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Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Furious" is something completely different and unexpected. Unlike any alternative or underground hip-hop you've ever heard.

According to the storyline of Furious, the Earth has been destroyed by the Soopa Villainz, a group of evil extraterrestrial criminals with superpowers consisting of "the cutthroat" Mr. Club--an evil DJ who kills his enemies with his "discs of death" and "tables of terror", black militant Mr. Spade--prejudiced against all beings, greedy billionaire Mr. Diamond, and "the lady killer," Mr. Heart, who used his powers to make the planet's wives leave their husbands.

"Intro" opens up the album by explaining its back story and introducing each of the characters, with trippy space sounds, percussion and scratching. "To The Rescue" begins with an old-school beat and soon incorporates guitar chords in its chorus. Each of the Soopa Villainz gets an excellent verse to introduce himself, except for Mr. Club, whose contribution is a club chant. Excellent scratching throughout. Heavy rock guitar chords, old school beats and original scratching resonate throughout "Furious". Spacey beats, synthesizer loops and scratching back "Mr. Club". Dark bass lines, old school beats, furious scratching and metal guitar chords back "The Van", as each villain recalls robbing a bank, killing the cops and several pedestrians as they're on the run. At one point, Mr. Heart recalls picking up a hooker, having sex with her and decapitating her with a chainsaw afterwards.

"Guided Missiles" fuses hectic beats, heavy guitar riffs, and furious scratching. The Mr. Spade-oriented "Black Plague" makes way for twisted beats, low bass lines and guitar riffs. "Hostile" incorporates wavy spacey bass lines, guitar feedback, live drums and frantic scratching. The villains exit their spacecraft and warn earthlings against attempting to defeat them. In "List of Demands", the villains threaten us to "meet our list of demands or die" against old school beats, guitar riffs and quickened bass lines, ending with the sound of shooting lasers and screaming crowds leading way for "Pussy", a Mr. Heart solo backed by synthesizer and piano chords, old school beats and trippy scratching.

String arrangements, heavy guitar riffs and beats compliment "So What", in which the villains state that they don't care about the lives and planets they destroy. "I Shot the DJ" sees the villains battling disc jockeys who rep mainstream hip-hop instead of quality music, backed by a mix of Middle Eastern samples, guitar riffs, and old school beats. "Hook Up The Cut" is backed by spacey noises, atmospheric bells and percussion, percussive synthesizer sounds and deep, toned beats. Heavy guitar chords, spacey beats and synthesizers back "Danger", ending in an atomic explosion. "It's Over" is opened up by a dark, wavey bass line, making way for a fast-paced beat, spacey noises and synthesizer loops.

This is not horrorcore or acid rap. While based in hardcore and old school hip-hop, Furious best qualifies as a unique example of alternative hip hop. The personalities of each Soopa Villain is a parody of a distinctive stereotype in hip-hop -- Mr. Diamond is a parody of "money-money-money" rappers, Mr. Heart is a parody of "bitches and hoes" rappers, Mr. Spade is a parody of the Public Enemy, Immortal Technique-types, Mr. Club is a parody of the average hype man, with his contributions largely based around intentionally repetitive chants and turntable scratching. To his credit, the scratching on this record is excellent--some of the best I've ever heard in hip-hop. Furious is a clever, unique release that should appeal to fans of original, experimental hip-hop.

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August 28th 2008


I love this album!!!

August 28th 2008


Good review, but I hated this album.

August 28th 2008



August 28th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Another unexplained neg!


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