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July 9th, 2005 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Band:Jesse smith (vocals, guitar)
Josh Slater (guitar , cvocals)
Jason Bone ( Bass, vocals)
Matt Worobec ( drums)

Well Cauterize is not a well known band but its really worth hearing. Formiely known as T.O.E. ("songs we used to sing" the best of the songs) are a punk band but with very very complicated riffs and it sounds great.Two guitars three vocals, a bass that rockss and drums. It may sound like another punky popy band but at the moment you hear a song form them u realize that they have actually studied music and really know how to use their instruments.

1.Something Beautifull:Nice start of the album a very well used guitar the fit perfectly together and drums that give a nice feeling. The vocals really sounds good and a cachie chorus. Nice sonng 8/10

2.If you Go: This one has a really good verse and chorus makes you wanna hear the whole song again and again. Another really good song 8/10.

3. My everything: It talks about the lose of someone very special that he lost like many of other songs of Cauterize. The lirics are maybe one of the best of the album and the chorus really rocks , in the bridge some nice distortion and the bass awesome. 8.9/10

4.Killing me: one of the most sentimental songs of the album. A slow start as a nice intro and the whole song is one of my favs. 9/10.

5.Taste of tears:well after the last 4 songs really good this one drops a bit but is definetly not bad just you get a bit bored of the chorus althought is very energic. 7/10.

6.Still breathing:Nice slow verse makes this song a very well made song using nice efects on the guitar and the lirycs are also preety good one of the best. 9/10

7.I'll cry tomorrow:catchie chorus it will stay in your head for ages and again the lirycs rock like in most of the songs 7/10.

8.Choke: This is by far the best song of the album one of my favorites it really shows the capasity of the band all the instuments reallly rock this time. Some riffs yull never hear in a punk band the solo after the :"yull Choke..." if yuo hear it it goeas preatty fast just hear. The bridge is definetly the best. The bass shows of awesome with a solo and then the guitars come in. THe best HEAR IT!!! 10/10

9. Promise me: After choke this is my second favorite. Nice intro verse chorus prechorus Everything also worth listening just to hear the guitar work in this one. It ROCKSSS!!! 9.5/10

10.Shooting stars:its the EUROTRIP soundtrack its a nice song with again an exelent chorus not sung by jesse smith its really good for a change and the lyrics are definetly the best in that chorus and again the guitar work is also really well prepared. 8.5/10

11.Shine:Ithink this wasn't the best way of ending this album its kindda boring energic but boring . Is really not like most of punk-pop bands end their albums with a slow and quiet song . Not a bad song eventought.8/10

WEll as you see this may sound soo good to be truth and i konw its not but really hear it amd tell me what u think about it. Its no like all those punk bands that use some simple chords and thats it cauterize uses some really really well used chords but still remember its a punk band dont expect some jimmy page solos or something like that but to be a punk rock/pup band its worth listening.

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captain chris
July 19th 2005


Kay, i have a few words of advice for you. Proof Read, Thesaurus. You also need more detail. I love this band the album is one fo my favs, and i was going to review this, so could u improve yours. Also how can you say taste of tears is boring, it is one of the best songs on the album.

Smooches x x x

July 20th 2005


yea dude i konw its kindda dificult to say what song is the best bcz all the songs are really good and it looks like not many ppl knows this band they dont know what they are missing really and thanks 4 the advise ill try... heyy tell me what do u think about the review and if u have heard the album write a comment

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