Sea of Treachery
At Dagger's Dawn



by bungiewolf USER (1 Reviews)
December 16th, 2008 | 55 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Sea of Treachery offers a tried and true run of the metal/hardcore genre with a generic and average listen.

Sea of Treachery is a 5 piece metal band from Ohio, one band amidst a melting pot of metal bands available for listen from Sumerien Records. Sea of Treachery is not a unique or groundbraking band by any means, but thiis album is an ok listen. There are far more enjoyable and unique listens out there though.

Sea of Treachery is:
Josh Trenkamp - Vocals
Cory Knight - Guitar
Mike Dalhover - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Wells - Bass/Vocals
Tommy D. - Drums

The First Eulogy- You know a band has achieved a generic metal sound if the album starts off with the voice of a pastor deepened to demonic levels reading a eulogoy.

Purging of the Wicked - This song starts off generically with a heavy breakdown. As it progresses, crushing bass and guitars play along with galloping double bass . The vocalist shows pretty good range, going from a high rasp to a middle yell to a deep throaty growl. The lyrics are nothing special, but the song has some great moments. One is at the peak of a breakdown in which the singer rasps "Pay the price!". Another moment is an unexpected rock'n'roll solo type thing at the end of the song. Though simple, it is effective and is a good way to end the song. (7/10)

Unleash the Serpents - Overall heavier than the first song, Serpents starts off with a bang. Deep vocals are more present on this song and once again the song shows an alternating pattern of quick riffing and breakdown. There is a unique thing on this song though: singing. The vocals come out of nowhere and fit into an emo/alternative style of singing. The guitar work on this album is also very good, with a layered guitar solo in the middle placed right before a classic hardcore shout out. Still, this song is not very original sounding, and it is as if Sea of Treachery is a culmination of previously explored sounds. (7.5/10)

An Endless Cycle of Torture- Torture also starts off quick. More prominent on this song is medium speed blast beating on the snare. Once again the vocals in the chorus are sung. It seems this song fits into the typical pattern until there is a superb solo followed by a sublime riff. The solo is reminiscent of obscure death metal solos and is a great addition to the song. This song also has a killer ending, in which the singer screams "We are the killers that you dream about. We are the villains that you fear". (7/10)

The Eyes of the Ranger- Eyes of the Ranger once again starts off quick and the song quickly descends into a breakdown. There is a very epic part which proceeds into a claustrophobic sounding solo. From there strings are added, and excellent singing is added which makes the song mucht better than it would have been. A bland solo follows the awesome sounding "C'mon" implored by the singer. (7/10)

On the Wings of Pegasus- This song is supposed to be a wide spanning political or idealistic protest against letting society tell people what to do. The singing on this song feels unemotional as if the singer doesn't believe what he is singing. The deepest vocals on the album to this point are heard in this song, and really makes the breakdown in the middle far superior than any of the breakdowns presented before. (7/10)

Raise the Banner- Raise the banner starts off with an awesome solo and moves into a rallying riff. After the fantastic opening the song fails to really impress or draw attention. At the very end of the song is a deep vocal break which brings a quick and invigorating end to an otherwise stereotypical song. (7/10)

Interlude- Of course, on any hardcore metal album there has to be the soft break. This one does not particularly stand out, but is a nice listen. (6/10)

Back to the Surface- Another stereotypical offering from the band. The vocals are unemotional again. (2/10)

And the Angels Were Silent- This song has a good intro, and sounds a bit more melodic than the other ones, but again turns into a typical riff fest. The breakdown incorporates some very interesting tapping which spices it up. The lyrical content is very interesting, as it feels very personal, but still follows the handbook of typical hardcore. Near the end of the song is a triumphant riff which rings and then slows down as the lead vocalist inpsiringly shouts "For the lost, for the poor, for the disregarded. For the souls, for the faith of the broken-hearted." This sentiment feels cheap and fake sounding though. (7/10)

