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June 25th, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

After InMe fans waiting 2 years for the second album "Overgrown Eden" which was a huge sucess for the band, they released "White Butterfly"
Originally from Essex, UK, they we're orinigally called Drowned but later changed their name for some reason. Many a few of the songs they did a "Drowned" they did not do as "InMe" but a few such as "Natural" and "Her Mask" were released.
In the two years from between the two albums the band appareance has changed quite a bit but the music is still some amazing brit rock stuff!
I read somewhere that InMe are either a band you dont like or you do and if you do you really really really like them. I presonally love them and think they are so underrated by that just my opinion.
After a more light grunge feel or there "Overgrown Eden", "White Butterfly" gives more of a generally hard rock feel. The album had been posponed and moved several times for its release date which angered many InMe fans but the wait was worth it.

InMe consist of
Dave McPherson - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Morgan - Bass/Backing Vocals
Simon Taylor - Drums

1. 7 Weeks
Wow. Sums the song up in one word really, such an amazing guitar riff for the beginning then blasts into the chrous riff after Dave's signal of "Go!!!". The verse is very upbeat and cheerful with a nice lead guitared pre chorus. The breakdown is very nice with some great drumming and a great break into the Chrous and some great vocal work from Dave.

2. So You Know
More of a slower into and but a chilled out verse. I thought the song was going to be all gentle until it goes to a great verse with some sweet guitar. Has some great lead work halfway through that really brings out his skill compared to the previous record.

3. This Town
First acoustic song on the album. Its a good song especially for people who like acoustics but not my cup of tea. It does kick in with some strong drumming 1/4 of the way through which is very effective. It does get alot stronger once it gets going with some violin work and a final strong chrous before it gently ends.

4. Otherside
Some cool lead guitar for this introl going continously up and down and some faint guitar chords with alot of distortion until it goes louder and into the chorus riff. The verse is quite slow-paced and builds up in the pre chorus and chorus. Only bad thing about the song is the emo lyrics in the chrous but its still a kickass song. A nice breakdown with some great vocals until it breaks into the intro riff again and builds up speed, amost a small finger tapping solo, or so it sounds, very nice!

5. Faster The Chase
First track I heard from the album and when I heard it I was gob smacked, it such a powerful song. Once again like on Otherside, the lyrics are quite emo but it doesnt hold the song back. It contains probably the best breakdown on the album, it does the usual voume decrease and then goes into the intro riff and into the chrous to fade out. The song has such an amazing chorus that is incredibly catchy and upbeat.

6. You’ll Get There
Quite a spanish/mexican feel to the start of the song. The chorus isnt as good as the previous ones but its still a great song which is more of a chilled out one, esecially in the verse.

7. White Butterfly
The self titled track from the album. Another acoustic but with some water effects used slightly in the background. Apparently the album was named after a close friend who died and was interested in butterflies, especially White ones (obviously) so as a mark of respect they names it or related it to him and didnt make the song a heavy and loud one.

8. Safe In A Room
Great intro, hard to narrow down wether its my favourite track from the album or not. The first verse is very quick and breaks in to the loud chorus pretty quick. A strong chorus with some nice guitar work. Contains some almost cockney lyrics with some words Dave says which is quite cool. Has a nice quiet part about 2/3s through that is very nice which he also uses to fade out on.

9. Just A Glimpse
This has such a cool intro, it starts off with all muffled guitar until it gradually gets clearer. Its about as heavy as "7 Weeks". Contains some cool watery effects in the verse. The background vocals from Joe slightly ruin it but the guitar riff that blasts into the chorus is sweet. Yet again another breakdown which is great but actually comes to a stand still until Dave screams "Just one more glimpse" and goes into the riff that breaks into the chrous and ends.

10. Almost Lost
The most gentle intro on the album, sounds almost like a lullaby until the drums kick in. This is a joint sung song with Dave and Joe. Sounds alot like a love song thats sung by a boy band. Some piano and emo lyrics.

11. A World Apart
Another acoustic song but a very lively and harder chorus which is a nice play with tempo. Generally a good song but not as good as the others.

12. Chamber
Known as "Chamber" or "World Is A Chamber". I feel that this song is probably the W.B's version of Her Mask (pa) from Overgrown Eden. Changes tempo alot during the song with some nice shouting from Dave.

13. Parting Gift
An acoustic opening song that carries through the song with some really strong vocals from Dave, I like the acoustic tracks but more into the heavier ones.

14. Angels With Snipers (Hidden Track)
One of my favourites on the CD, well the limited edition one that is. Nice relaxing opening and then goes into a louder 2nd half of the opening. Verse is very chilled out but upbeat. Chrous is very lifting and works well with the song. Amazing song from start to finish.

15. Every Whisper Aches (Hidden Track)
Not too fond of this song, a slow guitar one, not acoustic, just generally slow. Vocals are very soft on this sound and dont go loud what so ever.

Very hard rock guitar
More impressive guitar then previous album
Powerful Chorus'


Recommended Songs
Faster The Chase
Just A Glipmse
7 Weeks

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June 26th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Thats a matter of opinion, I think hes singings improved and no songs on the album are ruined by his singing.

August 12th 2005


Nice to see the album finally get released.I loved 'Crushed like fruit' and 'Faster the chase'.

Adam Jones is GOD
August 13th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Back up there InMe, you guys took the wrong direction.

This is even more hit and miss than OE. And they're taking in too much Brand New influence. Least Dave manged to graduate from the 'Billy Corgan's School for Singers who cant sing' on this one

Dancin' Man
August 13th 2005


[quote=AJIG]Least Dave manged to graduate from the 'Billy Corgan's School for Singers who cant sing' on this one[/quote]

hahahaha.... classic.

In any case, I have not heard this album and based on the review, I don't want to.

November 5th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Personally, I always thought InMe were a little... too emo for their own good. But after comparing White Butterfly w/ Overgrown Eden I found them rather more enjoyable. Dave has a very distinctive voice- I don't think its whether he can sing or not? U just either like/dislike his tone in general. Personally I think he is a good singer. Best tracks definity Faster The Chase and Angels w/ Snipers.

March 29th 2006


personally i love this album, contains some of my fave songs ever, with some great guitar work on it. the drummer and bassist are also very underrated

April 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I really like both Overgrown Eden and White Butterfly. However, I feel that this review really goes OTT with the praise. As good as the album is it has its flaws and there are certainly cons.

too emo for their own good

There is absolutely nothing emo about InMe.

April 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

There are elements of emo in some of their lyrics. Plus 'Overgrown Eden' is bulging with songs referencing suicide.

March 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

Why do you not like InMe Sputnik?

Contributing Reviewer
June 26th 2016


7 Weeks is so good

Digging: Baphomet (NY) - The Dead Shall Inherit

Contributing Reviewer
February 27th 2019


7 Weeks is like 7 bops

May 1st 2019


Album Rating: 4.0

Just gave it a spin and its honestly much better than I remembered it.

I guess i was too obsessed with music sounding aggressive and cool back then, than some stellar songwriting, interesting ideas and tight production.

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