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June 24th, 2005 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I have been into Lostprophets since I heard "Fake Sound Of Progress". After I heard it I downloaded it (legally of course) and a couple of others from the same album such as Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja and Thousand Apologies and love most of the songs from the album.

When I heard Burn Burn, I was suprised with the change in their music, alot less heavy but still great. Not a single song on the album I dont like or skip when listening to it in my room.

1. We Still Kill The Old Way
I feel that they couldnt have chosen a better song to start of the album. It has a hard hitting guitar riff. Im not sure if the tracks name is imposing that they are back but they are still the same or if its just a stupid thought but its still a great song with some nice durmming.

2. To Hell We Ride
I wasnt so fussed with this song when I firstly heard it, it too some listening to get use to it but it shows off Ian's vocal talents. Some nice lead guitar work.

3. Last Train Home
They wernt originally going to prodice this song as their DJ, Jamie, thought it sounded too much like a love song and too gospel but producing it was a good idea as this song is great. Has some gentle picking at the beginning then hits into the hard guitar. Nothing fancy, just some catchy work all round.

4. Make A Move
This song leads on from Last Train Home from the violins at the end of L.T.H, to the beginning of Make A Move. Then the hit of the snare on the drums and the main guitar kicks in. This song is hard hitting and is on of my favourites from it. Has a nice heavy part in it about 2/3s throught with some guitar effect in the background, then turns down the volume, then explodes into the chorus until it ends.

5. Burn Burn
As I said earlier, first song I heard from the album. It has some a nice guitar riff, so catchy and a generally rilliant, upbeat and cheerful song. A nice breaking down, with the repeating of "Burn burn, for us, for them for you.." many times singing, after tbat the guitar goes louder and he starts shouting it. Cant quite put my finger on it if it ruins the song or makes it better.

6. I Don't Know
Probably favourite song on the album but thats probably because of the amazing solo. Of all the songs ive heard from Lostprophets in their past album they lacked alot of lead guitar, or at least impressive but this is just amazing. The song has a chilled out guitar riff with a catchy chorus. Yet again another nice breakdown with some nice scratching on the decks from Jamie. After the breakdown it goes to the chorus and into the solo and fades out. Generally a happy, cheerful, catchy song and im very suprised they never released it as a single.

7. Hello Again
One of my lesser liked songs from the album but still not a song I dont like, just dont listen to as much as the others. This is quite a slow one generally all round. Nothing special in this song.

8. Goodbye Tonight
Another on of my more favourite tracks. Its starts of with a cool chilled out guitar riff and some gentle vocals. Then comes the rhythm guitar for a build up to the powerful chorus. Quite a catchy song but not as catchy as their others. Another breakdown blasting into the chorus which is great.

9. Start Something
I like the intro to this, for some reason it makes me sound like Im going to war, its really powerful chords. Then there is some chords playing in the background that gradually get louder and louder. Aprt from the intro, there isnt much special about this song.

10. A Million Miles
Like, To Hell We Ride, this song took me a while to get into but nevertheless its a great song after some listening. It has a great intro to the solo with some cool lead. Chorus is nice and upbeat, another all round good song.

11. Last Summer
I loved this song when it came out and still do but I have to admit, I didnt think the chorus was up to lostprophets standards when I heard it, all of their previous songs had had powerful choruses but I htought this lacked one. After a few listenings to, like the others I got into the chorus and loved it. Its a gentle versed song but with a great chorus now that I have listened to it more. This was the first solo I heard from Lee and thought it fitted in well even though it was very impressive.

12. We Are Godzilla * You Are Japa
When I downloaded Last Summer I got the first 4 seconds of this song and thought it was such a cool intro. I searched over the internet for ages trying ot get the track listing for the album but couldnt get it but eventually did. Has alot ot shouting/screaming in it. First thing my dad said when he heard it was "God, hes angry isnt he". Some great heavy guitar in this one.

13. Sway
This is a song that I highly recommewd for relaxing to. Some nice guitar in with some delay which fits it well which I think give it the relaxing feel along with the slow vocals. A very long song which isnt a bad thing, some nice effects and added sounds.

Alot of chilled out songs
Alot of heavy songs
Barely any Emo lyrics
Impressive solo

Seem to follow pattern of: Intro > Verse > Chorus > Verse > Chorus >Breadown >Chrous

Recommended songs
To Hell We Ride
Last Summer
I Dont Know
Make A Move

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June 24th 2005


Good review, (stealing Damrod's phrase) IMO, they are one of those bands that actually stick to the genre of alt/rock the best.

June 24th 2005


This is a really good album, and it shows the bands grown and matured since Fake Sound of Progress. By the way, on the actual CD, the track We're Godzilla, You're Japan, isn't on the CD at all it goes from Last Summer right into Sway.This Message Edited On 06.24.05

June 25th 2005


I am looking at the CD case right now the track list shows Last Summer then Sway

June 25th 2005


Im sorry I was unaware to you having a different version of the CD than my poor US version now I have to get that song. (Also i am aware of different tracklisting on international albums of course I never looked into to that for this album which is dumb since they are original from the UK anyway).

June 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Very nice review dude! That will definitely help new listeners know exactly what to expect, and will also help LostProphet fans to know whether this is a good album or not. I agree with you that it's very good (4/5) in my opinion. I Don't Know does have a very cool solo indeed ! I didn't like Last Train Home very much, but checked out the CD regardless of that, and am quite surprised and very happy at the greatness of it! Good job on the review dude!

June 25th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

goodbye tonite is out of 5, i believe...

their first cd was a lot better

June 25th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i dont know is my fav song by the way

July 2nd 2006


I cannot find something I disagree with in this review. I found out that it is easy to grow into this band.

March 3rd 2008


i agree, i cream over and over when i hear the solo to i don't know.
i dont usually like this sort of punky stuff, but this is easily their most metal album and i love it. Start Something is one of the best songs on the album IMO.
nice review, apart from the somewhat low rating for the title track.

March 31st 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

One of the worst reviews I've ever read on this site. Spelling errors galore, track by track, reads badly.. did anyone commenting 'good review' actually read it?

March 31st 2012


Alot of chilled out songs
Alot of heavy songs
Barely any Emo lyrics
Impressive solo

he he he

good review i'll pos man

Digging: Chimaira - Chimaira

March 31st 2012


i agree mime rocks

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