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September 23rd, 2008 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1981 | Tracklist

Review Summary: That's where Greatest Hits comes in, a selection of 17 of the best songs from their first eight studio albums.

‘Queen’ was always an enigma to me. In one hand they had one of the best vocalists in the business ‘Freddie Mercury’ who could perform notes that most singers could only dream of. There was also ‘Brian May’ playing on his custom made electric guitar whilst plucking riffs with his old 10 cents piece coin that would eventually create that signature Queen sound.

As for the others ‘Roger Taylor’ was a decent if not average drummer whilst ‘John Deacon’ (bar a few classic hit tracks) was non-existent.

They all grew up with art & science diplomas & arguably one of the cleverest bands in rock, but at times they were too clever for their own good. When making their studio albums they would usually allow each member a chance to express themselves, arguably there was no actual leader when it came to making albums (Although some might argue for Brian or Freddie). It was this that at times made albums like Sheer Heart Attack & A Night at the Opera frustrating listens because the greatness was there for all to hear but so was the inconsistencies.

It could be argued though that it was their solidarity in making albums that kept them together for so long. Whilst ‘The Beatles’ undoubted leaders were Lennon & McCartney it's easy to argue that it would be their competition against each other than would cause their downfall. But the difference is although they weren't around as long The Beatles made ‘great albums’ whilst Queen did not.

That's where “Greatest Hits” comes in, a selection of 17 of the best songs from their first eight studio albums. Oh and plus Flash.... ahhh...

And the strange thing is that because each song has been carefully & thoughtfully ordered the listening experience actually feels like a studio album release & not just songs clunked randomly together.

Take “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the bands most well known song, who would have thought that the song being followed by “Another one bites the dust,” their biggest US hit, would combine together so perfectly. There are also other underrated tracks such as “Play the Game,” and “Somebody to Love,” which fit in perfectly with heavier numbers such as “Now I'm Here,” and “Fat bottomed girls.”

Indeed the listening experience for each track is superior for each song than it was ever on the studio albums they were released on. For example songs like “Seven Seas of Rhye,” Fat bottomed girls, “Bicycle race,” “Good old fashioned lover boy,” & “Don't stop me now,” actually feel like actual songs from a great album more that just random flashes of brilliance on otherwise poor releases.

What the album also proves is that Queen concentrated their studio album efforts on what they truly did best (Catchy Pop Songs) then they would have probably made that great studio album instead of creating those inconsistencies that would dog their career.

Still what Greatest Hits does have is 17 exceptional Pop Songs that are catchy & instantly likeable. It's basically Queen doing what they do best. If only they could have done something like that on an actual studio release.

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September 23rd 2008


John Deacon non-existent? He wrote Another One Bites The Dust, Your My Best Friend, and I Want To Break Free...

September 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 5.0

I did say bar a few classic hits.

September 23rd 2008


Firstly, welcome to the site.

Your review has a few problems, namely quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. For example, usage of ampersands should be limited to certain situations and not as a general replacement for 'and'. I would highly recommend you look at other people's reviews to see how they approach the breakdown of an album.

You've got the skeleton of a good review, but it needs more muscle, tissue and flesh.This Message Edited On 09.23.08

September 23rd 2008


I'm not a fan of Queen, but "Bicycle Race" is cool to listen to playing GTA.
Welcome, and decent review. But what badtaste said. Read some more reviews in future.

September 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

Never could listen to this much - never liked greatest hits albums much and way prefer their studio releases - I think that's basically where we differ. You seem to suggest Queen's strength in the commercially successful songs and single releases, whereas I find their studio albums way more interesting. Of course, I imagine most people would side with you since this album, I think, has way outsold everythng else they ever did

September 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 5.0

I am not saying Queen's albums were bad just that they weren't consistant.

The most interesting thing in listening to them is how something like Queen II although with alot of mishaps would eventually lead to a song like Bohemian Rhapsody.

There are two types of artists one who is around for a short time but makes excellent albums before quitting or just losing their creative edge or the other who through out their career always made 2-3 great songs per album and Queen fall in the latter. This certainly doesn't make them a bad band or their albums bad either.

September 18th 2014


And so, the legendary gblackman would go on to review every single queen album released, to show his feelings and prove that queen albums simply were not consistent.

April 22nd 2018


And so, undertakerpt would return nearly four years later to enjoy gblackman's reviews

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