Dog Fashion Disco
Beating a Dead Horse to Death...Again



by Altmer USER (175 Reviews)
October 29th, 2008 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Some nice and zany b-sides abound on this semi-live/unreleased material compilation, and the joke tracks are quite funny, but it's not an essential buy for non-hardcore fans. Stick with the older material if you're new.

Dog Fashion Disco – Beating a Dead Horse To Death… Again

Some bands, it feels like they’ve been around forever, but only when they’re gone, you start to actually sit up and take notice. I can imagine with the demise of Pantera, we know how much that band was really missed in retrospect. Now, Dog Fashion Disco didn’t break up because of the untimely death of a member, but they have decided to call it quits in 2007. To commemorate the end of the Dog Fashion Disco period, the band has released a sort of compilations, B-sides, and random demo tracks CD, along with a DVD chronicling their last gig and a documentary on the band.

The material on the actual CD that I am reviewing here is taken from various locations that have been put together to chronicle an overall feel of their sound. There is an unreleased EP called Day of the Dead, which features songs in typical DFD style; there’s the zany, all over the place music, the hardcore-vocals combined with more melodic singing, the completely humorous lyrics and song titles that display a complete inability to take anything, not even themselves, seriously. Other material they have is culled from live gigs and demos, and display the conventional DFD songwriting; they are either alternate versions of songs a fan has already heard or just completely new, so it’s a good collector’s item for fans of the band. There’s even a track from a score and a Melvins cover, for anyone who is really, really interested in that stuff.

As for everyone else, there’s not much here you should get if you are very interested in the band. The package is more worth getting for the actual DVD that is there and gives an overview of the band, more than the semi-interesting material that doesn’t live up to the band’s standards anyways. The real hilarious clincher, even for non-fans, however, comes in the joke demo tracks at the end, where two band members have composed semi-country songs with titles such as Turning Gay and Hank Steel The Real Queer Cowboy to piss off the record labels. Mature this is not, but it shows a definite tongue in cheek attitude, and the hilarious verse of “I’ll grab your buttcheeks and pull out my willie / stir your asshole like a hot bowl of chilli” is bound to give fans of the band a smile on their face.

The question remains whether this was actually a very necessary release, considering Dog Fashion Disco isn’t the ***ing Ramones or Led Zeppelin popularity-wise. Fans should enjoy this release as a send-off from a now defunct band (of which three members have formed Polkadot Cadaver), but it’s not really bound to sell, so the question can be raised why the record label actually decided to put this out. However, if you’re really into it, it’s not a bad purchase; and if you haven’t heard the insane prechorus of Baby Satan yet, you should, because the completely wacko lyrics of “baby satan is a little brat / a vile being in his habitat / he was born with horns and a crooked spine / to plague the sacred and divine” are almost too comical to pass up. But it’s not an essential compilation, and newbies are advised to skip over this and to proceed to one of their earlier full-lengths instead.

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October 29th 2008


Consider me intrigued. Good review.

October 29th 2008


Personally feel sorry for the horse.

October 29th 2008


Dog Fashion Disco pretty much rule guys.

October 29th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Yeah this album is still pretty good, but I'd still say "go get one of their regular full-lengths first". This just doesn't have any priority.

I like Baby Satan mucho.

October 29th 2008


yay one last release, I'm getting this

Hey Altmer, upload the album art: Message Edited On 10.29.08

October 29th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I tried using that, but the site wouldn't let me

October 30th 2008


Now, Dog Fashion Disco didn’t break up because of the untimely death of a member, but they have decided to call it quits in 2007.

Anselmo was a jackass which was the reason for them breaking up. Doubtful I will invest in this. They were a hoot though.

Good review as per usual Altmer.

October 30th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Well, Pantera still existed as Damageplan basically.

October 30th 2008


True, the talent did go to that band.

October 30th 2008


Album art is epicly awesome.

October 31st 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Finally, someone writes a capable Dog Fashion Disco review...but I disagree with a few things. I am definitely a hardcore fan of the band, so I have a biased and slightly different opinion. I think that the two new songs are based off of Polkadot Cadaver songs ("Devil's Wife" and "Barely Breathing"), and that is a pretty cool idea. They're great songs as well, I think.

The gag demos at the end are funny for a listen or two, but I probably won't be listening to them again anytime soon. "Turning Gay" sounds like it came from South Park, and I know that Todd is more creative than the two very immature pokes at homosexuality. I will say, though, that it made me laugh out loud just as hard as Todd does when he loses it and laughs during "Turning Gay".

The live songs aren't bad, but I saw them (DFD) a couple of years ago and "Desert Grave" was much better at the show I went to. Near the end, the song picked up in speed and the band played for a slightly longer period of time so people could dance around the venue. The sound of it made it all seem like a bar fight in an old Western saloon. Also, "100 Suicides" was better at the show I went to.

Major props to "Rebel Yell", am I the only one who thinks they did an amazing job with it? Almost as good as "Breed" from the Live in Baltimore record.

I am just so happy that this album exists. I never thought I'd get to hear anything by DFD again, and here's to another little surprise in the future. Hopefully the next time DFD (or Polkadot Cadaver) comes around to smirk and moon us, they're coming back to stay.

October 31st 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

The material is really good, don't get me wrong. It's just a bad starting point for a new people. I recommend it to fans. I love this more than I let on (emotionally it'd be a 3.5-4) but it's just not... useful enough in the grand scheme of things, so it gets a 3.

December 5th 2009


Yes, I too feel for that horse. Good review, need to hear this.

January 23rd 2015


Album Rating: 3.5

The Melvins cover slays on this album!

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