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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Artist: Soil

Album: Redefine

Release Date: March 22nd 2004

Band (At date of release)
Vocals: Ryan McCombs
Guitar: Shaun Glass
Guitar and Vocals: Adam Zadel
4 & 12 String Bass: Tim King
Drums: Tom Schofield

1. Pride
Great drum beat intro with some rough vocal work from Ryan. Breaks into the verse which is pretty upbeat and foottapping. I think the song is ruined by the Chrous, I guess it doesnt suit the song, its not as heavy as the rest of it, sounds like a completly different song.

2. Redefine
After a bad start with the first track you think that the CD is going to be the same but wait, this osng changes your mind. This is the title track from the album and the only song they have released from it. A great song with moderately quiet intro until it goes into the heavy verse with some nice vocals. The Chorus is really swayful, by this (pretty self explanitory) makes me sway to it. The verse is great to headband too with. Some nice effects in the verse and a great piece of acoustic guitar in the build up.

3. Can You Heal Me
Very quiet intro but yet again some nice heavy guitar after 0.14. The verse consists of the queit section of the intro but the chrous consists of the heavy part of the intro. This is probably my second favourite song from the track. Nothing special really even though its a great track.

4. Cross My Heart
Some heavy guitar in the background and goes into the verse very quickly. The vocals ruin the song, I cant explain why but the verse just sounds sloppy. The chorus brings it back up a little and the second verse seems to get back on track. Pretty angry and agressive lyrics. Some nice lead with a nice short solo with some wah.

5. Suffering
Nice heavy intro with a foot tapping beat on the drums throughout the song. The chrous isnt too impressive, It couldnt be better but doesnt seem to be. Has some nice use of wah towards the end with the chords bua apart from that nothing special with it.

6. Remember
Sounds alot like the other songs from the album. Not much to say about it really because like I said, its just like the others.

7. Deny Me
A sort of oriental guitar at the beginning, then blasts into the verse with some good vocals. This is more like it after the last track. Alot more upbeat and head banging song. A nice breakdown with some shouting vocals but are turned down in volume if you get me. The break into the last chrus is very powerful.

8. Something Real
A wierd effected guitar intro with some vocals gradually getting louder. Has a nice short riff until it goes into the verse with some watery affects on the guitar. Some nice wah towards the middle in the chorus which adds a bit of flavour to the song.

9. Say You Will
Probably the most upbeat opening song opening on the album. Quickly shugged guitar chords in the verse. A different feel to the rest of the songs, cant explain why, amybe because of the use of more chords in the chorus and better drumming from Tom.

10. Love Hate Game
Enters with some wah and chugging chords. Yet again another headbanging verse, nothing special. Chrous sounds similar to alot of other choruses from the album. Nothing special

11. Obsession
Gentle intro with some harmonics and some soft drumming. Verse contains steady gentle drumming and guitar and then enters into the heavier chorus but not a long chorus. Second verse contains some nice spainish lead which is very nice and a break from the norm with Soil so far on this album. As it gets towards the end the chorus gets louder and more heavier which shows they cant resist being loud and going gentle is too much for them but is still one of the better records from the album.

Most riffs are upbeat and headbaning style
Some nice vocalwork

All choruses are variably the same and lack flavour.
Not as much lead which would improve it

Overall Im not very impressed with the album, its all variably the same and after listening to it I dont think that ill be rushing out to buy their other albums.

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June 25th 2005


Some background info on the band and album would be nice. Otherwise, good review.

February 1st 2006


I've not heard much of this cd, although I've had it burned for quite sometime. I remember hating their first big cd "Scars". However their debut, Throttle Junkies, is some seriously rockin' Stuff.

August 9th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review. I used to "sort of" dig this CD, but not much anymore.

Staff Reviewer
January 17th 2010



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