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Diesel Dog Sound



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July 3rd, 2005 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

"Bludgeoning debut from portuguese heavy rockers. - The Lowdown: When you think of Portugal, blackclad metallers may not spring to mind. The Temple will change all that as this is one of the most intense, intelligent records you'll hear all year. Their passionate delivery is compelling, but what makes this so striking is the way they add their own spice to the tried and tested heavy rock formula, peppering pounding drums, frenzied guitars and chunky riffs with accordians and latin rythms. It's a bizzare combination, but it works to magnificent effect" KKKK/5 - from KERRANG UK

"Yet another band I never heard of that surprises me with an original approach and frisky attitude. Portugal’s THE TEMPLE are aiming for an international profile being a dedicated band with ambition and strong passion for their music, after listening to “Diesel Dog Sound” I’d say they’re halfway there. Seriously, these guys could end up being Europe’s answer to SYSTEM OF A DOWN." - 7,5/10 - from Metal Observer (Germany)

and the reviews go on and on...

but now, i'll write my own review!

they have a sound that is simply awesome, with some of the chunkiest, thickest guitar riffs that burn this side of the planet, but it doesn't stop there. The vocals are sensational, delivered with a passion and intensity and not a trace of an accent, while the twin lead guitars surge into life to deliver an electric firepower of blistering proportions. Then there's the drums and bass playing - just mighty stuff and so forceful, propelling the songs with strength and force. Then there's the songs - oh, the songs!!!! - Then there's the production - just immense sounding and guaranteed to have you leaping about even afte the heaviest of hangovers. Then there's……well, just about everything really - this is an exceptional album that can't fail to have you caught up in its fourteen track, 43 minute onslaught...

check tracks like the killer opening track ‘Millionaire’ (which has hit written all over it) and the Metallica riff laden ‘Fightbull’ for examples of the energy and dynamics that this band possesses,the five members are throwing the hooks of Andrew W.K. with the singing of Chino Moreno and the enormous power of Sepultura in one blender. Stamping punkrock with both shouting and clear vocals of João Luis.

Really, the reason for the band's success becomes quite apparent when you start listening to their album. Although a Punk feel is at the base of everything, the songs are quite diverse, and with heavy Metallic layers thrown in! Groove & drive are the key words here, whether you're talking about the short 'quickies' "DDS" (just under one minute, super-groovy, and holding just two statements : 'Diesel Dog Sound', and 'Rock now, society later', but you simply can't help yourself from shouting along!), "1 Min. And Life" (wei-rd!) and there's some great guitar work on Devil's Lover, which develops into thrash operatic territory towards its climax and the Iron Maiden-influenced lead on Ticket Please is gratifyingly glorious.

Last track Soul Tattoo is a real mosh pit filler, with that wonderful gentle/loud approach that works so well in live settings. Also, some local flavoured rhythms on tracks like 'Drum' and 'Falling' – the latter mixing accordion with heavy guitar riffs – only adds to the bizarre nature of the whole album. It does, however, work quite well, in an unnatural sort of way and has to be one of the most original albums of 2004... so the strength of Diesel Dog Sound, The Temple deserve to be internationally acknowledged, so let's hope that rock's traditionally Transatlantic focus won't hamper their progress.

This band is a must hear, The Temple are one unique heavy rocking band that you should check out, it’s certainly an experience!

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July 3rd 2005


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oops... i didn't wanted to choose this one =/

July 3rd 2005


This is rather.... short, for a 5-star rated album. I'm sorry but I'm afraid we will need a bit more then quotes from other reviews and a short paragraph below that.

You will have to change that, or I as a moderator will have to delete it

July 3rd 2005



i'll write more!

July 4th 2005


just edited

July 5th 2005


....why no one comes to see it? one of the best records of 2004 and no one gives a damn?!

July 22nd 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

The Temple fuckin' rules!!

I'm from Portugal and i'm proud to have a band like this one in my country.

This album rox; very powerful songs, with strong lyrics like "Fightbull", and greats riffs... without any doubt, a 5 star album.

This is the prove, that are much more where Moonspell came from.


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