followed up by releasing the debut album Life In Dreming on Drive-thru records. This is one of the best bands on the label. They are a mixture of rock, emo, and indie.

Hidden In Plain View is:

Chris Amato-bass
Rob Freeman-guitar, vocals
Joe Reo-lead vocals
Mike Saffer-guitar


1. Bleed for You
2. Ashes, Ashes
3. A Minor Detail
4. The Point
5. Twenty Below
6. Garden Statement
7. The Innocent Ones
8. American Classic
9. In Memory
10.Top 5 Addictions
11.Halcyon Daze

Track One: Bleed For You
This is not a bad song to start the cd off. It starts off with the lead guitar playing this little rift while the rythm comes in with some power chords. The verse has some scratching with it. The chorus it probably the weakest part of the whole song. The song stays pretty much the same the whole way through until the bridge where it slows down than starts to pick up again and then we are back to the chorus. 4/5

Track Two: Ashes, Ashes
This is the single of the album and probably the best song of the whole cd. You hear the guitar sliding in then it goes strait into the chorus. There is excellent guitar work on the verses as well as the chorus. The best thing of this song is probably the vocals. The two singers switch off quite a bit which makes it interesting. The only bad thing about this song is that it is too short only going 2:40. 5/5

Track Three: A Minor Detail
It starts off with nothing else but the vocals and then goes into this nice little fill by the guitar. There is good guitar work between the rhythm and lead on this song. This is not a great song but not a bad one.

Track Four: The Point
This is a slower song compared to the rest. Things start to pick up a little bit for the chorus. The lyrics are very emo on this song with lyrics like "I'll wait for you hoping to change your mind hoping's all I can do" which is the chorus. This is one of the weaker songs. 2.5/5

Track Five: Twenty Below
This makes up for the song in front of it. The intro and verse are a little soft and clean but when the chorus starts it all picks up. Palm muting is played for the second verse which leads into the chorus which holds up strong. The bridge is played with just plam muting as well which gives it a little edge. Its followed with some yelling in the background along with some singing and then it becomes soft and clean again for the outro. 3.5/5

Track Six: Gardan Statement
The guitar work is good on this song. It starts off fast and then slows down for the second verse. After the chorus and verses comes the bridge which is the best part of the whole song starts. It has excellent guitar work as well as great vocals. Great way to end the song. 4/5

Track Seven: The Innocent Ones
This is by far the longest song on the album reaching over 6:00 but its also a disapointment. Its another slow and soft song like The Point. I wish there were more songs like Ashes, Ashes. There is nothing that sticks out or that is interesting about this song. At about 3:30 the vocals start to die off and it is just guitars and drums the rest of the way. I think even an acoustic comes in but nothing spectactular. 2.5/5

Track Eight: American Classic
The song starts off with a strong intro and verse. What stands out the most is the vocal work. The singing switches off alot between both the singers over most of the whole song. They probably do that the most of this song. The bridge is the best part of this song. 3/5

Track Nine: In Memory
The drums start off this song displaying the talent of the drummmer. The vocals stand out on the verses the most. The song is pretty well constructed. The bridge is best starting off with the rhthm guitar and then the lead coming in. 3.5/5

Track Ten: Top 5 Addictions
This surprisingly is not a bad song. After listening to the first half of the album it didn't look so good for the rest. This song makes up for some of it though. There is good guitar work throughout the song but it follows the same pattern as alot of their other songs Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, and then Outro. It starts to get a little repetitive. 4/5

Track Eleven: Halcyon Daze
Well this is the last song and its another slow one. It does start to pick up a little but nothing big happens. 2.5/5

This is not a great album but its okay I guess. I just wish there were more songs like the first three which shows how good the band can be. I give this a 2.5/5. Also please rate this review.

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July 16th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

Blah, sounds like any other band on Drive Thru records, which is known to have the bland pop punk bands to begin with. Although there are some songs I liked on this album, it did not impress me one bit. Good review though, agreed on most of it.


July 16th 2005


dont diss all drive thru bands....rx bandits are better than 90% of bands out there and theyre on drive thru (for now)

April 2nd 2007


I love this CD. Great for my rainy days at home!

Unfortunently HIPV called it quits. When I found out I was destroyed. I was looking forward to their new stuff for the future. Sad year in 07.

"An American Classic" is one of my most favorite songs of all times. I totally get hyped up every time I listen to this song in my car. Thats the way it should be! I wish luck to those boys.


January 22nd 2010



July 17th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Pretty bad review. Still really enjoy this album after all these years, the drumming on this CD is great for pop-punk I reckon.

Apparently they're back together?

March 25th 2017


Found a bootleg copy of this CD that I got from an ex girlfriend. Reminds me of Brand New a little. It's not bad, nothing special neither; enjoyable ear candy, but just that.

Trying to decide if I want to keep it or just throw it out.

Digging: The Artificials - Heart

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