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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Lostprophets-Start Something

About my rating system-
For the album
1= horrible.. dont by
2= 1 good song that prevents it from falling into the abyss above
3= couple good songs, but not enough to make it a great cd
4= almost all of the album is solid but a few week points
6= totally groundbreaking and has no weak tracks
For Songs-
1= horrible.. not even listenable
2= little to nothing good about it.. but is listeninable
3= solid song.. nothing special though
4= very good song.. one of the better ones on the album
5= one of the best songs the group has ever produced

A Little bit About the band: Lostprophets is a welsh group from some crazy named town in Wales that nobody can spell.. its like pontrypridd or something like that. They've released one album before this.. The Fake Sound of Progress... pretty good album but it sounds different from this one IMO

Musical Talent- All the songs are in Drop D from what i can tell
from looking at a few tabs it really doesnt look very hard at all
last train homes intro is very simple

Track By Track Analysis:
Last Train Home: Gets the album off to a good start. Good guitar/bass work in the intro. I dont like the attempted screaming in the verse at all.. it sounds really forced. I think the song is a metafore for youth rebellion or something along those lines. Gets the album started well.

To Hell We Ride: Once again, i like the intro on this song. Although it never says "to hell we ride" in this song, i stil like it alot. It sounds like a breakup song to me. A very good bridge. Defintily one of the better songs on the album

Last Train Home: The 1st single off of the album. A very catchy song and was the 1st I ever heard by the band. I like the intro once again. Personally way overplayed where i live but im not reviewing over playing im reviewing the song. An excellent song

Make A Move: I believe this is the 2nd single off of the album. I personally dont like this song very much, however i do like the one quote "we are sick of waiting for our answers". besides that, the song seems very repeitive. 2.8/5

Burn Burn: I really like this song alot. It sort've says screw people who just do stuff to fit in. I really like the lyrics here. "Do you think were that blind that we cant see through all ur lies".. i really like that alot. Very good song.

I Don't Know: A very interesting song. Seems almost like a depression song of some kind. Possibly about the same thing burn burn was about with some of the lyrics in the song. The chourus really adresses the song very well. A pretty good prophets song.

Hello Again: When i 1st got the CD, I absoulutly hated this song. But as i listened to it more.. i began to like it. The dynamic change in the song is very good from the beginning to the end. One of the few spots in the album that shows some musical talent. I also like the 1st verses lyrics.. they seem almost spoken.

Goodbye Tonight: This song has a almost positive feel towards it. The lyrics sound like a breakup song, but the beat is uptempo and seems happy. The lyrics are very good in this song. However, the song becomes very repeitive towards the end. The song starts well, but fades towards the end.

Start Something: One of the heavier songs on the album. I really like the start of the song. Finally, the song doesnt lose pace midway through the song. The energy keeps up til the end of the song. A very good song

A Million Miles: I like the start of the song with the screaming.. it sounds pretty good. Once again, the songs begins to drag towards the end. You have to like the cell fone call at the end though, it makes no sense though. Solid song. 3/5

Last Summer: A song that signals the end of summer, as shown in the title. It just describes summer and y it sucks to have it end. Not too much more to it than that. 2.8/5

Sway: Ah yes, here we are, SWAY! A verrrrry interseting song. Experimental isn't the right word, but its very close. I really like the lyrics throughout the 1st half of the song. I also like the truth message during the long instrumental. Although its not heavy, it is very well done. Their best effort by far on this cd. 5/5

Pros: Good lyrics at times
None of the songs are horrible

Cons: Notice how i didnt mention any guitar notalbes" thats cause there isnt any. Needs some solos of some kind
Screaming at times seems forced

Overall, a solid cd from the prophets

Recommended Songs: To Hell We Ride
Burn Burn
Start Something

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June 30th 2005


Just because a song doesn't have a solo doesn't mean a solo would make it any better.

Decent review. I can't stand track by tracks, but it seems that the review isn't biased or anything.

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