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January 14th, 2005 | 59 replies

Release Date: 1979 | Tracklist

London Calling is an album I love with all my heart. Though it drifts away from their earlier more heavy music, it does it for the better. The album was recorded around 1979. It was voted the best album of the 80's by Rolling Stone, and also made the top 10 in their greatest albums list. In this album you can tell that Joe Strummer beleived that even a 3-minute song could change the world.

The Clash (at the time of London Calling):

Joe Strummer- Vocals, guitar
Mick Jones- Guitar, Piano, vocals
Paul Simonon- Bass, vocals
"Topper" Headon- Drums


London Calling- A strong start.This is probably the most hard-hitting songs on the album. The song starts off with a ska-ish guitar part and a cool bass part. More of a punk song than others on this album too. "London is drowning and I live by the river" 4/5

Brand New Cadillac- A cool catchy song that's a cover of a 50's song I think. It's really fun and fast. "My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac!" 5/5

Jimmy Jazz- Belive it or not this is a jazz song. It has a catchy saxaphone part and good lyrics. "Police came looking for Jimmy Jazz." 4/5

Hateful- This is one of my favorite off the album. It starts off with a nice slow part then hops into fast chording with the verse. "Well I have a friend who's a man. What man" The man who keeps me from the lonely." 5/5

Rudie Can't Fail- This is one of the songs where you can see how much of an influence ska and reggae had on the Clash. A nice fast verse then a slower chorus makes this song really catchy, and it has a good horn part. "Rudie can't fail, Rudie can't fail." 5/5

Spanish Bombs- A very slow song with virtually no distortion in the guitar. It is also a more emotional song on the album, and definetely one of the best. "Spanish Bombs, yo t'puierro y finito, yo te querda, oh ma corozan." 5/5

The Right Profile- A really fun and cool song. I love the horn part in the chorus. It is one of the faster songs on the album and puts you in a good mood. "Everybody say 'What's he like"'/Everbody say 'Is he all right"'/Everybody say 'He sure look funny'/ That's Montgomery Cliff honey!" 5/5

Lost In the Supermarket- By far the most personal song on the album. It is very slow and sad, but still one of the best on the album. " I'm all lost in the supermarket, can no longer shop happily/ I came in here for the special offer, guarunteed personality." 5/5

Clampdown- Definetely a song you would expect from the Clash. It is fast and heavily chorded, more like the stuff from the first album. " You grow up and you calm down, and you're working for the clampdown." 5/5

The Guns Of Brixton- This is kind of a reggae song which is pretty cool. Just an overall great song and nothing bad about it. " Whoa-oa the guns of Brixton" 5/5

Wrong 'Em Boyo- Very catchy and fun, and very much a ska song. And it is another song with a cool horn part. " Don't you know that it's wrong to cheat a trying man." 5/5

Death or Glory- More of a punk song like earlier Clash stuff, great song. "Death or glory becomes just another story." 5/5

Koka Kola- Another more punk song like earlier stuff but it has a more floaty chorus. " I get good advice----from the advertising world. Treat me nice----says party girl." 5/5

The Card Cheat- The most sad song on the album with a great piano part, and my favorite Clash song ever. " The Hundered Year War and the barroom gin/ In the Belmont chair playing violins." 5/5

Lover's Rock- A poppy song that's lots of fun. " But nobody knows-the poor baby's name" 4/5

Four Horsemen- Another song that's on the heavier side of this album kind of like Death Or Glory. Two real memorable words: "Four Horsemen!" 4/5

I'm Not Down- One of the sadder songs on the album, but in my opinion the second best to The Card Cheat. It starts off with a really good guitar/bass part. "I've been beat up, I've been thrown out, but I'm not down. I'm not Down." 5/5

Revolution Rock- Another reggae-ish song with a very good horn part. "Everybody smash up your seats and rock to this brand new beat!" 5/5

Train In Vain- The poppiest Clash song EVER! Though this is true, it's a great song and very fun. "You didn't you stand by me. No, not at all." 4/5

Overall London Calling is a completely GENIUS album and run don't walk to get it.


NOTE: A new edition of this album was released late in '04 containing a bonus cd with unreleased songs and a DVD.

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January 26th 2004


Good review.. London Calling is my favourite Clash album.:thumb:

Hey Mr. Light Man
January 26th 2004



January 26th 2004


Good review, I got this album a while ago, back when I was into 70's punk. I think the album is ok. Death or Glory is a faboulos song and definatley the best song on the album.

January 26th 2004


WOW...i got bored, was gona review the cd. and i agree with you and your review....but Combat Rock was better(personally) but the clash is great! good job!

Neon Dub
January 29th 2004


This album changed my life.

January 29th 2004


Good review. I'm not a big punk fan, but I am a Clash fan. I prefer their first album better, but London Calling is great too.

January 29th 2004


This is the ONLY punk album i like.

Blue Collar Tweeker
January 29th 2004


[QUOTE=j_hop_jer]WOW...i got bored, was gona review the cd. and i agree with you and your review....but Combat Rock was better(personally) but the clash is great! good job![/QUOTE]

Combat rock better than London Calling, your crazy.

Hey Mr. Light Man
January 29th 2004


[QUOTE=LordDargon]This is the ONLY punk album i like.[/QUOTE]

Read my Rocket To Russia review and the review someone did on the Dead Kennedys.

January 30th 2004


thanks for that, i was never shore which one to get but you just told me :thumb:

February 1st 2004


Yeah great calling is definatly their best, best songs i think are spanish bombs and train in vain.

Big Tube
April 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=Blue Collar Tweeker]Combat rock better than London Calling, your crazy.[/QUOTE]


May 24th 2004


I like this CD, its got some great music. Not my favourite, however.

Bugley Eyes
May 28th 2004


Good review.

White Riot!
July 21st 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Tom Morello said its one of his big influences as a musician

Best Album I will ever own

July 21st 2004


i bought combat rock not knowing what was on London Calling, that got stolen so i bought the ESSENTIAL Clash. Its amazing but has none of your favourite songs on it from this album.

July 21st 2004


This is one of the few punk bands that I like.

July 22nd 2004


Yeah, definately London Calling is the best and its a great album...I dont like Combat Rock, it didn't get my attention much..

July 22nd 2004


Nothing I disagree with........the ratings were spot on.

Great review:thumb:

September 1st 2004


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

London Calling is a genuine contendor for Best Album Ever. Awesome album.

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