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October 1st, 2008 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Josephine Collective's high-energy twist on modern rock and pop music is bound to leave you shamelessly singing along.

What first pops into your mind when somebody mentions the state of Kansas" Well, it probably has something to do with Dorothy, Dust in the Wind, and/or barren wasteland in general. However, the state actually has something new and fresh to offer for once. Enter Josephine Collective, a relatively new 6-piece rock outfit based out of Johnson County, Kansas. Recently signed to Warner Brothers/Reprise and working along side with producer and Goldfinger front man John Feldmann, We Are The Air is Josephine Collective's major label debut album (Digital Release).

Josephine Collective is . . .
Dillon DeVoe - Vocals
Alexander Sandate - Vocals
Martin Swank - Guitar/Vocals
Damon Baltsuka - Guitar
Colby Logback - Bass
Jared Bond - Drums

(Note - Albert Redwine (keys/vocals) left the band shortly after most of We Are The Air was recorded)

1. Living This appears to be Josephine's first attempt at a single. The song starts off with a simple in-your-face progression which sticks throughout the whole song. Clever lyrics, not overly flashy, and downright catchy as hell.

2. Crack My Heart Slightly more poppy and generic, Crack My Heart follows the same catchy approach as Living. The lyrics put a nice twist on the usual topic of what guys their age usually sing about.....women.

3. Lye Lye opens with a much more dimmer mood than the first two songs, with DeVoe singing of self-destructive childhoods, depression, and an unwillingness to change. I really like this song, as orchestral/jazz accompaniments linger in the background of the whole song. The backing instruments give the 2 minutes 57 seconds a nice swing to it.

4. Clementine Once again, Josephine opts for the in-your-face formula with Clementine. Cleverly written, extremely catchy song. DeVoe's lyrics interest me the most. I have picked up several references to the famous LSD Proponent Timothy Leary and after every listen, it leaves me wondering what this song is about exactly...

5. Scarlet Scarlet is probably one of the most hard-hitting songs on the album, as it touches base with the band's evident evolution from screamo/hardcore styling. The intro guitar riff is money and the song makes you feel like punching a wall.

6. Leave Me Love Leave Me Love opens with a nice little rap/dance medley sang by Devoe, Sandate, and the rest of the group. Instrumentally, this might be the most interesting song on the album. Lots of interesting guitar effects, piano usage, cowbell, and another interesting rap/beat-box breakdown halfway through.

7. It's Like Rain Every album needs its easy-going anthem, and It's Like Rain is it. Totally a feel good simplistic song that is bound to put a smile on your face.

8. Ivy League This is easily my least favorite song on the album. While I can't pinpoint it, the song just...leaves more to be desired.

9. Let Go Once again, this song opens with some nice group vocals and applause. DeVoe and Sandate take turns moaning about, you called it, a self-destructive childhood and drug-usage. Not my favorite, but a fairly solid song.

10. Pray For Rain Pray For Rain is my favorite song on the album. It's probably the most "radio friendly" and the lyrics are fantastic.

11. We Are The Air The title track off the album. We Are The Air enters with Martin and Damon laying down a very nice guitar riff reminiscent of southern rock/blues artists. I found this to be a very epic song, however the ending just drags on forever and I lose complete interest in it to be honest.

Josephine Collective's debut effort on Warner Brothers was a pretty big surprise to me. We Are The Air made for a refreshing listen from start to finish. The lyrics are extremely well written, as are the rest of the parts. Probably the biggest highlight is the band's musicianship and their ability to bridge many genres and styles of music while at the same time constantly complimenting one another. No flashy drum fills or over-baring guitar solos here, just solid music in general. 2 Thumbs Up.

-Lyrical content

-A filler or two
-Seemed a bit over-produced and polished (some songs might be too "busy")

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Staff Reviewer
October 1st 2008


Any comparisons to other bands...???

October 1st 2008


Peavey is awful
Catchy and clever tell me nothing about the sound...and you didn't mention the sound of thee music at all really...or the vocals...or really any other detail at all...

October 2nd 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks for the crit's guys...first review so bare with me...I'm going to go over it again tomorrow and revise some things.

October 2nd 2008


If you must stick with a track by track format, just try and be as detailed as possible without giving a play by play of each track...

October 2nd 2008


Animal Collective > Josephine Collective

October 3rd 2008


Lawl. I live in Johnson County. These guys are pretty popular here. I don't know why... Heard one of their songs and didn't like it.

October 16th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Band Comparison? Well Outburn Magazine said if Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182 got their freak on the spawn would be Jo Co...

What I really like about this CD is it has a bit of everything and it is one of those CD's where you find yourself walking around singing the songs.

My opinion this is a GREAT first release and the musical differences between Scarlet, Living, Leave me Love and We Are the Air (sweet ZZ Top guitar riff) show these guys have a lot to offer besides the same sound formula.

Strange but they have much bigger following in places like Dallas, Pensacola and Buffalo than they do in their own home town...Think much of that has to do with them signing to a Major label when they were all 17 and 18...

If you just listened to one song, you are shorting yourself. However, if you are looking for a band that revels in obscurity and is embraced by the anti Music snobs, they won't be for you...

October 19th 2008


Well Outburn Magazine said if Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182 got their freak on the spawn would be Jo Co...

That sentence just scarred me for life. The images in my head... They will never leave... *shudder*

October 27th 2008


This review is strange... plain and simple.

First off nothing about this band is generic, so you saying that Crack My Heart is, is ridiculous, the song is about Dillon's girlfriend cheating on him with Alex... not only his band member, but his bestfriend. How many songs have you heard of that are about that topic, writen this well?

For you to say that Ivy League and Let Go are the worst songs is also ridiculous, Leave Me Love or Pray for Rain are easily the worst. The original versions of those songs were amazing, and for Feldman to make them remix them and ruin Leave Me Love is what makes them terrible. Leave Me Love was one of their more melancholy songs, and for them to make it the way it is now ruined it for a lot of people. Pray For Rain used to have so much more to it than it does, when half of the chorus is taken out the song seems empty and plain.

For you to say that We Are The Air drags on is pretty funny and ignorant. Jared originally wanted the song to be arround 15 minutes long, all but about 3 or 4 minutes being instrumental, so you should be grateful for 6 minutes.

I live in Johnson County, and i have listened to these guys since they were Josephine Love Letter, and they have loads of talent... with the exception of Alex. It is a shame that they were fired by Warner, and will probably either have a line up change or break up before they get on a new lable.

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