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November 3rd, 2008 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

What is The Matrix" Is it a computer-generated world that seperates fact from fiction" Is it means of returning to the world we once knew" Is it possibly a way to redeem mankind in their past sins" That, and many other questions, I ask myself everytime I see Keanu Reeves dodge bullets in slow motion. Apart from what made the movie such an iconic landmark in the industry, bullet-time, cool outfits and smart-ass talk, was its soundtrack. If anyone could recall the movies many fight sequences and rave club scenes, they would immediately question its music. And what has The Matrix drawn out of our sound systems" Basically, rock and electronica. You’ll find you’re great featured artists here, notable names would be Deftones, The Prodigy, Rob Zombie and the cooler-than-your-mother-with-an-iron-stick rapcore band Rage Against The Machine. The electronic side presents the high-speed beats often played in clubs, with slight rock influences. The rock side is the strong point, a mix of some incredibly catchy and action-packed music from legendary bands. Lets take a look at The Matrix in detail, shall we…

The Good
What seperates this soundtrack from any other is its trademark usage of making dragged fight scenes seem unrelentlessly cool. Marylin Manson opens the soundtrack with his anthem of the 90’s, Rock Is Dead. While the song on itself stands out as lacklustre and repetitive, once mixed in with The Matrix, its sure fire for Keanu to inspire us with more crazy bullet time, and you’ll find yourself enjoying this…ironically. Propellerheads, the DJ duo of California, present the second track, the very popular Spybreak! which was played during the lobby shootout near the end of the movie. Rob Dougan’s Clubbed To Death is a symphonic instrumental built off one straight drum beat and some snoozy violin work. But hey, it’s the mother****in’ Matrix, anything seems cool in it. Who could ever forget the ending" Wake Up of RATM booming in the background as “Neo” leaves the phonebooth. Legendary moment in film history, thanks to Morello’s brilliant riff. Most of the soundtrack carries a steady pace, not too hyped and highly enjoyable.

The Bad
There is very little to criticize about the soundtrack other than presenting only 13 tracks. The original soundtrack is included as well, but that’s what really lags it down. While the work on percussion and quartet is excellent, it often leaves you yearning for the action-ish side of the disc. It does get boring fast, be warned.

The Conclusion
All of the songs chosen are perfect without explanation. While a few might not impress on first listen, the combination of two very famous genres is outstanding and you will forget about its faults. I recommend you the CD if you’ve been a fan of the movie, and a few Marylin Manson songs as well. Great choice of songs, and if it stands out alone as a disappointment, you can always look back at the movie and change your opinion. SYSTEM FAILURE


Recommend Tracks
Propellerheads – Spybreak!
Prodigy – Mindfields
Rammstein – Du Hast
Hive – Ultrasonic Sound
Rage Against The Machine – Wake Up

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November 3rd 2008


Du Haust and Dragula on the same CD, talk about the greatest soundtrack compilation ever created.

November 3rd 2008


my own summer owns as well
one of the only songs from the deftones i can stand. great sountrack for a great movie

November 3rd 2008


this isnt a bad compilation, not gonna lie.

November 3rd 2008


good review, but why is this under "punk"?

November 3rd 2008


who knows. change it then

November 3rd 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

He'd have to change the artist genre though, and I'm guessing several of the other albums belong under "punk". idk it's annoying trying to categorize compilations like this.

I was really annoyed by some of the electronic songs on here, "Prime Audio Soup" being one of them. Clubbed to Death, Wake Up, Spybreak!, Du Hast and Leave You Far Behind are all cool though.

Captain North
November 4th 2008


Why didn't they keep the Massive Attack song?! *sigh*

March 9th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

Clubbed To Death m/

Digging: VOLA - Applause of a Distant Crowd

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