I Was Never a White Picket Fence Sort of Guy- This song starts off heavy and lyrically deals with pop culture. Though a little rough the lyrics do ring true. In the middle of the song is an odd southern sounding riff that does not fit the song. (6.5/10)

Their own Hell- This song starts off with a nice riff that leads into generic lyrics dwelling on hell and darkness. A great breakdown is in the middle of the song, where the singer proclaims "FIGHT! This is our war!" This song is an ok ending track, but is just not very memorable. (7/10)

- Kinda of catchy Riffs
- Interesting guitar solos
- Cool breakdown moments

- Unemotional singing
- Generic riffs
-Unremarkable lyrics

Recommended track:
-Unleash the Serpents

The album is generic but listenable. The instrumental skill on this album is mediocre, and the drums are the only really good part with interesting fills and quick double bass. I recommend it for only the most close-minded of metal freaks or for scene kids who liked their cover of the Paramore song "Misery Business". Otherwise this album is too light for a death metal head or too generic for the hardcore kid who has heard it all before.

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December 17th 2008


would anyone know this band existed if it wasnt for their Paramore cover?

December 17th 2008


so that's who this is, shame this is average, the cover's kinda cool

pretty solid, entertaining first review. you seem to have the knack for using detail, so for the next one you do try to avoid the track by track style and try to summarize certain unique/bad aspects of the album, good job though

December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

would anyone know this band existed if it wasnt for their Paramore cover?
yea, me. their generic as fuck, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. good enough to entertain you at a show, but not enough to make you listen to the cd alot

December 17th 2008


People knew about them before the cover but it helped their popularity I guess.

December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5



December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

I heard of this band before i heard their Paramore cover and i dig it. Not the most original thing but the screams arent bad, the clean vocals are good. guitars are interesting.

December 17th 2008


I saw S.O.T. over the summer, and I was generally unimpressed. But at the end of the set they said "Alright, this is gonna be our last one, so this is a new song for you guys" and at that particular moment someone shouted "No new sh*t! Play misery business!" Then the crowd joined in and shouted the same thing. You can just tell by the faces of the band they were thinking "Wow, we will never live this cover down" and I think they totally regret doing it. Anyway, they're pretty generic. They'll probably disband in a few years. I can't see them being a lasting force.

December 17th 2008


haha how hopeful, that does kinda suck though

December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

A by-the-numbers metalcore band. Not terrible by any means, but not good either. They bring nothing new to the table. My good friend is obsessed with this band. What he sees in them, I'll never know. Although I think they have potential to write better music in the future. We'll have to see what happens.

December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I really only listen to Purging of the Wicked off of this.

December 17th 2008


band is ok but not really anything special

December 17th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

"No new sh*t! Play misery business!"

How unlucky. But they're generic and bland so they deserve it. Cover is only half decent anyway.

January 24th 2009


I thought the cover was awesome

it's probably mean of me to say i would never listen to these guys (only the cover). And this review confirmed it for me.

April 6th 2009


Feh, metalcore. That's all I can say

April 29th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

Honestly i think this band like many are under rated this album unfortunately had a bit of filler but i was never a white picket fence typa guy has like the best screams melody and breakdown at the end if u listen to it, also the one song u said you enjoyed had singing in it a bit of an escape the fate fan i detect due to the chorus having an escape the fate vibe around it

May 13th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

i listened to escape the fate for one week then realized how shitty they were

July 6th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Purging of the Wicked is a ridiculously awesome song. Other than that, a pretty weak album.

July 8th 2009


the new song " the comedian is dead" is way dope.

July 9th 2009


ok my band played a show last night and sea of treachery was the headliner, i was excited to see them. They came on, about 52 seconds into their first song, they stopped playing to tell the sound guy that they could not continue if the monitor mixes were not right. so I was like ok, maybe they will be good now, but it did not get much better. so I left with my respect for SOT faltering in the hot wind of the arizona summer.

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

this band is a guilty pleasure for me.

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