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July 8th, 2005 | 1 replies

Release Date: 1986 | Tracklist

This is one of the various Toy Doll albums I bought down in Florida. I about crapped my pants when I foud'em. They are a great punk band that's all about fun and good music. And they have a lot of shout courses.

1. Idol Gossip

Idol Gossip kicks off with a fast rippen’ guitar riff and a mad fast bass player. Drums are simple but fast through out this whole album but they fit oh so well. Olga is by far one of the greatest punk guitarists of all time. This song is about idol gossip and all that jazz. It's a fast song filled with awesomeness. 5/5

2. Do You Wanna Be Like Dougy Bell

Dougy Bell, a distressed and violent man that goes crazy all the time, because he's a ninja and flips out hard and kills people. Song starts out with an amazing bitchen' bass solo. Nice story to the lyrics and the guitar solo is kicked off in the traditional Toy Doll's fashion. "Kick it, ----, Play it -----, Show'em what you're made of, It's almost a trade mark. 5/5

3. The Lambrusco Kid

Depressed and lonely, this is the song for the drunkards. Very pop punkish theme. They mock it very well with a doofi sounding guy singing about how he girlfriend left him. But a very awesome song. No real solo in here, but bitchen' none the less. 5/5

4. You Won't Be Merry on a North Sea Ferry

You're time on this cruiser will suck because the staff and crew don't give a hoot. Sure it's cheap but the service you get isn't worth it. It's an alright song, some kick ass music, however, I'm not to attracted to the lyrical side. 3/5

5. Harry Cross (A Tribute to Edna)

Starts off with a soft 80's rock style fading into Harry Cross's story. Fast punk song but missing a lot of fun and groove. However, I did get a kick out of the shout course when they hold it out for nearly twenty seconds. Just not one of their best. 2.5/5

6. Geordie's Gone to Jail

One of the greatest Toy Dolls song by far. Story of their friend falsely accused and sent to jail. However, I don't care for separate tracks for the drums, but it's all for effect. Geordie, oh oh oh oh, is the innocent party! 5/5

7. Silly Billy

Song for a boy who is led by a todger who only wants him for his wang. In the end they find they both use each other so they are happy. Some how. Music is pretty good here, decent *** going on. Not a 5/5 but close. 4/5

8. If You're in a Pop Group You'll End Up Paying a Fortune Practicing at Peter Practice's Practice Place

Wins the award for longest song title ever. A very great song. Probably about a adventure they had with a pompous jackass who charged them an arm and leg to record. It's a very awesome song. Not a memorable song. 4/5

9. PC Stoker

Starts out with a lovely flute solo. Bam. Heavy, fast awesome kickassness. A song about a dirty cop with dirty tricks and ultra Bible humping skills. Nobody likes PC Stoker. Great song. 5/5

10. I Tried to Trust Tracey

Pretty much a pop punk song. Serious this time, I didn't care for it that much. Bout a guy who can't trust his girl, because she be slingin' it around town. 3/5

11. Keith's a Thief

Freakin' sweet song about a jerk who steal crap from everybody. Some WWII references for fun. That's all there is to this song. But it is awesome. 5/5

12. I'll Get Even With Steven (Steve Is Tender)

Another pop punk song. Serious as like last time, but this one freakin' rocks. Talks about how he's going to kick his ass and give him the red ass beat down. Very great guitar playing. 4.5/5

13.James Bond Lives Down Our Street[*]

A Toy Dolls classic. Great playing with the bass who ever that is. A song about how there neighbors is James Bond... that's pretty much it. Anyone who is anyone will love this song. 5/5

14. Olga...I Cannot[*]

A song I sure not too few have ever heard. Very popish, very comical. It's a pretty good resemblance to They Might Be Giants. There's a pretty bitchen' digital piano in the back. 4/5

15. Griefsville[*]

Another pop song. Pretty good though. Driving guitar and *** like that. Fun to play if you like drums. Still great. 4/5

16.Geordie's Gone to Jail [Japanese Version][*]

The version they played in Japan. Same as last time, just can figure what the *** they are saying. No matter. It's The Toy Dolls, and they rock. 5/5

There you have it. Might notice some are crapply reviewed but with these guys it's hard to do. Look in the future for more of my reviews of Toy Dolls albums.

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April 5th 2006


james bond lives down our street rips. super fast and precise guitaring on that track makes it one of my favorites. great review as well. i too almost crapped my pants when i heard this album.This Message Edited On 04.05.06

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