Brick Bath

very poor


by Killtacular USER (34 Reviews)
July 11th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Formerly known as Epitaph, They released their debut under that name in 1996, only to see the label fall through soon after. In 2001, they had changed their name to Brick Bath and began working on new material. This is their second album under their new name. After trying several different studios and failing to find the sound they wanted, they built their own. This is responsible for crystal-clear production that's displayed here. The only problem is the actual album itself. Sure, they've got heavy guitars, speed filled drums with lots of double bass, and raspy vocals. But what does that accomplish" Nothing, really, as this is just an average record and nothing more. Like a mixture of Pro-Pain and Pantera, Rebuilt is filled full of tracks you can bang your head to with solos abound. It's got fourteen tracks, with all of them being fairly short. If you like mindless heavy music, then look no further.

The way things work here is they play a really heavy riff, add some drums, and scream over the top of it all. The problem is that they don't ever change that formula. Ever. It's always the same. All the songs have solos, double bass, and crappy vocals. Do you like monotony" I sure don't. But apparently, these guys do. Apparently they were the kids that never paid attention in algebra class, because those are usually the angry, violent type. Cmon, people, let's do something else for once.

Overall, this is just a mediocre album. There's nothing that really makes it special or would make me want to listen more than once. The vocals are horrible, the guitar tends to sound about the same after a few songs, and the drums do nothing special. If you like mindless speed metal and don't mind horrible, raspy vocals, check this out. That means you, Pantera fans. If you don't like any of that, then stay away. Far away.

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July 11th 2005


Good review *thumbs up*. They have a horrible name. Wouldn't a brick bath hurt? Meh, I guess they like it rough.

"Serve you will"? Who does he think he is, Yoda?This Message Edited On 07.11.05

July 12th 2005


*sigh* Thank you.

July 12th 2005


All I needed was replies. I guess that's what I get for reviewing something no one has heard before.

July 12th 2005


It's better that way. Mmm.. well, give Rise Above a listen. Then you can ignore them.

November 17th 2005


I rewrote this piece of crap review, because it sickened me.

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