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June 27th, 2005 | 73 replies

Release Date: 1969 | Tracklist

Led Zeppelin II

The band known as Led Zeppelin almost single-handedly changed the way we look at rock music with one of the genre’s best rhythm sections in history, a powerful singer, and arguably the most influential guitarists in rock music. They had roots that led back to Howling Wolf, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and other blues artists, and it reflects on this epic album which premiered in 1969.

The band-

Robert Plant- Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Jimmy Page- Guitar, Mandolin
John Paul Jones- Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Mandolin
John Bonham- Percussion

The Album:

1) Whole Lotta Love- Wonderful opening track. This song was originally written by Willie Dixon. Some say that they stole it, but on the credits, they list Willie as the original writer of the song. An awesome, simple riff. The bass comes in about 3 seconds later and adds a whole new depth to the riff. The vocals are very strong on this track. The drumming is awesome, as we all know; Bonzo was one of the greatest drummers in rock n roll. It is very crazy, but manages to stay solid and grounded. He knew how to keep it interesting and grooving at the same time. The interlude is eerie, with moans and gasps switching from ear to ear with little drum fills here and there. On the last fill is the guitar solo, and man does it kick arse. It’s in phrases and each has its own unique sound. His Les Paul’s tone really helped with its vintage tube overdrive. Comes back in with one more verse and then Plant holds the final note out as the song fades. EPIC…. [5/5]

2) What Is And What Should Never Be- Beautiful, mellow, song. Starts with a gorgeous bassline and vocals with very light drumming. The bass couldn’t be more perfect in this song. It’s very relaxing. The choruses pick up with some guitar and fade right back in to the serenity. The lyrics are about true love and maybe eloping (?)
Robert has a little bit lower voice in this song with an exception for the choruses and the bridge. The guitar solo is stunningly beautiful, taking place of a verse, and countering the melody. The bridge picks up and is quite heavy with Plant sort of rapping the lyrics. The guitar riff is much heavier than the verse. Fades back out into the verses mood. [4.5/5]

3) Lemon Song- A very unique, bluesy track. The riff is chromatic and goes up the scale with little fills in between. The vocals are very bluesy as he shows some restraint and avoids singing on the downbeat. The guitar solos are creepy and amazing that utilizes the entire fret board to its full potential. The lyrics are quite unique. The main line is a catchy metaphor, “Squeeze my lemon, ‘til the juice runs down my leg.” I will not mention what he is implying. The highlight of the song for me (being a bass player) is John Paul Jones’ dazzling bass solo with random arpeggios and fast little licks. Very, very strong song. [5/5]

4) Thank You- Nice, gratuitous song with a nice flow to it. The acoustic line is a nice change from all the electric work on the album. The vocals seem somewhat sad, but the guitar line and the galloping bass line balance it out. The bass, while being quiet is thundering in the groove with some fancy fret work. The choruses are a tad heavier, while the structure of this song is reminiscent of the classic “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”. This song is a very nice change of pace that was tastefully done. [4/5]

5) Heartbreaker- Highlight of the album, and that’s an understatement. (Even though every song on this album is amazing.) This is my all time favorite Zeppelin song. It starts out with a simplistic, pile driving riff. The vocals come in very strong, competing with a beefy, round bassline. After two verses, the chorus (which is the main riff) repeats and then, BAM! Unaccompanied guitar solo ( I know, double negative) which churns out warm, tube Gibson/Marshall goodness. While being totally random, it changes tempo periodically and churns some amazing sound out. The band comes back in and the solo just gets better. It turns into a melodic, fast crunching solo that is the cherry on top of one of the best rock songs ever. [5/5]

6) Livin’ Lovin’ Maid- A catchy little tune with an awesome riff. The vocals are quite strong and the drumming is solid. Unfortunately the message is quite negative, about womanizing. But still, the music makes up for its bad message. There’s not too much to say about this song, just that it’s catchy, has an awesome riff, and generic. But the message is just too overboard. [3.5/5]

7) Ramble On- Oh yeah, grooving on this one. The groove is so deep that you can get lost in it. The blend of acoustic guitar, thumping drums, melodic bass, and soulful vocals make this song a classic. The lyrics have a mystical, fantasy theme that sort of plays along with Robert Plant’s fascination with J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. The verse lyrics even mention Gollum and Mordor in the end. The choruses pick up with Plant wailing the title line. The solo is divine with such a peaceful feel that makes me love this song. The bassline yet again rocks with melodic qualities that take the tune into a whole new dimension. Definitely a… [5/5]

8) Moby Dick- Rockin’ riff in this mad instrumental. May lack vocals, but who the hell cares! The riff tastefully uses a wide range of keys and pitches, frequently changing keys and utilizing some awesome fills for both guitar and bass. After about a minute and thirty seconds, the guitar and bass riff fades out and Bonham lives in the Limelight for four minutes. After a couple of basic fills, Bonzo sets down the sticks and WITH HIS HANDS, thrashes his set, with some lightning fast tom work, and he just rips. Remember that he is playing the solo with his hands so keep that in mind when you are listening. After the solo, the riff comes back in and the song ends strong. [5/5]

9) Bring It On Home- A blues epic that spawns into a hard rocker. The vintage, bluesy intro is all harmonica and bass for a good two minutes. I like how this song showcases the band’s roots and influences from classic blues by adding some harmonica (Plant was pretty damn good on it too). The song kicks in with some riffage and classic Plant wails with some deep voices as well which is a nice contrast to his piercing screams. Good closing song. [4/5]

Overall: [5/5] A very good album that varies in moods and is an epic follow up to Zeppelin’s bluesy debut. One of my favorite albums and includes some classic songs. There is not a song on the album that I do not like. I hope you all enjoy this review. It was my pleasure.

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June 28th 2005


Sorry for the weird spacing between the reviews for songs
2 & 3. My bad.

June 28th 2005


Good review, and another great Zeppelin album. Actually, I think every Zeppelin album is great...

June 28th 2005


mm not bad review. but heartbreaker is not the best song on there. and whole lotta love isn't that great either

June 28th 2005


whole lotta love - not that great, its the first time i've never read or heard somebody say that! great album n a decent review

June 28th 2005


this is my favorite Zeppelin album...great review and album

June 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I agree... Heartbreaker is the best song on that album, the solos are fucking genius.. Althouh, not m favourite zeppelin song...

Good review btw!

pastor jacobi
June 28th 2005


bonzo only uses his hands for a small part of the solo i think...
but a good review nonetheless

June 28th 2005


an awesome sophmore album

June 30th 2005


Zepplin is by far one of the greatest bands who ever rocked, and for all of you Heavy Metal Head Bangers without bands like Led Zepplin and the Doors ect. you wouldn't have Heavy Metal
Thank you Rock Gods

The Great

July 5th 2005


Great review I love this album its what got me into led zepplin.This Message Edited On 07.04.05

July 6th 2005


Awsome review , Zeppelin is one of the greatest bands of all time.

July 14th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Great review! I love this album, although I think you rated Heartbraker a bit high (even if the guitar riff is one of the greatest in history and the solo rocks.) Ramble On or Whole Lotta Love are probaly my favs. The lines about The Lord of the Rings in Ramble On took me completely by surprise the first time I heard it (I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan.) Anyways, great review.

July 15th 2005


Thank you, very much. I just try to submit honest reviews, whether or not i am obsessed, or disgusted. And LOTR rocks.

August 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

good review. great album. led zep is the greatest band to hit earth

Hugh Jass
August 30th 2005


Rating 5/5

This kicks butt-ox. Led Zeppelin are 4 forms of EXISTING Gods.

August 30th 2005


Actually, it's 3 existing, and 1 not existing [dead] Gods. :p

Hugh Jass
September 1st 2005


You know what I meant - Hey, we all love Zeppelin so who cares? Anyway we can't deny John Bonham did exist, he's the drumming allstar!

Hugh Jass
September 12th 2005


::Entwistle:: I like your taste in music mate!

Me shall vote 4 you I think

Yonder Window of opportunity...

September 27th 2005


Amazing album adn good review truly one of the best albums ever made from the best band ever

October 7th 2005


Excellent review, man. Zeppelin II is probably Zeppelin's pinnacle, it's definetly my favorite Zeppelin album.

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